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Northern Coast (Peru)

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The '''Northern Coast''' is in [[Peru]].
New York
* [[Casma]]
* [[Chimbote]]
* [[Chicama]]
* [[Chiclayo]]
* [[Huaraz]]
* [[Los Organos]]
* [[Piura]]
* [[Sechin]]
* [[Trujillo_(Peru)|Trujillo]]
* [[Tumbes]]
* [[Zorritos]]
==Other destinations==
* [[Máncora]], a small beachresort close to [[Ecuador]].
* [[Huanchaco]], surfing and fishing village just north of [[Trujillo_(Peru)|Trujillo]].
==Get in==
The bordercrossing at the coast with [[Ecuador]] is near the bordertown of [[Aguas Verdes]]/[[Huayaquillas]]. There are several international busses which make the crossing and wait at the immigration office.
==Get around==
==Stay safe==
==Get out==
[[it:Costa settentrionale_(Perù)]]

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