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Packing list

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:# List of recipies (in case you happen to stay in places like Homestead, Extended stay America etc etc where kitchennetes are available)
:# List of recipies (in case you happen to stay in places like Homestead, Extended stay America etc etc where kitchennetes are available)
:# Change Purse to hold loose change
:# Change Purse to hold loose change
:# Bottle of water
:# Mixed nuts, Chocolates to munch while waiting
:# Mixed nuts, Chocolates to munch while waiting

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Documents Bag

  1. Flight Ticket
  2. Itinerary
  3. Money and Travellers Cheques (some in money belt)
  4. Diary / Organiser / Address Book
  5. Credit Cards / ATM Cards (or in money belt)
  6. PIN Numbers for Credit Cards and ATM Cards (never carry this in the same place as your cards; even better: learn them by heart)
  7. Hertz / Avis / AAA Card
  8. PAN Number and the Id. Card.
  9. Business Cards
  10. Driving License (International Driving Permit)
  11. Passport (or in money belt) / Copy of Passport
  12. Insurance Policy
  13. Invitation letter from your client/business partner

(Applicable for business travellers)

  1. Tax returns form
  2. Resume in a stiff paper folder
  3. All lists – packing, email addresses, phone numbers of friends and relatives, Things to buy / see / do, Favourite URL’s etc
  4. Marriage Certificate (Incase you are travelling with spouse. Required for immigration staff if they see your spouse's maiden name on the passport)
  5. Eye prescriptions and medical prescriptions
  6. Customs registration for anything expensive or foreign made.
  7. Other Documents (depending on the nature of your business trip you might want to carry your weekly reports, charts)
  8. Phone cards
  9. MCU / AT & T access info cards.
  10. Credit Card access info cards and companion booklets.
  11. International Association for Medical Assistance to Travellers – booklet
  12. International Student Identification Card, International Youth Hostel Card
  13. Address of your country's embassies, friends and relatives.
  14. Digital Diary / Palmtop
  15. Floppies – Blank / Utilities / Boot / Anti Virus or a single Read/Write CD.
  16. Camera / Film / Lens Cleaning paper / Battery Cells (prohibited in the hand baggage)
  17. Scribble Pad, Sticky (Post It)
  18. Pen, Highlighter, Correcting Pen, Pencil, Eraser, Lead & Indelible marker
  19. Cheques (rest in money belt)
  20. Vaccination certificate (Required if you transit through the african continent)
  21. Time table
  22. Some Tooth picks
  23. Envelopes
  24. Stapler and pins, paper clips
  25. Glue Stick
  26. Mouth Freshner Spray, Mints
  27. Guide Book
  28. Maps
  29. Pocket Dictionary, Phrase book and Pocket Atlas.
  30. Photos of home and family
  31. Extra passport photos – about a dozen
  32. List of recipies (in case you happen to stay in places like Homestead, Extended stay America etc etc where kitchennetes are available)
  33. Change Purse to hold loose change
  34. Bottle of water
  35. Mixed nuts, Chocolates to munch while waiting

Money Belt

  1. Money
  2. Passport (or in documents bag) / Copy of Passport
  3. Spouse’s photo
  4. Credit Cards / ATM Cards (or in documents bag)
  5. Some cheques, rest in documents bag.
  6. Some Travellers cheques (rest in documents bag)
  7. Emergency phone numbers
  8. Medical History (Blood Type / Eye etc.)
  9. Business Cards
  10. Dual time watch (to call home)


  1. Suits
  2. Shirts
  3. Trousers & Khakis
  4. Jeans & Cargo Pants
  5. Ties
  6. Socks
  7. Handkerchiefs
  8. Wind sheather / Jerkin / Leather Jacket
  9. Woollen Sweater (if you are travelling to colder regions or in winter)
  10. Monkey Cap, Gloves & Scarf (if you are travelling to colder regions or in winter)
  11. Vests and Briefs
  12. Bermudas & Pyjamas
  13. T-Shirts
  14. Towel
  15. Belt
  16. Thermal Wear (if you are travelling to colder regions or in winter)
  17. Slippers
  18. Shoes (Black / Tan / Sneakers)
  19. Swimming Shorts, Jogging Shorts and Exercise Shorts.
  20. Make Up Kit (applicable to female travellers)
  21. Hip pouch or Money Belt
  22. Eye Glasses with Leash or Contact Lenses and the cleaning lotion.

