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Nha Trang

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Nha Trang is Vietnam’s most famous seaside resort-town. It's more lively and urban in character than other beach destinations like Mui Ne and Phu Quoc. It's also the scuba diving center of Vietnam.


Nha Trang Bay

Traces of human settlement in Nha Trang date back to the Cham Empire, though in times of Vietnamese rule, there wasn’t much more than small fishing villages. The French recognized that this beautiful bay, with its islands and white sand beaches, made for a perfect bathing spot, and began the transformation into a resort town. American soldiers agreed, and Nha Trang became a favorite vacation stop during the war.

The monsoon season is from October to mid December. Sea winds can be heavy, and sometimes the weather can get pretty chilly. Summer, naturally, brings many vacation goers into town and hotel rooms get somewhat more difficult to find.

Get in

By plane

From the airport to the city

Cam Ranh International Airport (CXR) is located ~30km from the city. The newer terminal, opened in 2019, serves international departures. The old terminal is used for domestic destinations. Taxi fare from the airport to downtown locations is a fixed rate of 380,000 VND, though many hotels have their own buses. Do not offer to go by the meter here as it is about 100,000 VND more expensive than the fixed rate. Try to take a Mai Linh taxi as the Airport taxi drivers will quite often try to take advantage of you in some way.

There is a Dat Moi shuttle bus for 60,000 VND (as of December 2019) to Nha Trang. These may be identified by a large yellow minibus that is parked on second lane beyond the small restaurant outside of the airport (domestic terminal). The ticket booth is right by the restaurant, cash only. The operators often offer free water, and their own take on 'good music' which may not actually be good. The operator may be able to take you to a destination close to your hotel, however this will likely be on the main road by the Nha Trang Beach which you will then have to cross with your luggage. Therefore, it's advisable to take care and confirm your destination with both the seller and the bus driver and advise them of any requirements. The bus no. 18 departs from domestic terminal only.

If you are not dropped in a convenient location, most city hotels should be reached by taxi for 40,000 dong (US$2) or less. Taxi company flagfall is 7'000 dong (July, 2019) and the rate per/km varies based on the company but should be less than 15'000 dong. However, you should have 100,000 dong available minimum at all times as the taxi may take a longer route. Taxis may take a better route if they see that you are watching them on a mapping app - and you tell them to go in a specific direction.

Alternatively, for the adventurous traveller, take a short taxi ride to a Phuong Trang bus stop in Cam Ranh, then catch the Phuong Trang bus, 40,000 VND to Nha Trang (about an hour). The bus stops and the buses are orange coloured. However, as the saving is literally US$0.50 this is potentially a bad idea that will leave you, the traveler, in tears.

From the city to the airport

The return to the airport is far more confusing due to having to locate the bus stops. Therefore, planning and booking with a reputable hotel is advisable. The return trip to the airport should be 50,000 dong, and there are many operators. Furthermore, there are operators that clearly copy legitimate operators, however still charge the same price; it is to the travelers discretion if this is acceptable.

There may be a fixed bus stop at Yersin (opposite of the hospital or at 86 Trần Phú) marked by a big yellow bus sign with the circled 18. However, as the stopping locations are arbitrary, and with operators constantly changing, this may no longer be in operation.

Dat Moi [web]- Bus no. 18, operates every 30 min from 4:30am to 7:55pm, 50000/VND (June 2019) for ticket. Bus depo located at So 10, Yersin, Vạn Thạnh, Thành phố Nha Trang, Khánh Hòa, phone: 096 628 23 88

By train

Nha Trang is a stop on the main railway-line connecting Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC or Saigon). The railway station is close to the cathedral in the northern part of town. If you want a soft-sleeper (the highest class available on Vietnamese trains), book your train ticket directly at the train station as far in advance as you are able. Having a private travel agent book this ticket will quite often result in you paying the agent for a soft-sleeper — the agent will book a hard-sleeper and you will not know until you board the train and it is too late to make changes. This is one of the most common scams in Vietnam! Soft sleeper rooms are 4 berth, hard sleepers are 6 berth. You can sit comfortably on a lower bed in a 4 berth room but in a 6 berth you will have to be very short in order to sit up straight. SNT trains (meaning Saigon to Nha Trang) have similar quality cars but are slower than the SE trains. The TN trains have the oldest and dirtiest cars and are the slowest so therefore are not recommended. Each of the SE, TN and SNT coded trains end with a number. If the number is odd it travels from North to South. If it is even, it travels from South to North.

The journey to Nha Trang from Ho Chi Minh City takes between 6-8 hours on the SE trains (but are often delayed), so a sleeper is not really necessary, a cushioned seat in the AirCon car costs 190,000 dong. Soft seat is 310.000 dong (June 2012) The SNT trains take over 9 hours and travels overnight only.

