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The Northern Neck, the northern Peninsula of the three Tidewater peninsulas, is bordered by the Potomac River to the north, the Rappahannock River to the south, and the Chesapeake Bay to the east. The Northern Neck is a fairly remote region of Virginia filled with sleepy towns, fresh seafood and stunning nature.


One of the major draws to the Northern Neck is the region's impressive history. Both George Washington and Robert E. Lee were born in Westmoreland County. Although still not heavily populated to this day, multiple Northern Neck towns predate the Revolutionary War.

The Northern Neck is also well known for its scenic towns and rivers as well as its delicious seafood. Blue Crab in particular is a local speciality. (as with much of the surrounding regions in Virginia and Maryland)

The population is mixed between locals who were been born and raised on the Northern Neck, and retirees and vacationers, often from other parts of Virginia.

The climate is a bit more moderate on the Northern Neck compared to more inland locations in Virginia due to the proximity to water.

Cities and TownsEdit

Kilmarnock — Town founded by Scottish immigrants with a charming downtown filled with small businesses.


Reedville — Founded by Elijah W. Reed, a sea captain from Maine. This town at the very end of the Northern Neck known for its Menhaden fishing industry and rows of victorian houses on Main Street.


Get inEdit

By Car

The Northern Neck's location makes for a good day trip from both Central Virginia and Northern Virginia.

  • Route 360 runs from Richmond to the middle of the Northern Neck and then runs along the neck all the way to Reedville on the coast.
  • Route 301 will take you over the Potomac from Maryland into the upper section of the Northern Neck.

By Boat


  • George Washington Birthplace National Monument - birthplace of George Washington in Westmoreland County, Virginia.
  • Stratford Hall - birthplace of Robert E. Lee in Westmoreland County, Virginia


  • Northern Neck George Washington Birthplace AVA There are many wineries across the Northern Neck which are absolutely worth a visit for tastings.
  • Westmoreland Berry Farm





Stay SafeEdit

Be careful when swimming in the rivers during summer. Jellyfish are common, especially in July and August. The count and date of their appearance vary by year. By Labor Day they are typically gone.

Get OutEdit

The Northern Neck can reach most of Northern Virginia, Central Virginia, and Eastern Virginia with just a couple hours of driving.

Tangier Island can be reached by ferry from Reedville.

Maryland, just across the Potomac River, can be reached by a bridge across the Potomac on Route 301.