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* <eat name="Pondok Daun" alt="" address="Jl. Kebon Raya Cibodas, no 60, Cibodas Cimacan" directions="" phone="(0263) 524005" url="" hours="" price="Price: mid-range" lat="" long="" email="" fax=""></eat>
* <eat name="Pondok Daun" alt="" address="Jl. Kebon Raya Cibodas, no 60, Cibodas Cimacan" directions="" phone="(0263) 524005" url="" hours="" price="Price: mid-range" lat="" long="" email="" fax=""></eat>
* <eat name="Ikan Bakar Cianjur" alt="" address="Jl. Raya Cianjur-Ciapanas. Km 7" directions="" phone="(0263) 264946" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price="Price: mid-range">Fish restaurant</eat>
* <eat name="xxx" alt="" address="jl. raya puncak " directions="" phone="(0263) 264946" url="" hours="" price="Price: mid-range" lat="" long="" email="" fax="">Fish restaurant</eat>
* <eat name="The Raffles" alt="" address="Jl. Raya Puncak" directions="Near Cisarua" phone="" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price="Price: mid-range"></eat>
* <eat name="The Raffles" alt="" address="Jl. Raya Puncak" directions="Near Cisarua" phone="" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price="Price: mid-range"></eat>

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Puncak, literally translates to Peak, is a weekend getaway that has beautiful view of tea plantation. Located about 100 KM South of Jakarta, West Java, Indonesia, Puncak swarms with hotels and mountain resorts.

Get in

By car

Puncak is a two to three hour drive from Jakarta on the Jagorawi toll road. Be aware there is usually heavy inbound traffic on long weekends.

There is also a traveling car from Soekarno-Hatta airport to Bandung that, depending on the route it takes, may pass through Puncak on its way to Bandung. Before getting on, ask the driver if the car will pass Puncak. Some cars may take another toll road namely Cipularang which is a shorter road to Bandung, but this highway does not pass through Puncak.


  • Taman Bunga Nusantara (Indonesian Flower Garden), Jl Cipanas. Public park, with flower gardens from around the world, maze, giant clock and a tower. It has been created over 23 hectares with flora from around the world that will grow well in tropical Puncak. There is also a leisure park called Alam Imajinasi for the whole family, but especially children, to enjoy that exists over 7 hectares adjoining the gardens. For an additional Rp 5,000 you can travel around the gardens on the dotto train. Price: entrance fee Rp. 15 000.


  • Taman Safari Indonesia, Jl. Raya Puncak No.601, Cisarua, 16750, +62 251 250 000 (, fax: +62 251 250 000), [1]. Zoo, with car safari trail that allows cars and tourist buses to see and/or feed elephants, zebras, goats, hippos and more, hiking trails, petting zoo. Buy carrots from the many vendors by the side of the road leading up to the zoo before your get there to feed to the animals. Inside the zoo there are more animals to see, shows to view such as the 'Wild-Wild West' the Lion show and the Sea-Lion Show. Ride the elephants and ponies. Rides and restaurants/food outlets. The cheapest souvenir shop you will ever find with good quality souvenirs. It is one of the biggest zoo in Indonesia. It also has accommodation in the form of caravans, traditional house or lodge. available at website.. The entrance ticket fee to the complex for domestic tourist is Rp.85,000 ($9.5) for adult and Rp.70,000 ($7.8) for child under 6 years old, while for foreign tourist is Rp.150,000 ($16.7) and Rp.130,000 ($14.5) respectively; For Night Safari (only several hours) is more expensive than Day Time, please see the website.
  • Wisata Agro Gunung Mas Tea Plantation, (On the main road on the way up to Puncak.). See how tea is processed - get to the plantation early to see the factory actually in operation. Sit in the cafe and enjoy a cup of tea before walking or driving around the tracks to view the tea growing with the mountains as a backdrop. Watch out for locals offering pony rides. Rp. 6000; Factory tour Rp. 7 500; Guide for tour Rp. 40 000 for a group up to 15.
  • Kebun Raya Cibodas (Cibodas Botanical Garden and National Park), [2]. Lush and landscaped historical park adjacent to a national forest. This place has plenty of wonderful hiking trails, some leading to waterfalls and a few to hotsprings. One of the longest path lead to the top of Mt. Gede caldera with its widespanning desert. Today, many middle east visitors come to see Cibodas. We should pay double, the first for Cianjur Regency for parking and enter Cibodas area and the second for the Cibodas Botanical Garden for enter Cibodas Botanical Garden and vehicle fee. Please beware also that the ticket for entering Cibodas Botanical Garden has should also paid when pay to Cianjur Regency, but Cibodas Botanical Garden will collect again sometimes without any ticket, so we pay exactly double-double.
  • Sunshine Bay Waterpark (Taman Wisata Matahari), Jl. Raya Puncak KM. 77 (Puncak Highway Road Km. 77) Cisarua Bogor (Bogor City - Bandung / Bandung - Bogor CIty), +622518250100, [3]. 9AM - 5PM. Located on Taman Wisata Matahari (KM.77 Puncak Highway Road, village of Cilember, subdistrict of Cisarua, regency of Bogor). There are water-play attractions: water slides, water giant bucket, water toys (aquabrella, aquacup, aquaslides, aquagate, aquaballs), wave pool, outbound area + rafting, foodcourt, souvenir shop, gazebo, guest house & vestibule. Opens daily; except Friday on low-season (opens in high-season), M-F: 9AM-5PM and Sa-Su (+ holiday): 8AM-5PM. The view of amazing Puncak while having fun at this waterpark can be a terrific and unforgettable experience. Ready to serve as well for group outing, event holding, etc. In some period, Sunshine Bay Watepark offers various promotions. IDR.30,000. (6d39'31.65,106d54'55.06)


