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Northeast Ohio

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Northeast Ohio

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Northeast Ohio ("NEO") is usually defined as the 13-county region surrounding the Greater Cleveland Area and including the cities of Akron, Canton, Lorain, Elyria, Warren and Youngstown. NEO is the 14th largest consolidated metropolitan area in the United States.

Unlike most major US cities that have grown through annexation of surburban areas in their central counties and beyond, the City of Cleveland proper only comprises 1/3 of Cuyahoga County, which has more than 60 municipalities. Accordingly, residents throughout Cuyahoga County and surrounding counties most often proudly consider themselves to be "Clevelanders". The result is an incredibly rich mosaic of ethnic urban neighborhoods and diverse suburban environments that offers the flavor (and food) of America and the world. Thus, many of the visitor attractions that one would associate with Cleveland and/or its surrounding environs (i.e., NEO), one would normally refer to the central city (in this case, Cleveland).

Please see Cleveland for more information on visiting Northeast Ohio. That said, many of the larger cities mentioned above have their own pages, respectively.