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(United States of America: State fair of texas)
(Germany: +official link to Frankfurt Book Fair)
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* '''Frankfurt Book Fair''' - in [[Frankfurt]]
* '''Frankfurt Book Fair''' [] - in [[Frankfurt]]
* '''Oktoberfest beer festival''' - in [[Munich]]
* '''Oktoberfest beer festival''' - in [[Munich]]

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This is a calendar of events and festivals in the month of October.


  • 31st: Halloween



  • 1st: National Day - anniversary of founding of People's Republic - most people get a one-week holiday



South Africa

  • Early October: Aardklop [2], a (mostly Afrikaans) national arts festival in Potchefstroom
  • Early October: Fish River Canoe Marathon, [3] near Cradock
  • Early October: Macufe African arts and culture, [4] in Bloemfontein
  • Mid October: Cape Town Flower and Garden Show, [5] in Cape Town
  • Late October: Cape Town International Kite Festival, [6] at the Zandvlei Picnic Area, Muizenberg


  • 10th: Anniversary of the Hsinhai Revolution, otherwise known as the National Day of the Republic of China


  • 23rd: Chulalongkorn Day (public holiday)

United Kingdom

  • Swansea Festival of Music and the Arts [7] - Swansea

United States of America

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