For 535,000 dong (lower bed T1 or 465,000 dong for upper bed T2), you can book a soft sleeper on the SNT1 or SE1, SE3, SE5 or SE7 trains from Nha Trang to Ho Chi Minh City. These are the prices if you buy directly from Nha Trang train station. You will obviously pay more from an agent. Prices and times correct September 2012. Hotels will typically be able to buy the ticket for you for an additional 30,000 dong. The scenery on this journey is not that great compared to further north, so you are not missing out too much by travelling overnight.

The SE1 train departs Nha Trang at 8.26PM and arrives in Ho Chi Minh City at 4.10AM. The SE3 train departs Nha Trang at 9.42PM and arrives in Ho Chi Minh City at 4.30AM. The SE5 train departs Nha Trang at 12.39PM and arrives in Ho Chi Minh City at 8.00PM. The SE7 train departs Nha Trang at 8.41AM and arrives in Ho Chi Minh City at 4.48PM. The SNT1 train departs Nha Trang at 6.40PM and arrives in Ho Chi Minh City at 5.20AM.

The SNT2 departs Ho Chi Min City at 8.00PM and arrives in Nha Trang at 5AM, in March 2013 a ticket purchased same day at the railway station cost 519,000 dong for soft berth sleeper (upper bed)

The train station is about 1 km away from the city centre, so you can easily walk.

By bus

Most open tour buses arrive from Ho Chi Minh City in the south (10-12 hours) and Hoi An to the north (16 hours). They drop their passengers in the main tourist area around Biet Thu, while the public bus station is at 58, 23 Thang 10, about a 10 minute walk west of the center. However, you may be dropped off at Ben Xe Phia Nam Nha Trang - if this is the case and you traveled with Phuong Trang (FUTA Bus Lines) you may catch a free shuttle bus which is operated by FUTA to your hotel and if not do not take a taxi conveniently parked beside the bus and if in doubt ask 1) the FUTA ticket sellers inside the main hall or 2) several completely unrelated people.

Bus operators in Nha Trang may include:

  • North to Qui Nhon 6 hours on Mai Linh Express
  • TM Brothers bus
  • Phuong Trang (FUTA Bus Lines)


From Nha trang to Da nang bus route is approximately 557 km in length. On average, there are about 14 bus schedules on this route and bus travel time may take from 1h00 to 5h30 by 3 bus companies: Quang Hanh bus, Hoang Long bus, Thuy Duong bus operators. Duration is about 12 hours.

Nha Trang - Khanh Hoa - Ho Chi Minh bus route is approximately 448 km in length. On average, there are about 48 bus schedules on this route and bus travel time may take from 6h00 to 6h00 by 12 bus companies: Viet Nhat bus, Tra Lan Vien bus, Hanh Cafe bus, TheSinhTourist, Huynh Gia bus, Ha Linh bus, Quang Hanh bus, Lien Hung bus, Phuong Nam bus, Tam Hanh bus, Nam Phuong bus, Xe Nha bus operators. Duration is about 10 hours. In case passengers, especially foreign travelers, visit Nha Trang for the first time, Vexere is a useful web service that lists fares and facilitates online booking for these local bus companies. The system shows schedules, price and seat options (depending on bus operators, some offers seat options, some don't and you need to call the hotline for further instructions) for passengers to choose.

Nha Trang to Hoi An departs at 7.00 PM. Nha Trang to Da Lat departs at 8.00 AM. Nha Trang to Mui Ne departs at 7.45 AM.

If you're booking the open tour bus tickets via an agent, try to find out the bus company being used and avoid TM brothers bus. They have a bad reputation. The owner of TM Brothers bus quoted me 400,000dong and a 28-hour ride to go to Quy Nhon, 220km from Nha Trang. I told him he was crazy and he shrugged and went back to his beer. Some of the TM Brothers seats are broken and you can find cockroach in the bus. However, their bus is usually a few dollars cheaper than other company.

  • By sleeper buses From Da Nang to Ha Noi, Ha Long, Hue, Dong Hoi, Mui Ne, Nha Trang, Da Lat, Mui Ne, Sai Gon, ... Laos

You may book tickets at the Da Nang Intercity Bus Station, travel agencies, and possibly your hotel. Buying tickets at the station is the complicated option (taxi fare from city center to station almost 100.000 vnd (1 way) and you have to come there to buy a ticket in advance to make sure they still have available tickets), so paying a premium at your hotel or come directly to Sleeper Bus Booking Office can save much time, money and worry.

  • Sleeper Bus Booking Office - Da Nang's Backpackers, No 63, Huynh Ly Street, Thuan Phuoc Ward, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City, (+84) 02363 89 82 86; Mobile: (+84) 0902 277 679 (), [1]. Buses depart from the Booking Office, very cheap pick-up services are available, very convenient. It is wise to reserve your seat for travel on weekends and during festivals at least one day in advance.

