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Northern Territory

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Northern Territory

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The Northern Territory (also known as the 'Top End') is a partly tropical, partly desert territory of Australia with a very small population. It is however home to several of Australia's most noted and internationally famous natural features, and attracts many tourists. It's often said that people who go 'Up North' are divided into two groups - those who love it and can't wait to go back, and those who hate it and can't stand the weather. The climate is much more similar to that of south-east Asia than it is to the more equitable regions of Australia. There is a distinct 'wet' and 'dry' season, and thunderstorms and cyclones are not uncommon during the summer Wet (at which times average temperatures and humidity reach unbearable levels) so tourists are strongly advised to plan their travels carefully and to take full advantage of the more hospitable Winter dry season.

Roads are sparse in the Northern Territory and much of the country is relatively inaccessible. The trans-Australian highway is now completely paved and gives improved access to Darwin, and the cross-country railroad is nearing completion. Once it is officially opened it will be possible to take a train from Adelaide in South Australia up to Alice Springs and then continuing right up to Darwin.

Towns and Cities of the NT

Tourist Attractions of the NT