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North Pole

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Earth : Arctic : North Pole
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For other places with the same name, see North Pole (disambiguation).
Robert Peary & co. 1909

The North Pole is the northernmost point in the world.

Get around

Crosscountry skis and dogsleds are about the only viable transportation option near the North Pole; staying with your tour group is advisable.


There are few formal recreational opportunities at the North Pole. Each year, however, there is a marathon foot race called the North Pole Marathon organized by Polar Running Adventures. Adventurous types may try searching for Santa Claus but it is highly unlikely you'll be able to locate him, as blizzards are common in most areas.


It is impossible to buy 'anything' at the North Pole; you should bring 'everything' you might need for your expedition. A small variety of beer, vodka, and whiskey is available in the Camp Barneo dining tent, at reasonable cost given the location (e.g. $5 for a beer, in 2013), as are souvenir t-shirts, until they sell out.


The North Pole's ocean-formed ice contains salt, making it unsuitable for drinking, even when thawed. BYOB. Celebratory champagne is traditional; vodka at -40°C while standing on an iceberg is also quite appropriate.


Although there are no permanent accommodations at or near the Pole, temporary camps can be set up, providing heated shelter for one or more nights. Barneo has semi-permanent heated shelters, which are commonly used by expeditions spending more than a day on the ice.

Get out

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