By car

Private car rental with a driver are usually modern air-con cars and can be rented for ~1,000,000 VND per day. Check price with [VNCARRENTAL] Website specialize in all kinds of transfers in Vietnam.

Car rental prices (as mostly anything in Vietnam) usually increase during holiday seasons especially around Tet (Vietnamese’s New Year). Make sure to avoid high prices by booking it beforehand with the car rental services.

You can also arrange a private taxi transfer to Mui Ne with [HaiTuanTravel] . Book and pay online via PayPal. No hidden fee.

Get around

Today, most of the tourist infrastructure is in the southern part of town around Biet Thu, whereas most of the locals live around the Cho Dam in the northern quarters. Cho Dam Market is a popular destination for visitors as well, though.

Tran Phu is the backbone of the city, accompanied by a pleasant waterfront promenade, palm trees and the nearly 6km of beach. Careful when you cross the road - one of the most dangerous in Vietnam. Some taxis are homicidal.

Crossing Roads

Crossing roads is an art in Nha Trang and just like most of Vietnam there is no stop signals that will actually be followed by drivers. The art of crossing the road is fortunately very simple, if not scary:

  1. There are no traffic lights or pedestrian crossings,
  2. If it is night time, and you are wearing dark clothes - forget it... If you're not visible you will be mowed down
  3. If there is a bus / car / taxi wait until it and it's motorcycle entourage to passes - they will mow you down, they will not shed a tear, please don't forget this
  4. Ensure you, your friends/family/loved ones and every piece of your luggage form an almost perfect line parallel with the traffic
  5. There is no 'ideal' time to start although you could pick a time with a little less traffic, this may be caused by a bus cutting off the motorcycles upstream
  6. Once commenced walking, do not stop, do not run (unless there is a bus/car/taxi), do not change speed. The motorcycle driver will swerve to avoid you but might swerve into your path

Once reaching the other side, thank whatever you believe in, and hope not to cross a road again.

By Bus

Nha Trang has a reliable and easy to navigate public bus system, where the ticket fare does not exceed 9,000 Dong (July 2019) for a ride on a modern, air-conditioned bus with Vietnamese music. There are 6 lines in total and they have 20 minute interval (except line 3 - 40 minutes). They run from 5:30AM - 6:30PM. You will find buses nr. 4 and 6 the most useful, since they pass through the southern quarters. You can try ask local people about the bus route with the map for the sight seeing places. Buses 2 and 6 pass through Big C/Lotte Mart. Bus 4 goes to Vinepearl gondola station. Other popular bus is intercity bus no 3 with final stop in Doc Let for 30,000 Dong (July 2019).

By Taxi

Taxi company flagfall is 7'000 dong (December, 2017) and the rate per/km varies based on the company but should be less than 15'000 dong. However, you should have 100,000 dong available minimum at all times as the taxi may take a longer route.

By Cyclo

An option for seeing the sites is to hire a cyclo-driver for the day. Clarify the price. Many cyclos and motos are shysters who deliberately confuse 15 with 50, 16 with 60 etc. Beware of the ones who are just pimps who insist on taking you to local hookers and try to pickpocket you in the process.

By Bicycle

Its also easy to get around by bicycle. Nha Trang is flat and bicycles are easily found for hire, typically 20,000 dong for one day for a basic no gears bike. Locals on bicycles are more commonly seen at night when its cooler and there's no sun to burn their skin. Motorcycles and traffic to tend to mix, and locals can be seen riding though the roads among the motorbikes.

By Xe Om

Uniquely Vietnamese is the motorcycle taxi or Xe Om, which is a popular transport method for locals. Rates are likely to depend on your nationality as there is no meter on a motorbike, no published price, and they are literally all old dudes with a motorcycle and spare time.

Organised Tours

Vietnam Motorcycle memory, +84 90 511-6221 (), [2]. Operate easy rider tours out of Nha Trang riding pillion on the motorbikes with a guide each. Day tours are available and they specialize in multi day tours of the central highlands and Ho Chi Minh Trail through to Hoi An. Multi day tours involve securely attaching luggage to the back of the bike and include accommodation. You get the guides for the day, sharing most meals with them and stopping regularly for rests and for visiting local attractions. Accommodation is usually the best hotel in town (Central highlands are cheap) and the drivers are very safe. A tour of the central highlands is one way to get off the tourist trail. USD65 per day including accommodation.

Onetrip Motorcycle Adventures, (), [3]. Take a tour with Onetrip, as these guys offer some of the most authentic off-the-beaten-track tours around Vietnam on motorbikes. There are currently 4 tour options: Nha Trang City Tour, Evening Food Adventure, Nha Trang Island Hopping Adventure and a Drop-Off Tour to Da Lat. A great way to see the area if you’re too overwhelmed to plan everything by yourself. [4] from USD10 and up.


