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West Sumatra : Padang
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*<sleep name="Natures Inn" directions="Opposite the Tourist Information Centre" price="prices start at 125k and go up, 25k extra for breakfasts" lat="-0.9601932764053345" long="100.3540188074112">Family run home stay, clean and modern, dorms and double rooms, bed linen provided, sharedbathrooms with seat toilets and showers, hot and cold water showers, free WiFi, fans and air-con</sleep>
*<sleep name="Natures Inn" directions="Opposite the Tourist Information Centre" price="prices start at 125k and go up, 25k extra for breakfasts" lat="-0.9601932764053345" long="100.3540188074112">Family run home stay, clean and modern, dorms and double rooms, bed linen provided, sharedbathrooms with seat toilets and showers, hot and cold water showers, free WiFi, fans and air-con</sleep>
*<sleep name="mentawai trekking siberut" alt="" address="padang,indonesia" directions="" phone="+6281374006060" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="$ 40" lat="" long="6 days">MENTAWAI ISLAND ”SIBERUT TRIBE” Days 6 Nights
*<sleep name="mentawai trekking siberut" alt="" address="padang,indonesia" directions="[email protected]" phone="+6281374006060" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="$ 40" lat="" long="6 days">MENTAWAI ISLAND ”SIBERUT TRIBE” Days 6 Nights
mobile: +6281374006060  
mobile: +6281374006060  

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Padang[9] is the capital city of West Sumatra, Indonesia.

For other places with the same name, see Padang (disambiguation).

Get in

By plane

Minangkabau International Airport (Bandara Internasional Minangkabau - BIM) (PDG), located 23 km north-west of Padang, is the main gateway to West Sumatra, with frequent flights to destinations throughout Sumatra and Java such as Indonesia (Garuda-Indonesia), (Sriwijaya Air), (Lion Air), (Batavia Air), as well as Kuala Lumpur (AirAsia)[10]. Direct flight to and from Padang, are only available from 1. Domestic - Jakarta - Batam - Medan 2. International - Kuala Lumpur - Singapore. Visas are available on arrival. From the airport, the cheapest way to get into the city is by Damri (bus) for a fare of Rp15,000 per person. Its route passes by the major hotels in Padang. Other alternatives include taxis or pre-arranged rental cars.

A Rp 100,000 departure tax is levied on outbound international flights and Rp 35.000 on domestic flights.

Get around

Crazily-decorated Angkots run along the two main roads. Prices for a trip are approximately Rp2,000. You can get taxis from the Minangkabau International Airport to town for less than Rp50,000 if you speak the language.

Unfortunately if you are white or black, Minang people are well known to be good business people, and are quite skilled at making you pay a few extra thousand rupiah. That being said, don't start squabbling over 50 cents here or there.

There are several alternatives that you can choose for transportation in Padang, such as bus kota (for city bus transportation), angkutan kota (for transportation in the city), taxi, and car rental. Most public transportations are not very safe and clean compared to international standard. During rush hour, you can see the buses overcrowded. Be careful with your valuables as sometimes there are pickpockets and thieves taking advantage while riding on the public transport, though this is very rare.

If you're looking to spend a few days in Padang, car rental is the preferred way to go around. All car rentals include the driver, who can also act as your guide. It's not recommended for tourists to drive around because road signs are not followed by the locals and courtesy while driving almost do not exist in Indonesia.

  • TotalCarRental, tel. +62 811 21 8494 , [11]. They also provide Padang and Bukittinggi tour packages that you can choose.
  • CV Budi Jaya, Jl. Aur Duri Indah XVI No. 1, +62-751-841939, 7892205, 7850275. Car rental: Innova, Avanza, Kijang, Panther, Xenia, APV, Altis, tour bus. Rp275,000 per day (car {Xenia) and chauffeur).
  • Padang Rent Car. A very experience guide that able to provide you a satisfaction on travelling in Padang city. They provide cars for rent with the cheap price and good service. Contact them +628 1166 8389. [12].