Toilet Kit

  1. Tooth brush with cover
  2. Tongue Cleaner
  3. Toothpaste
  4. Mouthwash
  5. Dental Floss
  6. Mouth Freshner Spray
  7. Razor
  8. Shaving Blades
  9. Shaving Cream / Foam
  10. Shaving Brush
  11. After Shave & Cologne
  12. Deodrant & Perfume
  13. Bathing Soap & Shampoo
  14. Cold Cream
  15. Ear Buds (Qtips)
  16. Wet Cleaning Tissues
  17. Tooth Picks
  18. Scissors, Pocket Knife, Swiss Knife (Put it in your check-in luggage or it's likely to be confiscated by airline staff)
  19. Nail Cutter, Cuticle trimmer, Toe nail cutter.
  20. Sun Protection Cream
  21. Comb & Comb Cleaner
  22. Hair Styling Gel
  23. Cotton
  24. Washing Soap, Detergent & Brush
  25. Tweezers
  26. Small Mirror
  27. Shoe Polish (Black, Tan, Neutral), Polish dauber, Brush, Shine Cloth, Shoe Shampoo, extra laces, extra buckles for luggage.

Other Equipment

  1. Paper Plates
  2. Plastic Spoon & Fork
  3. A small Styrofoam tumbler or a small plastic cup (this is a must unless you are used to a toilet paper)
  4. Sleeping mask
  5. Cap
  6. Sunglasses with UV protection
  7. Book or Magazine for reading during the journey.
  8. Newspaper (for wrapping wet soaps etc..)
  9. Infatable neck support or air pillow
  10. Alarm Clock
  11. Compass
  12. Torch (Flashlight)
  13. Chain Lock for securing luggage, Combination Lock & Key, Zip locks, pad locks for doors.
  14. Universal rubber plug (for doing laundry in bath tubs and sinks without plugs).
  15. Plastic rope line for drying laundry, tying broken luggage etc.
  16. Small Candle (though I carry a jasmine scented one, I’ve never made use of it)
  17. Mosquito Coil and match box (very much needed in India)
  18. Beige masking tape for peep holes, broken luggage etc.
  19. Duct tape for major equipment problems
  20. Plastic Carry Bags and Garbage Bags to cover luggage during rains
  21. Rubber bands, Safety Pins & String
  22. Ear plugs (for bus speakers) in film containers.
  23. Extra batteries
  24. Chess game / any Video game - To kill waiting time at airports. Pick up a cellphone thats loaded with games it'll do
  25. Plastic hooks (the one with adhesive on one end that can be stuck on walls)
  26. Rubber door wedge
  27. Small tear spray gas can to ward off attackers (this may be illegal in some countries).
  28. Laundry clips for holding clothes
  29. Wall socket adapters.
  30. Portable iron

costed me about 5 Omani Rials in Muscat thats 15 US dollars)

  1. Walkman / Discman / Radio / Mp3 player
  2. Water purification tablets.
  3. Travel umbrella
  4. Sewing Kit
  1. Collar bones also called collar stiffners
  2. Cuff Links
  3. Measuring Scale and Tape
  4. Needles & Thread
  5. Thimble
  6. Buttons, Hooks etc for shirts and trousers
  7. Scissors
  8. Iron on patches
  9. Nylon fabric and mono filament line to repair darns in bags
  1. Spectacles Repair Kit

Medical Kit

  1. Don’t repack medicines, leave them in their original containers to avoid customs trouble.
  2. Its better to avoid carrying medicines while travelling abroad, not all drugs are OTC (over the counter) drugs in all countries
  3. Vicks
  4. Inhaler / Roll On / Nasal Spray (Inhaler - Combitide/Asthalin, RollOn - A brand specific available in India, relieves nasal congestion, Nasal Spray - To relieve nasal congestion)
  5. Cracked Heel Cream (Heel Guard / Dr. Scholls)
  6. Chapstick (Lip Guard)
  7. Antifungal Cream (Very Necessary, Zole-F or Sigmaderm)