Nha Trang City beach (along Tran Phu Street) is the main draw here. The sand is quite littered and the water can also be polluted, so if you are going to Nha Trang specifically for the beach, and have been to other Asian destinations such as Thailand and the Philippines you are likely to be very disappointed. You will see many women vendors walking along the beach selling fruit and hot, steamed seafood.Make sure that you visit in the right season, though. The beach can be disappointing when the weather is grey and the waves choppy. The experience is then one of murky sandy waters, a strip of standard brown sand with a multitude of empty beach chairs and no one to be seen. For beautiful clean deserted beaches and clear blue waters, better to head out of Nha Trang to Bai Dai and Cam Ranh.

The sites below can be toured in one day. Contact the Magical Mystery Tour Nha Trang ( . The English tour company that do not /do standard tours of Nha Trang.

  • National Oceanographic Museum of Vietnam, 01 Cau Da (on the left of the commercial port entrance), 058-590-037, [61]. Admission VND15,000. Open 7AM-4PM. This is like an aquarium with popular and rare species of the sea. A perfect place to bring kids as they will get to see sharks, turtles, coral reefs, lionfish, sea horses, and many other creatures.
  • NhaTranglive, Thong Nhat Street & 2 thang 4 Street. (near Cho Dam Market), 090-714-3404, [62]. Free maps of city, drinks and tour travel guide book. Free use of wireless and computers. Largest collection of local painting by artists that lives in the area.
  • Alexandre Yersin Museum, 10 Tran Phu St., 058-822-355. Admission US$2. M-Sa 8-11AM and 2-4:30PM. This is a scientific museum of a Swiss-born, Dr. Alexandre Yersin (1863-1943), who arrived in Vietnam in 1891 to study infected animals. He then later on produced a serum from horses and buffaloes. In this museum, you will be able to view all of his work as well as his equipment. Yersin never went back to Switzerland as he spent the rest of his life in Nha Trang. Don’t try to take pictures. Do respect the rules since they're quite serious here.
  • Long Son Pagoda, Thai Nguyen St. Free admission. Open 8AM-5PM. At this pagoda, you will see a 79 ft. tall white Buddha. The pagoda was established in 1963 to honour the monks and nuns who died demonstrating against the Diem government. Beware of cheaters claiming they are students studying in the temple demanding that you offer a donation to the school before going up the pagoda. These "students" have no affiliation to the school and entry to the pagoda absolutely is free. Also beware that parking for motorbikes and bicycles are absolutely free (signs posted in Vietnamese indicates free parking.) Do not pay the 5,000 dong parking fee to the scammers near the gate. Instead, drive directly in, past the vegetarian restaurant, and park where the security guards are. Be aware of scammers holding incense sticks, they will hand you three incense sticks as you approach the Buddha and will trail behind you slowly before telling you what to do with them and then charging you as you walk out for using the sticks.
  • Po Nagar Cham Towers, 2 Thang 4 St. Admission 22,000VND + parking (2000VND for bicycles, 5000VND for motorbikes). Open daily 7:30AM-5PM. These four brick towers were built by the Cham civilization between the 7th and 12th century to honor Yang Ino Po Ngar, mother of the kingdom, and the incense aroma emanating from within makes it clear that this remains a religious site for the local Buddhists of Nha Trang today. The longevity of these last vestiges of a once-dominant South East Asian civilisation should impress temple enthusiasts even if the insensitive restoration and surrounding mass of tourists don't. The small complex sits on a hill which enjoys views across Nha Trang's fishing village. It is a 20-25 minute walk (or short motorbike ride) from the main beach strip, however be prepared to wander through the 'real' Nha Trang, quite a shocking change from the showy built up beach side resort.
  • Fishing village, (Between the old and the new bridge.). The fishing village is located between the old and the new bridge. When the fishing boats are coming in or going out it is a beautiful sight.
  • Bao Dai Villa, (Near the oceanographic institute). The Bao Dai Villas are located on top of a small hill. You have a beautiful view of the Nha Trang bay from there. The wind is cool and it is a nice place to relax at when it is too hot in the city.
  • Vinpearl la, (Take the cable car...), [5]. From the harbour you can take the cable car over to the island where Vinpearl resort and Vinpearl land is located. They have a small tivoli and some restaurants, attractions here include Underwater World (aquarium), Water Park complete with many exciting water slides and wave pool, Amusement Park with roller coaster, pirate ship, bumper cars, 4D cinema and many modern arcade machines and musical fountain and laser show at night time, usually 7PM. All included in the one price. 500,000 dong.
  • Chong rock.
  • Nha Trang Cathedral. Located a few minutes away from the train station, the cathedral shows the influence of French Catholicism. It's a Quaint, free and quick sight to see. The Nha Trang area still has a strong Catholic population. There are Catholic Shops located around the Cathedral.
  • Thanh Dien Khanh Fortress. The Dien Khanh Citadel is situated on Dien Khanh Townlet, Dien Khanh District, Khanh Hoa Province. The Citadel was built by the French officer Olivier de Puymanel for Nguyễn Ánh in 1793 with an area of 36,000 square meters according to the Vauban military architecture which was popular in Western Europe in 17th - 18th centuries. The citadel's wall was in an inequilateral hexagon of 3.5m height. The outer face was vertically constructed while the inner was a little bit sloping by two terraces forming a favorable pavement. Inside the corners, there were large fields which were convenient for military resident. On the top of corners there stood fortresses of 2m high with canons above. On the roof of the citadel, there planted closet bamboo and other barricade trees. Surrounding the citadel were moats of 4 to 5 meters deep, 10 meters wide, flooded by water. At first the citadel had 6 gates but nowadays it remains only 4 ones which are East Gate, West Gate, Front Gate (to the South), Back Gate (to the North). There had been here royal palace, private residents of feudal mandarins, warehouses and jails... Dien Khanh is one of the oldest citadels in the south of Vietnam and it is one of the precious vestiges for studying ancient citadels.
  • Monkey Island, (20km north of Nha Trang). Catch a ferry to Monkey Island, which is full of monkeys, has a 10AM circus and simple go-cart track. Two way ferry ticket is 120 000 dong as of January 2014. The place closes down at around 5 pm. It can be reached on local buses №1 and 2.