  • Kampung Brascoe (Brasco Village Factory Outlet), Jl. Raya Puncak. Clothing store Price: Budget.
  • dse Factory Outlet (dse Factory Outlet), Jl. Taya Cimacan Puncak, (0263). Clothing store Price: Budget.
  • Plants and flowers enthusiasts, Jl. Cipanas. Along the Jl. Cipanas, lots of nurseries offering flowers and other decorative plants. Bargain price, haggling needed.


  • Villa zamzam, Desa cidokom, cisarua, puncak, 08161103609, [4]. New Villa Zamzam, great views surrounding Pangrango, Gede and Salak mountains, 3 floors, 5 bed rooms, swimming pool, playing grounds, badminton, basket and futsal court, Rp. 3.000.000,- per day. For more information visit our web


  • Sunshine Foodcourt (Sunshine Bay Waterpark), Jl. Raya Puncak KM.77 Cisarua, Bogor (from Cisarua Bogor to Cianjur/Bandung), +622518250100, [5]. 9AM - 5PM. Various food, snack & beverages: Somay, Sosis, Pempek, Nugget, Burger, Kebab, Nasi Timbel, Fresh Fruits, Nasi Goreng, All Mushroom-made (mie ayam jamur, sop jamur, nugget jamur, dll), Fried Chicken, Steak, Ice Cream, Poffertjest, Fruit Juice, etc. vary.
  • Style Factory Outlet, Jl Raya Puncak no 302 Megamendung (Clothing Store), 0251-8250379. Average.
  • Coolibah Villas Rental (Coolibah Villas Rental), jalan raya hanjawar desa cimacan kabupaten cianjur, +628974981429, [6]. Villas For renting near Mount Gede national garden Cibodas,with lots of unique building structure ,fresh mountain air 700.000.


  • Puncak Pass Restaurant, Jl. Raya Puncak (the highest point in Puncak area). The Hotel and Restaurant is on the highest point of Jl. Raya Puncak. Grab the sweet Poffertjes and hot ginger tea, in dutch colonial style. Price: splurge.


  • Rindu Alam (1 and 2), Jl. Raya Puncak. Sundanese Restaurant Price: mid-range.
  • Pondok Daun, Jl. Kebon Raya Cibodas, no 60, Cibodas Cimacan, (0263) 524005. Price: mid-range.
  • xxx, jl. raya puncak, (0263) 264946. Fish restaurant Price: mid-range.
  • The Raffles, Jl. Raya Puncak (Near Cisarua). Price: mid-range.


  • Sate Shinta III, Jl. Raya Puncak. Opens till late. The third branch of Sate Shinta. Serves lamb, chicken and rabbit skewers. Stop by after a long drive from Jakarta
  • Cimory Restaurant, Jl. Raya Puncak (Around). Dairy products,pastries and sausages


  • Cafe Hotel Cianjur (3534 ft), Jl. Raya Cipanas Km 81.3 (Puncak), 0263-516480, [7]. 7-24. Cafe hotel Cianjur is a clean nice place to have a drink. Stop and having something to eat and drink can be found like Strawbery Juice, Avocado Juice, Orange Juice, Cofee with plenty choice, Spagetty, Spring roll, Sandwitch, Bento, Fried Rice etc. Soon they will have a modern Ice cream with many flavour, Bakery and Pizza , coming soon estimate on March 2011 soft opening. This is the best hotel cafe in Puncak and highly recommended. Price moderate and affordable. 1. (-6.736148965845399,107.04298138618469)


Puncak is a popular area for Jakarta residents to hang out. Unfortunately, accommodation prices there seem to be on the high side, and finding cheap (Rp.100,000 or less) room can be difficult. It's a popular option among locals, however, to rent a villa in Puncak - if you have a group of friends, this could end up not so expensive per person.

