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Puerto Iguazú

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Puerto Iguazú is a tourist city in the Northeast of Argentina at the Triborder with Paraguay and Brazil. It mainly serves the needs of the tourists visiting the Iguaçu Falls close-by.

Get in

By train

There used to be a (cheap) train two times per week from Buenos Aires Federico Lacroze railway station to Posadas, named "The grand captain". Due to a jurisdictional limbo this railway is out of order since 2011. For more information visit

By plane

Aeropuerto International Cataratas del Iguazu (IATA: IGR) (ICAO: SARI) is close to the waterfalls and to the city of Puerto Iguazu. There are several flights a day from Buenos Aires serviced by Aerolineas Argentinas [10] and LAN Chile [11].

Taxi to and from the airport

(Note due to very high inflation in Argentina these prices are constantly increasing and may not be accurate.)

From Puerto Iguazu airport
  • Taxi / chauffeur cars from the airport:

Tariffs are fixed and posted inside the airport. Go to the taxi office desk inside the airport to organise your taxi/chauffeur. As at October 2014 here are the tariffs: to Hotel Sheraton: $220 ARS ; to Puerto Iguazu town center: $220 ARS ; to Foz do Iguacu: $490 ARS ; to Hotel Tropical $560 ARS.

  • Minibus to bus terminal: 90AR$, inside the terminal you can buy a ticket and catch the bus in the front of the airport. (May 2016). Dude said price might go up again next week.
From Foz do Iguaçu airport

Foz do Iguaçu International Airport (Brazil) is another way in but from Brazil - domestic flights are cheaper if from from a destination within Brazil, and the ere are more international flights, e.g. Lima. Be aware that there is an immigration point between Argentina and Brazil, so keep all the documents they give you at the airport and at immigration. The cost of going by taxi from Foz do Iguaçu International Airport in Brazil to Puerto Iguazu is around US$40. You can ask for a taxi inside the airport and pay with cash or credit card. Taxi drivers know the immigration regulations so they will walk you through customs to enter Argentina. By taxi, the drive is no more than half an hour, but be advised that sometimes there may be lots of people at the immigration point and at peak hour you can expect some waiting. Also, be aware that some taxi drivers from the Brazil side may not be familiar with street addresses in Puerto Iguazu, so it is a good idea to know where you are heading on a map first. You can also take a normal bus from the airport for R$3.20, you can take it all the way in Foz's bus terminal, international buses leave from outside the terminal, but it is far quicker to just get out after the Hotel Carimã, before the roundabout. Walk from here to the Brazilian immigration station (10-15minutes), get your stamp, then wait at the bus stop for a bus to Puerto Iguazú (R$4/20pesos). The bus will wait at the Argentinian immigration station. You can also try hitchhiking into town. There are also buses to/from Puerto Iguazu and the Brazilian side of the falls, the company is Rio Uruguay and the buses are red and yellow. To catch one walk out of the airport to the main road and flag it down. They are more expensive and less frequent than the regular buses, but the bus driver will wait at Brazilian immigration.

By bus

  • A one way bus ticket from Buenos Aires to Puerto Iguazu costs about 800 pesos (January 2015 update: prices start from 1005 pesos). (April 2013, though by browsing around retiro you can find discounts and we went for 530 pesos each). For as low as 1300 pesos you can get a 7 day tour including return bus ticket, four nights in a hotel, excursions, some meals. For the cheapest bus from Buenos Aires, the Brazilian bus company Pluma has bus tickets half the price of Argentinian bus companies to the Brazilian side of the falls. You don't have to cross the border since they let everyone off at the Argentine border.
  • Access Puerto Iguazu from Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Brazil and other parts of Argentina by bus passes offered by the Green Toad Bus. They also offer bus tickets online from Buenos Aires, Salta, Sao Paulo, Florianopolis, and Rio de Janeiro to Puerto Iguazu. [[12]]. Long distance and local buses arrive to the Terminal de Autobuses on Av. Cordoba.
  • From Foz do Iguaçu: take a bus to the border (4 reals), get out and get your exit stamp, the bus driver will not wait, you have to wait one hour for the next bus to the Argentinian side where you'll get an entry stamp for Argentina - everyone gets off the bus here, goes up to immigration and then gets back on. Buses to and from Argentina will stop at the Argentinian border for immigration control, however they will not stop for the return back through the Brazilian border as most of the passengers are Brazilians. Check with your driver if he or she doesn't mind waiting 5 minutes, especially if you're getting a bus close to the end of the day. Many drivers will refuse to wait, but will offer you a ticket to get on the next bus free. Be aware that this is only valid for the same company and the next bus can take 1hr to arrive.

