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Travel Warning WARNING: Rachel is the closest habitation to Nellis Air Force Range and Area 51. You should never enter either. This is a highly restricted area, and unauthorized entry to Area 51 is an offense punishable by anywhere from a trip to the county sheriff's and a stiff trespassing fine to a lengthy interrogation by Federal security personnel followed by an even longer prison sentence depending on how far you penetrate, what you see, and what they think you would do with what you would have seen. Guards have a license to shoot and use "deadly force" as it is military-restricted area. All-in-all, best to just stay away.

Rachel is a village in Lincoln County, Nevada. It is famous for being the closest habitation to the Nellis Air Force Range and Area 51.

Get in

Rachel is 3 hours north of Las Vegas going along Nevada Highway 375 (The Extraterrestrial Highway).

Get around

Rachel is an unincorporated rural town in Nevada located off of Nevada State Highway 375 (which is also known as the "Extraterrestrial Highway"). The theme around the town is an alien/space theme, because of Rachel's proximity to Nellis Air Force Range and Area 51. There is not much to do around the small town, however, although it enjoys some tourism from people interested in UFOs/aliens as well as aviation.


There are not many tourist attractions. There is a large logo for Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) painted on the ground in the northern part of town and claims that it is the first logo to be seen from outer space.

Several signs near the boundary of Area 51 have also become tourist attractions, though it should be noted that they are under surveillance by cameras, armed guards, and aircraft. Most guards will simply keep watch to make sure no one attempts to enter the base unauthorized. Should you try to enter the base without authorization, they will stop you. If at a certain point you get too close, guards have authorization to shoot to kill.

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You can walk around Rachel on foot. Aside from the giant KFC logo and signs, the Little A'Le'Inn (a bar, restaurant, and motel) on State Highway (or State Route) 375 is a popular destination with tourists.


There is a gift shop in Rachel on Canyon Road.


Eat at the Little Ale'in Inn!


Drink at the Ale'in Inn!


  • Little A'Le'Inn 1 Old Mill Road, tel: 1-775-729-2515 fax: 1-775-729-2551 [email protected], [2]. Has a gift shop, bar, and restaurant. Most recently, the rooms have been upgraded with microwaves, small refrigerators, new furniture, bedding, air conditioning, and other types of upgrades that make this a real bargain compared to other prices paid in the local area of one to two hours distance. They are pet friendly (with deposit) and offer free parking for RVs that don't need power (however, if you make a reservation online, you will have to pay a penny, which they will refund to you upon arrival).

Get out

If you want to get out, take Extraterrestrial Highway, -- but it bears repeating that unless you have special clearance, or really enjoy being fined, arrested or even potentially shot, do not go near Nellis Air Force Range or Area 51.

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