Further afield from Nha Trang's expansive sandy bay are some excellent beaches without the backdrop of hotel towers.

  • Doc Let beach, (around 50 km north of Nha Trang). Doc Let beach is more tranquil, cleaner and beautiful than the beach in Nha Trang. This beach has soft white sand, however its free areas (near fisherman village, separate road) are littered with trash. Most of the beach is now private for resorts and one can't sit in front of resort without paying. Entrance to "TTC Premium Resort - Doc Let" (rebranded White Sand Doc Let Resort & Spa) is now 100,000 dong (July 2019) and it includes swimming pool. It's well worth visit this beach, but mind that this place has been overtaken by Chinese bus tours and it no longer offers peaceful resting on the beach. From Nha Trang: tour ~$24 (July 2019); taxi ~1hour 500 000 dong (July 2019); motorbike ~1.5hour. Bus #3 ~ 1.5h. Last bus back to Nha Trang is 5:30PM.
  • Bai Dai beach, (On the road from Nha Trang to Cam Ranh airport). The road to the Cam Ranh airport is a very scenic road and worth going just to enjoy the scenery. As you have passed over the mountains there is a very long and nice beach named Bai Dai (around 30 km from Nha Trang city center and pronounced Bai Yai) which is clean and beautiful. From September to May each year, there are also good waves for beginner and intermediate surfing, and the water is warm, clear blue and beautiful. You can buy food from small restaurants at the beach.
  • Bai Duong Beach, (1.5 km north on Tran Phu street over the main bridge). Bai Duong beach is smaller than in the main tourist area. The beach has a gentler grade, and warmer waters, and is also calmer, cleaner, and ideal for swimming.