Get around

  • A bus leaves twice hourly from the terminal to the entrance on the Argentine side of the falls (60 Pesos return at Feb2013). Most hotels have the timetable. Tell the bus driver if you want to stop along the way.
  • Frequent buses cross the border to Foz do Iguaçu where you can change to a bus to the Brazilian side of the falls
  • Some buses cross to Ciudad del Este without stopping in Brazil (hence, no need for Brazilian im- and emmigration)
  • There is a ferry crossing directly to Paraguay (look for the sign on the corner Av. Missiones and Brasil). About twice hourly during daylight. 10 Pesos for foot passenger. On the Paraguayan side walk up to the main street and take any bus going to the right (don't believe "Taxi" drivers telling you there is no bus, they are just up to overcharging you). You can pay the ride in pesos (2 Pesos). When you arrive at the roundabout about half an hour later you are in the centre of Ciudad del Este, for the bus terminal you have to get off earlier.
  • Taxis operate with fixed prices which makes the distance to both parks from your hotel irrelevant. A trip from your hotel in or near Puerto Iguazú to the Argentine park or vice versa costs 60 AR$. Round trips are advertised as double but most taxi drivers will do the trip for 100 AR$ if asked. Do not be amazed if the very same driver waits for you for hours. Taxi drivers will store your luggage in their taxi while waiting. A round trip from your hotel to a supermarket in Puerto Iguazú costs 10 AR$.


Iguaçu Falls near Puerto Iguazú
  • Three Frontiers Landmark, (walk down Av. Tres Fronteras). Have a look at Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay, all in the same glimpse of the eye while there are cargo freighters making slowly their way along the water. free.
  • Iguaçu Falls One of the great natural wonders of the world.
  • Güira Oga, [1]. 9h-16h45 (winter); 8h30-18h30 (summer). Visit a refugee of animals such as the Toucan, a caiman and a lot more! There is a bus that goes from the center. Ask your hostel or in the bus station. 75 pesos (July 2013) guided tours only (tours in english at 10h, 12h, 14h and 16h).


See the falls in the morning to ensure that you can hike the island trail which requires a boat trip across the river. It is not advertised, but the boat trip is included with your entrance ticket, but only runs for the first 1,000 passengers, or until 15:15. It can close as early as 11:45. If you want to see the falls for two days, your second entrance is half off, but you will need to show ID at the end of the first day to get a stamp on your ticket. The next day will be half priced.


  • Souvenirs are sold in the street as well as in many shops
  • There are two Money changers on Av. V. Aguirre (downtown)


  • La Rueda, Av. Cordoba. Excellent food, and probably the best restaurant in Puerto Iguazú esthetically. The Pollo al Diablo (Chicken Devil's Style), Surubi al Diable or La Rueda Salad are delicious. English spoken. Accept cash and credit cards.

  • La Vitrina, Av. Victoria Auirre 773, ''+54'' 3757-422165 (). Go there for the Asado prepared on the big outdoor barbecue. They have good salads, pasta, empanadas, etc. But the bife de chorizo, asado de tira, etc is what set La Vintrina apart from other places.
  • Aqva, Av. Córdoba y Carlos Thays, ''+54'' 03757 422064, [2]. Excellent food, many options of dishes with local river fish and Argentinian beef, of course. Extensive wine list. Reservations recommended on weekends. Opens everyday for lunch and dinner. Accepts major credit cards.


  • La Barranca, nice place near both rivers and the Three Frontiers Landmark (Marco das três fronteira), nice people and live music at weekends.

At the ´feria´ up from Av. Brasil there are many stalls to have a cheap drink.



Beware that the hostels in Puerto Iguazú seem to be experiencing something of a bedbug epidemic. Check reviews on tripadvisor, etc. carefully before booking.

  • Hostel El Güembé [13]. El Urú 120, Puerto Iguazú. 03757-421035. ([email protected]). Small, friendly and relaxed hostel, offering both shared and private rooms. Dorms 70 AR$. In a very nice, tranquil and green part of town, only 5 min. from the bus terminal. Includes breakfast and free WiFi. Good kitchen.
  • Hostel Irupe, Avenida Misiones Nº 80 (100m off the bus terminal), +54 (03757) 423618, [3]. checkout: 10am. Cheap, but clean hostel, 30 AR$ p.P. for double with bathroom (May 2009); kitchen available, only a few steps away from the main bus terminal. Dorms for 30 pesos p.p. One computer with internet but no wifi

Was closed on Feb2013.

