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'''Pojoaque''' (pronounced poh-WAH-kay) is a small town in [[North Central New Mexico | north central]] [[New Mexico]], [[United States of America | USA]], not far from [[Santa Fe (New Mexico) | Santa Fe]].  While of limited interest itself to the traveler, it is a good jumping-off point for many northern New Mexico attractions.
==Get in==
Pojoaque is about 15 miles north of Santa Fe on US highway 285.  The nearest major commercial air service is via [[Albuquerque]], while Santa Fe has limited air service.
==Get around==
Once you've been there, you've gotten around.  A car is useful for reaching outlying attractions.
*'''Pojoaque Pueblo''' is one of the smaller of the American Indian pueblos of New Mexico, but does have a casino (see under "Drink") and a moderately interesting tribal museum.  The '''Poeh Museum''' [] is on US 285 and appears to be open during daylight hours (probably 9-5), with exhibits by local artisans.  The museum's position on historic interactions between Native Americans and European settlers, it is fair to say, is opinionated.  Occasional special events.
Pojoaque Pueblo is less significant as an arts/crafts center than nearby San Ildefonso and Santa Clara Pueblos, but interesting pueblo art can sometimes be found at the museum.
* '''Ô Eating House''', at the Pueblo Plaza (Cities of Gold Road, frontage road off US 285), ''+1 505'' 455-5065. Monday to Saturday, 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  Regional food with an eclectic bent.  An "Ô" is an ancient tribal implement of food preparation.
* '''Cities of Gold Casino''', Cities of Gold Road (frontage road off US 285), ''+1 505'' 455-3313, [].  The creation of casinos at Native American pueblos and reservations during the 1990s was controversial, and many locals resent the fact that operations like this one exist, citing serious problems with gambling addictions in the community -- while others point with pride to the revenue it has created for the town and pueblo.  Like it or not, it's there, and you can find a drink, some entertainment, and a chance to lose your earnings on site.
* '''Cities of Gold Casino Hotel''', Cities of Gold Road, ''+1 877'' 455-0515, [].  At the casino.  Free shuttle service to Santa Fe and some other local points of interest.
* '''Homewood Suites by Hilton''', 18 Buffalo Road, ''+1 505'' 455-9100, [].
==Get out==
* Pojoaque is about equidistant from [[Santa Fe (New Mexico) | Santa Fe]] and [[Los Alamos]] with nearby [[Bandelier National Monument]].  Los Alamos and Bandelier are both interesting and worth a day trip; Santa Fe is one of the world's great travel destinations, and a traveler who comes to Pojoaque but doesn't spend time in Santa Fe is missing something.
* Pojoaque is also a reasonable jumping-off point for the American Indian (incidentally, the term is preferred locally to "Native American") pueblos of the region; check the [[Santa Fe (New Mexico)]] and [[North Central New Mexico]] articles for details.
* The '''High Road to [[Taos]]''' is one of the classic scenic drives in northern New Mexico and takes off from Pojoaque via SR 503 on the north side of town.  For route details, see the [[North Central New Mexico]] article.

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