  • [Yang Bay Waterfalls], (40 km west of Nha Trang). At the [Yang Bay waterfalls] the Vietnamese have built up a concrete beach. It used to be a lot nicer before they built it but it is still a very nice place to visit. You can swim there, and walk around in the area. Bringing your own food and drink is recommended.
  • Ba Ho waterfalls, Near Ba Ho village (Approximately 20Kms North of Nha Trang - cross the bridge closest to the sea and stick to it for the safest and most scenic route). A series of three waterfalls and a quite fast flowing at (some points) river tucked away in the forest. Its a good one hour trip from Nha trang by moterbike through some rougher rural road tracks ( especially in the wet season ) If you get a flat tire it can be fixed by the locals for a small fee. The turn off from the main highway north of Nha Trang is hard to miss (there is now a blue Ba Ho sign and arrow). Most locals along the road should be able to point it out. from the turn off its a straight track to follow to the river, there are limited amenities there although you can buy food, like rice and chicken and cold beers or soft drinks are also for sale from locals who will guide ( Follow ) you up through the forest this is preferable to having to carry your own food and drink and the prices are reasonable a small premium for their trouble, the "guides " are pleasant enough showing you short cuts and footholds higher up the track. Taxis and motorbike guides are available in Nha Trang to take you there but its not too difficult to find yourself and in better weather, a pleasant drive, if you're confident on a motorbike. be warned though that going off road on hired bikes can incur damage which you will be liable for.
  • Fairy Spring waterfalls (Sui Tiên), Suối Tiên, Diên Khánh District (Approx 20km SW from Nha ATrang). Fairy Spring is a small, cool stream and swimming hole much visited by the local youth on weekends. The swimming hole is at the end of a short jungle walk. It is a pleasant place to visit in summer. In winter the water is too cold to swim. The streams source is the area of Hồn Bà, the highest peak in the province. Bottled and canned drinks are available, but no food is sold here yet. The area is slowly being developed and will eventually become a resort with a hotel, bungalows, and restaurant. There is a small admission charge (15,000 dong per person, 3,000 dong per motorbike [2016]). To get there, go 10km west of Nha Trang to Diên Khánh, go through the old citadel (Thành Cổ Diên Khánh) to Diên Phước village (5km), turn left 4km to Suoi Tien village, then right 1km to the stream.
    Feb 2016: After being greeted with a warm "Fock yo" from the local youth you can enjoy a littered river. Locals picnic here and just leave everything behind. There seems to be a lady cleaning it, but she basically only takes valuable things like cans and bottles and throws the rest into the stream.
  • Thap Ba Hot Springs and Mud baths (Sui Nưc Nóng Tháp Bà), (4km NW of Nha Trang), [6]. On the north side of Nha Trang. 80,000 dong for hot and cool swimming pools and thermal waterfall only. Pay extra for the mud! They serve food and drinks here also. 150,000 dong for shared mud bath (if you are 5-8 people you will probably get put in the same tub), shower, hot/cold water jets, hot jacuzzi, and the hot waterfalls and swimming pool. A massage by trained masseuses and entrance to the hot swimming pool costs 250,000 dong (Feb 2016). There was also a package for 500,000 which included a massage among other extras. A VIP spa package will cost you $US100 or more. In Feb 2016 we were handed a flyer to rate the massage and enter a tip amount. The masseuses were watching and expected a 100,000VND tip. After that we refused giving any. The massage itself is ok, but not sure if they're trained. If getting here by motorbike, if you carry on a further 500km past the mud baths you arrive at a railway bridge across the river that connects to a tunnel. Its a very scenic spot that's popular for wedding photo shoots. (12deg 16' 12.63N,109deg 10' 39.49E)


