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Pittsburgh : Oakland
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'''Oakland''' is a district in [Pittsburgh]]. It is east of [[Pittsburgh/Downtown|Downtown]]. In it are many of the hospitals that serve Pittsburgh and most of the colleges and universities.
#REDIRECT [[Pittsburgh/East End-South]]
==Getting there==
From downtown one takes Forbes Avenue east which is a one-way street that leads directly to Oakland. There frequent PAT buses as well as this is a heavily travelled route.
==See and do==
Although Oakland is essentially a location for schools and hospitals, there are many things to see and do there. Perhaps the most interesting for visitors is The Carnegie Library and Museums. There are three major sections in a single large building along Forbes Avenue:
* '''The Carnegie Library''' is the major Carnegie library in Pittsburgh. Andrew Carnegie funded 2507 libraries all over the world between 1881 and 1917. Most (1681) are in the [[United States]], but there are Carnegie libraries from [[Fiji]] to [[The United Kingdom]].
* The Museum of Natural History
* The Frick Art Museum
==Eat and drink==
Put twenty thousand college students in a small area and you will be sure to have plenty of restaurant and bars.
==External links==

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