OHV Riding in Oregon

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OHV Riding in Oregon

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  • Tillamook OHV Trail- State Forest If you are looking for some long trails and lots of them, then this is the place. The trails are in the Tillamook State Forest, and consist of riding levels from beginner all the way up to expert. Some of the trails are very technical and slow, while some are very fast and heart pounding.
  • Sand Lake Sand lake is a small riding area north of Tillmook. It is on the lacking side for dirt bikes due to the small area and lack of challenging riding. However if you want to have a nice relaxing weekend with alot of people, just show up on a long weekend.
  • Johns Peak Has everything from hard fast trails to slow kid trails. The best part is that it doesnt get muddy during the winter. It is all on sandy loam and the water just sinks through. Making it a relatively clean fun ride during the winter.
  • Prospect OHV Trail System Is a very well kept riding area. Most of the trails have been pushed in using a small dozer, making it an ideal place for adults riding with small children. It also has some very aggressive riding, with lots of rocks to watch out for. Some of the black diamond riding is on the edge of some very steep hills/cliffs, so if you have a hard time with hights you probobly should not go looking for the black diamond trails.