  • Sailing – Get a group together and hire a captain for about US$40 for the best sailing experience. Call the Nha Trang Sailing Club, +84 58 826528 for more information.
  • Surfing - Head out to The Shack for surf lessons. Run by Tippy, this bar/restaurant/surf club is a great palce to spend a day relaxing. The Shack is located in Bai Dai beach about 21.6 km south of Nha Trang. Visit their website for info [63]. Since 2014, there's also a small hostel right at the beginning of Bai Dai beach, called the Surfer's Club Hostel. Accomodation is simple (1 dorm with a couple of beds), but very affordable and the Australian owner is great company and you can use his barbecue to grill some delicious self-made burgers and Australian sausages. Single Fin Surf School [64] [email protected] or call +84 971 535910) also runs surf lessons daily in the surf season (from September to May). Students of the school enjoy complimentary transfers from Nha Trang City Centre to the surf spots out on Bai Dai Beach and Cam Ranh and back. They also do surfboard rentals and organise surf trips on request.
  • Biking and Rafting Tour, 1/12 Tran Quang Khai St, 058,3521541, [7]. Combination fast 30km downhill biking passing through minority village and meeting Raglai people. Then a 12km rafting trip down the Cai River. from US$45.
  • Relaxing – Thap Ba natural hotsprings: a must-have experience at an amazingly cheap price,(4$/pax) for the mineral pool and from 12.5/pax for the mudbath (incl.the mineral pool). More of you there are, the less it costs. Located on the outskirt of the city, this place provides the most relaxing services you can imagine ("hot" mud bath, mineral water bath and hot water pool and massages also available). "Hot" mud is really only tepid/warm, defeating the advertised health benefits. But still a unique experience.
  • Live music at the cafes. Many cafes in Nha Trang have live music at night time. They vary in type and quality, so ask around. One favourite is Fuji cafe on Yersin street. They have live music Th-Sa from 8.30PM to 10PM. A small entrance fee is added to the bill (around 30.000 VND) or checkout foreign performers at Red Apple Club, Guava Bar and Louisiane Bar.
  • Cooking Classes - Lanterns Vietnamese Restaurant, 34/6 Nguyen Thien Thuat Street, 058 2471 674, [8]. Half day cooking classes for visitors to Nha Trang at a cost of US$24 per person. It is a great experience and a must do for someone looking for variety to their trip to Nha Trang and something a little different. It involves travelling to the local market in a cyclo, a guided tour of the marketplace, where you get involved in learning about local produce and buying the food you will cook. You then return to the restaurant where you prepare 3 dishes as chosen by the guests. It is a real fun day for all involved and an introduction to Vietnamese cooking and real value for money.
  • Swimming Pools. Obviously people come here to swim in the sea but there are also a number of swimming pools around. Louisiane Brewhouse has a good one and free to use but costs 25,000 dong to hire a soft sun-lounger. The Yasaka Saigon Nha Trang hotel coffee shop in Yersin Street has a small, shady pool for free use. A number of mid-range hotels also have pools some of which can be used by non-guests. Sea and Sun Hotel has a nice rooftop pool and costs 70,000 dong for non-guests. There is also an Olympic size outdoor swimming pool in Nha Trang that is hardly used but is used by many of the scuba diving companies for training purposes. It costs only 15,000 dong. Its a fair distance away from the main tourist area on the south side of the city, ask someone who works in a scuba diving shop for directions.
  • 10 pin bowling. On the 3rd floor of the new Nha Trang Center shopping and entertainment complex. Half price games after 10PM on Friday and Saturday nights only (happy hour).
  • Cinema, [9]. On the 3rd floor of the Nha Trang Center shopping and entertainment complex. Search for a movie poster (besides the slot machine area) and go around the corner. The cinema has three movie theaters with estimated 120 seats each. US-Movies are in English with local subtitle. 70000 VND.
  • Weddings, [10]. Nha Trang is a very popular place to get married. You see wedding parties here all the time here. Its also a relatively cheap place to tie the knot. If you stay here for long enough its inevitable you will get invited to at least one wedding party which normally take place in a nice hotel at evening time and last for a couple of hours. They are usually attended by at least 200 guests or more, perhaps 400. You will see the bride and groom cut their huge wedding cake and fill up a tower of champagne glasses. You will also get fed well in a buffet style with all food and drink brought to your table by waiters. Be warned, everyone attending a wedding is expected to give an envelope with money in it, typically 200,000 to 500,000 dong.
  • Pub Quiz (trivia). On Tuesday nights at 7.30pm, pub quiz at the Ha Van rooftop bar, Tran Quang Khai St. just round the corner from Oasis Don't worry if you don't have a team, you can just join another on the night. Very friendly easy going quiz night.
  • Waterland Thach Lam Stream, Suối Cát - Cam Lâm - Khánh Hòa (near Alexandre Yersin temple (about 22 km south of Nha Trang), +84 58 387-3878, [11]. It is the first eco - sport amusement park in the province. You can swim, play rafting and paint ball shooting, slide on grass(in a small car) there. Food and beverages are available
  • Team Building, Leadership Training Outdoors, Incentive Travel and Events, Top Team Vietnam, 6 Tue Tinh lane, Nha Trang (near the Military hospital), +84 (0)58 3527088, [12]. Experienced staff, including professional foreign and Vietnamese trainers and event organizers
  • 3D cafe - cinema, 97 Nguyen Thien Thuat, [13]. Mini cinema in main tourist area showing movies every 2 hours starting from 5PM. Choose your own film! Most films are in 3D. Maximum 20 people but often you and your friends will have the cinema for yourselves! Price includes free bottle of water. 50,000 dong.
  • Nha Trang Locals Travel, 104 Ngo Gia Tu, 917410291, [14]. 24/7. Nha Trang is the beach city in South Central Viet Nam – one of the most beautiful beach of Viet Nam. It is well known by the attractive beauty of its own capital – Nha Trang. $18.
  • Hiking. Hike up Co Tien (Fairy) Mountain for excellent views. The path starts at: 12°17'37.0"N 109°12'27.6"E . You will see a dilapidated grey building next to a construction yard. Walk along the right side of the grey building, behind it you will see the start of the path up. Can be accomplished in 1.5-2 hours. Approximate height: 800m. Bai Duong Beach is close by.

Diving & snorkelling

Close off-shore from Nha Trang sit a series of islands that offer decent diving and snorkelling, easily accessible by day trip. The city has about two dozen dive shops, making for fierce competition and great value. For certification training, Nha Trang offers perhaps the best value in the world, with PADI open water courses available with full equipment rental for as little as US$250. A two-dive boat trip with equipment rental and modest lunch can be had for as little as US$45, also a phenomenal value.

Coastal and undersea construction has stirred up a lot of sediment in the area, so under-water visibility is sometimes not great. The area is heavily fished, so fish life is also limited. You wouldn't cross the world just to dive at Nha Trang. But if you always dreamed of getting a scuba certification, Nha Trang is a great place to do it, and any diver passing through would enjoy a couple of dips. The shops generally offer good-quality equipment and experienced, certified dive-masters. Diving goes on year-around, but in the October-December windy season, the boat ride can be a bit rough and diving is limited to a few sites in the lee of the islands.

Organization of the Nha Trang dive industry is sometimes complex. If you sign up for a trip with shop A, you might find yourself joined with a group and dive-master from shop B, which shares a boat with another group and dive-master from shop C, the boat itself being independently owned. Consolidation is especially active in the off-season, when few if any shops can fill a boat on their own. It's a good illustration of Vietnamese culture, which does not stand on ceremony, and loves a bargain, and is very skilled at making maximum use of resources. The local dive-masters are mostly great, friendly guys with lots of stories to tell.

