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'''Persepolis''' is a city near [[Shiraz]], in [[Fars]] Province.
Is an ancient capital city of the Persian Empire and one of the greatest cities in the Middle East at the height of the empire.  It was sacked by Alexander The Great. Much of the foundations of the site however, remain. see [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Persepolis wikipedia]
==Get in==
You can reach Persepolis via car or taxi from central Shiraz or alternatively take a bus to Marvdasht and a savari to Naqsh-e-Rostam. At the bus station, the savaris demand around 10000 IRR, but a bit further off the price drops to 3000 IRR.
==Get around==
You can wonder around the ancient site and the famous 100 pillar hall. You are literally in touch distance of much of the ruins and statues, however try not to touch and potentially damage the ruins.
*'''The unfinished gate'''
*'''Hall of the 32 columns'''
*'''The rock-hewn tomb of Artexerxes II'''
*'''The rock-hewn tomb of Artexerxes III'''
*'''Central stairways'''
*'''Palace of the 100 columns'''
*'''Apadana Palace'''
From any number of artifacts in the gift shop.
You can bring some food with you and have a picnic in the nearby grounds or eat at the nearby restaurant.
Alcohol is illegal in Iran. Bring lots of bottled water.
==Get out==
Near Persepolis are located ancient tombs housing royalty. You can also see an ancient Zorostrianst so named 'fire temple'.

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