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Pamirs is in Tajikistan.


  • Murgab
  • Karakol

Other destinations



Get in

Either hitch on a fuel tanker or truck on its way back to Kyrgystan, or hire your own vehicle from Khorog.

Get around

Same as getting in.


  • Lake Karakol. For half the year it is frozen.
  • Lots of mountains.
  • Murgab's very small bazaar.


  • Hunting the Marco Polo sheep.
  • Mountain climbing.
  • Hiking an trecking.
  • Skiing.
  • Be a part of a very expensive tour group.
  • Sit an enjoy the silence and views.


Rice, eggs, snacks, yak butter, bread, mutton.


Tea, surprisingly good coffee, and vodka. Yak milk.

Stay safe

A zealous policeman in Murgab may want to register you with the police or complain if you were taking photos. This isn't a problem, registration should be known well enough simply getting to the area.

Get out

Same as getting in, either back to Khorog or onto Kyrgystan. There is currently no border open with China.

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