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Qualla Boundary

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The '''Qualla Boundary''' is the proper name is the Cherokee Indian (Eastern Band) Reservation. It is located in western [[North Carolina]], around the lands of [[Cherokee]], NC.
#REDIRECT [[Cherokee]]
The Cherokee people are eastern Native Americans, don't ask them where the tipis are. Tipis were made by western Native Americans.
==Get In==
You can get in using North Carolina's mountain roads.
==Get Around==
The area has some bus service, and the roads are in good condition.
Take in the culture, see the mountains, this is a very nice area of the country.
Go into the mountains, or gamble in the casino if you're the gambling type. You can also walk around the lands aswell.
There are several local shops that may peek your interest.
English is understood, and spoken. The Cherokee language is also preserved here.
Several hotels/motels are there for lodging.
==Get Out==
Go to explore the rest of the [[Appalachian Mountains]].
==Exteral Links==
[http://www.blueridgedigest.com/fall01/articles/cherokee.html Facts about the Qualla Boundary]

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