  • Museum Adityawarman, Jl. Diponegoro (Lapangan Tugu), +62 752 31523, 39587, TuS 8AM-4PM
  • Taman Budaya (Cultural Park)
  • Pantai Air Manis (Sweet Water Beach). It is most famed for Batu Malin Kundang (Stone of Malin Kundang), a stone shaped like a prostrating man. According to local legend, this stone is Malin Kundang , the ungrateful son who disowned his poor mother after coming home as a rich man from his travels. His mother cursed him into stone, as well as the remains of his ship, which can also be seen near his stone. There is a tidal island from the beach here, with nice clean (by Indonesian standards) water and sand.
  • Pantai Padang (Padang Beach). You can ride the bendi (a horse-drawn carriage) along the beach, and stop by the rows of shops to eat some rujak as you watch the waves.
  • Sitti Nurbaya Bridge, a beautiful bridge especially at night. Sitti Nurbaya is the eponymous character in a classical literary novel.
  • You go down the south of Teluk Bayur, up and through steep hills (don't try and take a bus, there is an [Angkot] that goes all the way).
  • Ramayana. World class shopping area with a variety of goods. A must see.


Relaxing and breathtaking is the main thing to do in here. This city more to administrative city. Honestly there isn't too much to do here in the down town. But if you go to the up town, some interesting spots await to be explored. These include Sikuai Island", Lubuk Minturun river' (a 'natural jacuzzi') and Bungus Bay (crystal water river), all in southern Padang.

Pool is a popular sport to play and there are a few places dotted around.

The nightlife is relatively dull because Padang is a minor city and a rather devout Muslim community. Bars are available at Hotel Bumi Minang, but don't expect alcohol.

If you can find your way down to Chinatown and get some Kripik Padang (crackers, available in two flavors: spicy and sweet), that could be a good idea, too. In Chinatown, you also can explore the mixture of Minang-Chinese food.

  • Hotel Ambacang Bar and Club. This jewel diamond in the rough will provide you with a night of partying in an otherwise Muslim and quiet area. Rooms are also available in this hotel at a very high standard. The largest rooms in the hotel sleep 8. I think this hotel was destroyed in the September 2009 earthquake, in fact many people died in it. The information is thus incorrect


There are a lot of stores on the side of the road, much like anywhere in Indonesia. There are two malls, Minang Plaza, which is smaller and better for your more supermarket / basic clothing needs. There is a bit of Western Food at Plaza Andalas in the form of Papa Ron's Pizza.

Shopping at Andalas is a little bit better, but at this point in time, the malls are more downscale, mainly local products and local shops. No big retailers here. Brand names aren't really easy to find. You could find a few surfing items at Andalas plaza - but that's about it.

There is a Gramedia across the road from Andalas Plaza also.

  • Ramayana. Shopping district, locally famous. Great bargains can be picked up here.


Padang is famed throughout Indonesia for spicy Padang food (masakan Padang). Ordering at a Padang restaurant couldn't be easier: just sit down at a table, and watch the dishes pile up. Eat what you like, as you'll only pay for dishes you've actually consumed. Famous dishes include:

  • rendang sapi, spicy curried beef cooked until the sauce is dry
  • soto padang, crispy beef in spicy soup
  • ayam pop, deep-friend vaguely popcorn-like (hence the name) kernels of chicken
  • sate, beef satay in curry sauce, served with ketupat (rice dumplings)

Padang dishes can use rather unusual ingredients though, including internal organs like hearts, lungs and even brains. All Padang dishes are Halal, due to the Islamic root of Minang people.

Some Westerner-friendly restaurants:

  • Nelayan Restaurant, located by the edge of the beach near town, quite popular with the foreign crowd, there are two levels. During the daytime it tends to be relatively empty. By western standards the food is very cheap and the service is quite good.
  • Safari. Cafe serving Western and Indonesian foods. Has a plasma television for watching soccer. Quite a nice little place to go if you long for a steak or a serve of crinkle cut fries.
  • Pizza Hut, Lorong Sonny Bungus (Around the corner from Hotel Ank). A home from home amongst the local shacks, this pizza hut has the best chicken dippers in all of West Sumatra.

