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Pittsburgh : South Side
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Pittsburgh/South Side

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South Side is a Pittsburgh neighborhood that contains more restaurants and bars than perhaps anywhere else in the city. It is bounded by Station Square on the west and extends 30 or more blocks to the east. On the north its boundary is the Monongahela river and it extends inland many blocks. The central artery is East Carson street on which most of the restaurants and bars are located. Historically the area was home to the millworkers for the steel mills that once lined the river. Since most of these workers came from eastern Europe there is a European feel to it: small homes built right next to each other, dozens of churches of various ethnic persuasions and even more neighborhood bars and small shops all mixed helter skelter together. Today the mills are gone and shopping centers are springing up in their place. The older area is an interesting place to wander and people-watch because it very dense and you can easily walk almost anywhere. There is also a pretty walk along the river that extends for miles where from the woodsy bank you can view the sleek downtown area right across river.