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Ohio prehistoric sites

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Ohio prehistoric sites

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Human Face Effigy - Woodland Period - Ross County     This article is a travel topic


Evidence of man in Ohio goes back as far as 13,000 BC, with the first inhabitants after the last ice age most likely being Paleo-Indians who seemed to have disappeared after the Younger Days impact event . Later they were replaced by Archaic people who are refered to as Native Americans. The Archaic period has been seen as divided into Early, Middle and Late Archaic periods, it is thought of as the second (possibly) period of human occupation that took place 8,000 BC to 1,000 BC.. The Woodlands Period went from about 1,000 BC to 700 AD and included the Adena and Hopewell peoples who are sometimes referred to as the Mound Builders. Other cultures extended the Mound Builders period to about 1300 AD.


Shrum Mound
  • Adena Conical Burial Mound. AKA Campbell Mound State

Memorial. 20 feet high - 100 feet in diameter. Woodlands Period about 1,000 BC - 700 AD. Close to 270 W and I 70 intersection in Columbus OH on Montgomery St.


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