  • Alfa Resort, Ciburial, Kp. Baru Jeruk, Desa Tugu Utara. Cisarua, Bogor, Jawa Barat. (Located near Taman Safari Puncak), (0251) 8252285, For reservation in Jakarta: (021) 5575 4920. A resort near Taman Safari Puncak, good for wildlife spotting. Different types of lodging such as villas, bungalows and even a townhouse can accommodate up to 300 people. Discount is usually available especially during school holidays and during weekdays. Facilities such as full hall for gathering, swimming pool, playground, basket ball court, billyard are available
  • Villa Hijau (1000 meter from sea level), Ciburial Dusun2, Desa Batu Layang, Kec. Cisarua Kab.Bogor , Jawa Barat, Indonesia., (+62) 08161995075, [8]. about rp.700.000/night.
  • Villa Hijau in Ciburial2, Batulayang Cisarua (1000 meter above sea level), Desa Ciburial2 RT 03/04,Batulayang, Cisarua,Bogor (80 Km from Jakarta.), 08161995075, [9]. Villa Hijau is a wonderful place to stay and taking picture during sun set. It is clean, cheap and beautiful hut. Take motorcycle to go there from Taman Safari Hotel 2 km distance , cost about Rp. 10.000 Mr. Jejen is the gentleman taking care of villa hijau. His phone is : 0817 6910954 . English speaking for help pls call mobile phone : 08161995075. idr. 700.000/night.. (-6.678631100021967,106.95067048072815)
  • Bukit Indah, Jl.Raya Ciloto No. 116 Puncak-Cianjur-Jawa Barat (On the main road going down mountain after passing Pucak), (62)(0263) 512903 (, fax: (62)(0263) 513262), [10]. The hotel is equipped with swimming pool, children playground, tennis court, restaurant. The menu in the restaurant is simple but good. standard room Rp. 325 000 per night. (,")
  • Hotel Lembah Safari, Jl. Raya Taman Safari, Cisarua-Puncak (200 meter before Taman Safari), +(62 251)825 4609/825 5174 (), [11]. Resort near Safari Park with choices of rooms and bungalows. Standard room from Rp 180,000 (breakfast included).
  • Novus Resort and Spa, Jl. Sindanglaya Raya No.180 Cipanas, [12]. Located on mountain area overlooking mount Gede and Mount Pangrango. Covers four hectares on the top of the hill in the midst of supreme panoramic hinterland.
  • Puncak Pass Resort, Jl. Raya Puncak (the highest point in Puncak area), (62)(0263) 512503 (, fax: (62)(0263) 512180), [13]. Established in 1928, the resort spread over 5 hectares, you can stay in a variety of accommodation - hotel rooms or bungalows. There is a swimming pool, jogging track and children's playground, and you can play volleyball or football. From Rp. 500 000 incl. breakfast.
  • Hotel Surya Indah, Jl. Gadog II / 45, Cipanas, Cianjur, Jawa Barat, Indonesia, (62)(0263) 512871, 513151 (, fax: (62)(0263) 512872), [14]. Hotel Surya Indah is a resort at the foot of Mount Gede about 100 kilometers from Jakarta. The hotel offers various types of accommodation from private villas and bungalows to standard and delux hotel rooms surrounded by tropical gardens, fishing pool, swimming pool, children playgrounds, tennis court, fitness center, sauna and massage service, coffee shop, restaurant and meeting rooms for up to 200 people.
  • Hotel Cianjur, Jl.Raya Cipanas Km 81.3 near Presidential Palace, Puncak, Jawa Barat , Indonesia., (62) (0263) 516480 (fax: (62)(0263)516479), [15]. Hotel Cianjur is famous of her big rooms, hot water swimming pool, cafe Cianjur with the SOLITAIR game, restaurant , Fittness , Playground, nice & polite persons on duty , large parking area inside , hot spot internet , at present have about 70 rooms available, Large wedding Hall for 1000 pax, Karaoke etc. Once you stay in htl Cianjur , you will be back again. starting from about idr(Rp) 125.000 up ,may be change, cek with the receptionist.. Create category

  • Hotel Lembah Safari, Jl. Raya Taman Safari, Cisarua-Puncak, West Java-Indonesia (200 meter before Taman Safari), (+62)(251) 825 4609 (). Resort style hotel with choices of rooms and bungalows. Standard room start from IDR 180,000/nett (breakfast included).
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