Local delicacies

  • Rohana Kudus, Jl. Rohana Kudus No. 74, +62-751-23386. One of the favorite places to buy snacks to bring home as gifts, including the snack the area is famed for, Kripik Balado or Kripik Sanjay.


The only real bars you will find are at the major hotels. This is a very Islamic community and therefore the influence of alcohol is minimal. That being said, beer is for sale at the major supermarkets, Suzuya, etc. Bintang is about all you will find. If you are feeling game, the traditional market could be something you might want to visit, as hard liquor such as Johnny Walker may be available there.

Hard liquor is also available at several warungs (small shops on the side of the road) and it is quite easy to obtain cheap vodka, whisky or rum. The going rate for a 250ml bottle of spirits is Rp. 23,000.

The best nightclubs in Padang are Hotel Pangeran Beach, Rocky Hotel, Ambacang hotel (the newest hotel) and Queen.


  • Hotel Bumi Minang, Jalan Bundo Kandung 20-28 Padang 25118, [1]. Fax (+62) 21 788 49875 E-mail: [email protected] Most of the information here is out of date after the 2009 quake. The Bumiminang, which was probably the best hotel in the city, is closed for renovation, which will begin in March 2011, but is still ongoing as of April 2012.
  • Havilla Maranatha, Jl. Bandar Pulau Karam No. 10-D, +62 751 26321 (, fax: +62 751 38663), [2]. Homey,have good facilities; Dormitory(backpackers), Single or double room and family room;:hot and cold water,hot spot internet,nice lobby,kitchen facilities, international TV Channels,Location :City center, near the beach and a shopping center. Rp 85.000 -Rp 270.000 - Rp 575.000.
  • Hotel Inna Muara, Jl. Gereja No. 34, +62 751 35600 - 33741 (, fax: +62 751 38 266 - 31 163). Large, hotel aimed at local business travelers. Comfortable but somewhat faded. Look out for frequent specials for significant discount below rack rates. Skip breakfast. from Rp. 450,000.
  • Hotel Pangeran Beach, Jln. H. Lr. Juanda Padang., +62 751 446996 (, fax: +62 751 447996), [3]. The hotel is right on the beach in a relatively clean and safe area.
  • Rocky Plaza Hotel, Jl Permindo no 40, +62 751 840888 (, fax: +62 751 841230). The only one hotel with it's own plaza in Padang.
  • Savali Hotel, Hayam Wuruk No. 31-33 (S 00 57.491 E 100 21.300), +62 751 27660 (, fax: +62 751 23262), [4]. New elegant boutique hotel, solid yet beautiful bulding near Padang Beach and Batang Arau River with clean and safe area.
  • Hotel Surya, Jalan Bandar Purus. One of the better (and cheapest) of a smattering of cheap losmen-style hotels to the north of Jln M. Yamin and to the west of Pasar Raya. Friendly staff, cramped and dirty rooms without fan. Only for the hardened cash-strapped travelers. Singles: Rp50,000.
  • Wisma Mutiara, Jalan Pulau Karam 149. Nice little hotel in the western part of town. It is very clean and a nice breakfast is included. Staff is very helpful and friendly. Doubles Rp 150,000-275,000.
  • SAVALI (Hotel), jl. hayam wuruk no. 31 (Posisi GPS : S 00 57.491 E 100 21.300), +62 - 751 - 27660, [5]. checkin: 14.00; checkout: 12.00. boutique hotel with : Free Wi-Fi, swiming pool, Restorant, wine barmempunyai kamar yang air water heater, LCD TV, safety box, tea/coffee set, hair dryer, Laundry, spring bed , RFID CARD 700000. (Rp,1 night)
