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The Pamir mountains, or Pamirs, are in south eastern Tajikistan, near the border with Afghanistan.


Other destinations



Get in

You could take a flight from Dushanbe to Khorog. There is a 14 seater flight every morning to Khorog, but its departure depends on weather conditions and the number of passengers. Tickets to the flight are sold a day in advance at the Dushanbe airport.

You could share/hire a jeep from the jeep stand near the airport in Dushanbe to Khorog. This will take between 13 and 21 hours and privately hiring a jeep costs around $400.

From Khorog, You can hitch on a fuel tanker or truck on its way back to Kyrgyzstan, or hire your own vehicle from Khorog. Its also possible to get an occasional shared van to Murghab and from there to Osh.

Most days will also see a jeep or share taxi head towards Ishkashim.

Hitchiking on the Pamir highway requires patience. The first vehicle with space will space will give you a ride, but as with many places in the former Soviet Union you are expected to pay for the ride. It can take anywhere from 2 hours to 2 days to get a ride. There many only be 2 or 3 vehicles going in your direction each day.

Get around

Same as getting in.


  • Lake Karakol -A crater lake near the Kyrgyz and Chinese Border it is frozen half the year
  • Khorog
  • Wakhan Valley - its a beautiful de-tour from the Pamirs
  • Lots of mountains
  • Murgab's very small bazaar
  • Weekly Ishkashim Afghan Bazaar
  • Old Fortress's in the Wakhan Valley


  • Hunting the Marco Polo sheep.
  • Mountain climbing.
  • Hiking and trecking.
  • Skiing.
  • Be a part of a very expensive tour group. (Or travel on the cheap and hitchhike.)
  • Sit an enjoy the silence and views.
  • Open an AIDS clinic and spread the gospel of Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Preach tolerance, wave rainbow flags, and baptize infants with names like One World Juan and Obama.
  • If one is Israeli, angrily demand kosher food at every stop, and blog about the unfitness of the culture to your needs later on.
  • Write in your notebook about how oppressed the women are with their babies and household chores, and use an interpreter to promise them that, as soon as you have a wireless signal, you'll make the world aware of their awful plight and will return to organize a women's handicrafts and abortion clinic to break the might of the evil patriarchy and the cruel false backward demands of their society. Then follow up in your notebook with a jeremiad against "colonialism".


Rice, eggs, snacks, yak butter, bread, mutton, Pamiri tea (sheer-chai), freshly made warm bread (non).


Tea, surprisingly good coffee, and vodka. Yak milk.


There are a number of homestays in most villages on the Pamir highway. They are usually in homes built in traditional Pamiri style. They are made with wood, with five pillars, a sky light and richly decorated with carpets. You are ensured great hospitality and simple but delicious meals.

Khorog - Pamiri Lodge. $6 per person per night incl breakfast.

Khorog - Laalmo Homestay. $10 per person next to Pamiri Lodge. Breakfast extra, but has hot showers, western toilet.

Khorog - Hotel Serena Inn. This is a more up-class hotel built by the Aga Khan Foundation in-order to encourage tourism in the region. Built in typical Badakshani style and situated right next to the river, it is very luxurious. £160 per room per night incl breakfast.

Zong Village - Homestay of Mavluda. $12 per person per night incl dinner and breakfast.

Murghab - Homestay of Talay. £12 per person per night incl dinner and breakfast.

Alichur - Ask for the English Teacher, meet her family, and you decide how much money to leave behind.

Stay safe

A zealous policeman in Murgab may want to register you with the police or complain if you were taking photos. This isn't a problem, registration should be known well enough simply getting to the area.

There is some risk of altitude sickness.

Get out

Same as getting in, either back to Khorog or onto Kyrgyzstan. There is currently no border open with China.

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