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State of Pennsylvania

United States of America

Capital: Harrisburg


Steel belt - the area around the city of Pittsburgh

Susquehanna Valley - the area in the south central portion of the state

Tri-Cities - Harrisburg, Lancaster, York


Capital: Harrisburg

Major Cities:


The State of Pennsylvania is a geographically diverse state with a great lake on one short and a major seaport on the other. The climate of Pennsylvania is pleasant, with cold winters, mild to hot summers, and gorgeous springtimes.

Pennsylvania hosts a number of vital cities, from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia. The city of Philadelphia houses the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall, two major national historical landmarks. The interior of the state has a number of subcultures worth exploring, including the famous Amish countryside, a religious community based in Christian Anabaptist dogma.

Pennsylvania is also host to a diverse group of people, with ethnic enclaves of black, Hispanic, and Southeast Asian populations in its major cities.


Primary region language: English

Other languages: Pennsylvania Dutch, a variant of German

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By Road

Interstate highways lead most traffic into the state.

  • I-70, traffic from the midwest
  • I-78, traffic from New Jersey and New York City
  • I-80, traffic from New York
  • I-79, traffic from the Great Lakes region
  • I-83, traffic from Baltimore
  • I-76, the Pennsylvania Turnpike
  • I-95, traffic from Washington DC and New York

By Train/Rail

Amtrak serves the state of Pennsylvania with major stops at Philadelphia, Harrisburg, and Pittsburgh. Philadelphia is a stop on the Northeast Corridor.

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This state article was started by User:Christopher S. Penn. Chris lived in Lancaster, Pennsylvania from 1993-1997.