  • Hostel Inn Iguazu, Ruta 12 Km 5, Puerto Iguazú, ++54-3757-421823, [14]. Dorms US$11 (members). Has a pool and tiki bar, air-conditioned rooms, a young, partying crowd, nightly events, daily sports games, free internet, free breakfast, bar and restaurant. You can get there by taking the bus that goes to the falls (leaving from the terminal).
  • Marcopolo Inn Iguazu, Av. Cordoba 158, 3370, Puerto Iguazu, Argentina, [4]. Marcopolo inn Iguazu is located 20m from the Bus terminal and 2 blocks from the Commerce center of Puerto Iguazu. Internet access, kitchen, breakfast included from US$14.50(dorms) and $28(private). 6/2013
  • Pousada Timbó, Av. Misiones 147, Puerto Iguazú (5 min. walk down Av. Misiones from the bus terminal.), ++54 3757 422 698, [5]. Good and centrally located hostel with dorms on the rather big side - number of beds as well as space. Free internet, welcoming, breakfast included. US$13.
  • Residencial Uno, [15]Fray Luis Beltrán 116, Puerto Iguazú. +54-3757-420529. ([email protected]). Warm and comfortable hostel in the heart of Puerto Iguazú. It offers private rooms, breakfast, free internet access & wi-fi area, swimming pool, air conditioner, BBQ area, Cable TV & DVD lounge, among others services. Two blocks from the bus station and less than 5 minutes from downtown. Dorms from US$12. Doubles from US$25. members get 10% off.
  • Stop Hostel (Stop Hostel Iguazú), Av. Victoria Aguirre 304, Puerto Iguazú, Argentina, +54-3757-15547709, [6]. checkout: 10:00. Stop Hostel is located 25 minutes away from the falls, Dorms from 10 USD, includes air condition, breakfast, black hairy fungies in the very bad kitchen, smelly beds with bedbugs and bored staff. See tripadvisor or similar webpages for its bad references. Stay away!
  • Garden Stone Hostel, Av. Córdoba Nº 441 - Puerto de Iguazú (Three blocks north from the bus terminal along Av. Córdoba), +54 (03757) 420425, [7]. checkout: 10:00 am. A new hostel (March 2010), quite nice, peaceful, clean. Dorms from US$9. There is a little garden and a kitchen. Includes WiFi, large lockers in rooms, and poor breakfast, do not have even a toaster available. Toilets very basics and showers with not really hot water. you will wait until 9:00 AM in order to take a shower and don't freeze trying it.
  • Hostel Bambu Club, Av. Córdoba Nº 445 - Puerto de Iguazú (2 minute walk from the bus terminal along Av. Córdoba), [8]. checkout: 10:00 am. A new hostel (February 2011), this is a party hostel with huge pool and bar area that packs in a crowd, plus very clean and friendly. Includes WiFi, lockers, and breakfast.


  • Americano, Ruta 12 Km 5, Puerto Iguazú, (03757) 420 190,[16]. Used to be called El Viejo Americano, and used to be cheaper. It is a camping (26 pesos per tent plus 26 pesos per person). There are also bungalows and normal rooms. You can get there by taking the bus that goes to the falls (leaving from the terminal, 1.50 pesos). There are pools, a restaurant, convenience store and soccer fields, which are all very well maintained. Many fire pits for barbecues and other niceties. Bugs galore so bring plenty of repellent.


  • Hostería Los Helechos, Paulino Amarante 76, Puerto Iguazú. 03757-420338, [17]. Very centrally located hostel, just two blocks from the bus station. Lots of facilities including swimming pool.
  • Hotel Tierra Colorada, El Urú 28, Puerto Iguazú. 03757-420649. Pleasant and friendly small hotel, comfortable rooms.
  • Hotel Los Troncos, San Lorenzo 154, Puerto Iguazú. 03757-424337, [18]. Very good hotel. Wonderfully located on the edge of the city (about a 15-minute walk from the bus station). Gives you the feeling of staying in the middle of a tropical rain forest. The staff are extremely nice. The hotel is well facilitated: there is a nice pool, continental buffet breakfast and the "cabañas" have air conditioning, digital television and a balcony. Ask the staff for a trip to the Brazilian side of the falls: they have contacts with drivers who take you there, wait for you and bring you back to the hotel again for ARS140 in total (fixed price, no price per person).


SecretGardenIguazu B&B - A three room affair, conveniently located in the town of Puerto Iguazu. High on concept the secret garden is populated by tree ferns and other shade-loving plants salvaged from the slash and burn rural and logging activities decimating the surrounding rain-forest.




  • Br-flag.png Vice Consulate of Brazil (Vice-Consulado em Puerto Iguazú), Av. Cordoba 278 C 3370, +54 3757 420-192 (, fax: +54 3757 422-494). 08:00 - 14:00. Brazilian visas can be obtained here. As at Oct 2014, you need a passport, bank statement, proof of entry (flight/bus ticket) and exit (from the North/South American continent is OK, i.e. a flight out of New York is OK), printed online form and a photo. The online form is here [9] If you submit by 10am you can get your visa between 1pm & 2pm the same day. No submissions are accepted after 12. 90 day multiple entry given. (385 pesos for Australians.) (800 pesos forUS citizens). You should be aware that there are some risks in relying on a quick turn-around from this consulate. It appears staff have concluded that it is easier to reject applications than process them. One device used on a number of occasions is to require the background of the photo to be white - not merely light as is usual.

Get out

  • You can visit the Itaipu Dam - one of the largest dams and the biggest hydroelectric powerplant in the world on either the Paraguayan side (Ciudad del Este) or the Brazilian side (Foz do Iguaçu).
  • On the way to Posadas or Buenos Aires the red sandstone ruins of the Jesuit mission of San Ignacio Miní are well worth a visit.

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