  • Brigitte's House, Jl Kampung Sebelah 1, Chinatown (near Sitti Nurbaya Bridge), +6281374257162, [6]. Opened in Oct 2010, it has airy dorm beds & private rooms with rates starting from Rp75,000 with breakfast included & free WiFi. You can also rent their motorbike for Rp60,000 per day. Run by Ms Brigitte, a Batak gal & assisted by Mr Julian, the Aussie Indonesian-speaking handyman. Located not far from the Airport Damri bus route to the city & walking distance to Padang beach. 85000Rp.
  • Natures Inn, (Opposite the Tourist Information Centre). Family run home stay, clean and modern, dorms and double rooms, bed linen provided, sharedbathrooms with seat toilets and showers, hot and cold water showers, free WiFi, fans and air-con prices start at 125k and go up, 25k extra for breakfasts. (-0.9601932764053345,100.3540188074112)
  • mentawai trekking siberut, padang,indonesia ([email protected]), +6281374006060, [8]. MENTAWAI ISLAND ”SIBERUT TRIBE” Days 6 Nights contact: [email protected] mobile: +6281374006060 ( Depart on Monday, Sumber Rezeky Ferry Padang - Siberut ) DAY 01 : PADANG – MUARA SIBERUT (D) Welcome & Greeting service upon arrival at “BIM” Airport. Transfer to Hotel for rest and waiting for departure time to Muara Siberut in the evening. The boat departure at 18.00. overnight on board. DAY 02 : MUARA SIBERUT – THE NATIVE’S VILLAGE (B,L,D) Early morning arrive in Muara Siberut, after getting permit from the local government, taking motorized canoe to Rorogot or Madobak, it depend on the water in the river, walking to sakaleo or to Bat Nusa about 3,5 hours. Overnight at Bat Nusa or Sakaleo at Native’s House. DAY 03 : EXPLORING THE NATIVE’S ACTIVITIES (B,L,D) After having B’fast exploring the daily activities of Native’s Mentawai Tribe Such as : Hunting, Fishing, Making Sago Powder (Main food of Mentawaian Tribe), when you are lucky, you have chance to see the traditional dances of Mentawai during the ceremonies in the evening. DAY 04 : WALKING TO ANOTHER VILLAGE (B,L,D) In the morning free at own leasure together with the Native’s before leaving to Bat Alemoi by walk about 2,5 hours. Overnight at Native’s House at Bat Elemoi. DAY 05 : BAT ELEMOI – MUARA SIBERUT (B,L,D) Half day exploring the Native’s activities before leaving to Muara Siberut such as : To see how they make Loin Clothes from the Bark of Tree, Making Tatoes, Bow and Poison Arrow, Etc. The Ferry depart to Padang in the Evening. Overnight on board. DAY 06 : ARRIVING IN PADANG (B) Early morning arrive in Padang, transfer to Hotel or Airport for your next destination. Tour END Inclusions * English speaking guide and Local Ranger * Porter 1 rag seg/person in trekking * Permit fee and entrance fee * Accommodation at Native’s House or Simple Bungalow at the beach * Hotel in Padang on the first day (Day Used) * All Transport to complete the journey (Ticket Ferry, Motorized Canoe) * Meals as specified in the Itinerary, All food brought from Padang, along the Journey in the island the food is carried by porters and cooked by Guide and help by his crew. * Private return transfer APT – HOTEL – Harbour Exclusions * Hotel in Padang in the last night * Insurance * Other personal needs * Tips $ 40. (,6 days)

Stay safe

Padang lies right on a fault line and is frequently hit by earthquakes. The last one, in September 2009, killed over 1,100 people, and destroyed many buildings.

Get out

  • Lake Toba : catch a bus from the A.L.S. bus station (5km from the city centre) to Parapat overnight, from Rp.120,000 to Rp.200,000. There is one leaving at 2PM.
  • Medan : catch an overnight bus from the A.L.S. bus station (5km from the city centre), from Rp.120,000 to Rp.200,000. There is one leaving at 2PM.

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