  • VinaDiving - Vietnam Dive Center, 23D Biet Thu, +84-918.98.4049 (, fax: +84-918.98.4049), [15]. 07:00 - 21:00. Running since 1997. As known as Vinadive, services from Snorkeling and scuba diving to professional PADI and SSI courses. $60 for TWO Dives (non-certified divers, $45 for TWO Dives (certified divers), $18 for snorkelling. Safe, friendly, professional and fun.
  • Coco Dive Center, 2E Biet Thu, +84-583-522-900, [16]. is a Vietnamese owned company, managed by "Seawolf" Jean Pierre, who imported recreational diving to Vietnam some 15 years ago. Very fair prices compared to most other diving facilities in town, services from snorkelling and introductory dives to Assistant instructor course. $38 for one dive (with snorkelling) and $55 for two dives. Their big boat offers a good comfort, even on windy days. Although, because of the size of the boat,they are unable to go to all the different dive sites. English, French, German and Vietnamese fluently spoken.
  • Jeremy Stein’s Rainbow Divers, 058-826-528 is longest running dive operation in Nha Trang, European-owned with partially expat staff. A two-dive boat trip costs US$75 (including water, coffee, tea, a variety of baguettes, cakes and fruits), about double the best deals available in town (but much less than what Rainbow charges in other locations.) The operation is well-organized and very professional, catering to divers who aren't comfortable with the more low-key local shops.
  • Aloha Mark Scott's Diving Vietnam, 24/4 Hung Vuong, +84-122-903-7795 (), [17]. 06:30-21:00. is an American owned company, Run by "BIG SHARK" Mark Scott, who is diving with ALOHA Spirit in Vietnam. Very fair prices and services from Snorkeling and Introductory dives to Instructor courses. $75 for TWO dives (with certification) and $90 for two Introductory Dives. The Boat has plenty of room for lounging and Never Rushed. American English spoken. $75-$375.
  • Angel Dive, 1/33 Tran Quang Khai, +84 58 352-2461 is a mid-priced option for diving in Nha Trang. Expat Run, by a long living citizen of Nha Trang. PADI, SSI, SDI and TDI Certified., [65].
  • Octopus Diving, @ Louisiane Brewhouse, 29 Tran Phu., +84 58 352-1629, Dive Vietnam with Octopus Diving. We are Vietnam's longest running PADI Five Star Dive Centers offering a full range of high quality PADI courses from beginner to professional. Fun Dives, Nitrox, Snorkelling and Discover Scuba Diving trips to Hon Mun Marine Protected Area everyday. International team of Instructors and Divemasters. Very small groups, maximum of 2 students on a course and only 2 divers with a Divemaster, personal service, safe, environmentally friendly, honest, affordable and FUN. [66].
  • Sailing Club Divers, @ Sailing Club Nha Trang, 72-74 Tran Phu., +84 58 352 2788, Dive Vietnam with Sailing Club Divers. We are Vietnam's longest running PADI Five Star Dive Centers offering a full range of high quality PADI courses from beginner to professional. Fun Dives, Nitrox, Snorkelling and Discover Scuba Diving trips to hon Mun Marine Protected Area everyday. International team of Instructors and Divemasters. Very small groups, maximum of 2 students on a course and only 2 divers with a divemaster, personal service, safe, environmentally friendly, honest, affordable and FUN. [67].

SSI diving center, offering Dive courses, Try Scuba Diving, Snorkeling. Provide good quality dive gear and accommodation. Serving hot lunch on the dive boat. Expat managed. International Dive Instructors. Teaching in English, German, Vietnamese and Russian.


  • Travel to Teach [68] works with a project teaching English and computer use to the kids that sleep on the beach. Crazy Kim's Bar (see below) is the headquarters for the project.
  • Volunteer in Nha Trang [69] Help NhaTrangLive to promote Nha Trang tourism and help the local community grow. Donate your salary to helping local children that can not afford to go to school get an education. [70]


Growing influx of Chinese tourists: Large numbers of Chinese tourists are going to Nha Trang, and many say this will considerably raise prices in the city and thus make Nha Trang not so cheap.

  • Deli Shop, 64 Tran Phu, [18]. Open 5PM-10PM. Healthy, natural Deli quality snacks including various dried fish, dried meats, dried fruits, dried vegetables as well as nuts. Plus coffees including the world’s most rare and expensive, authentic Weasel and Elephant coffees from Vietnam’s highlands. Plus quality brandies made from pineapple and other local fruits plus candies and other sweets made from coconuts, mangoes and other fruits. Deli is committed to natural, locally sourced quality products with no added preservatives, at reasonable prices.
  • Ella's Boutique, 99C Nguyen Thien Thuat St. and 3/10 Tran Quang Khai St.. Open 9AM - 10PM. Nha Trang's fastest growing ladies fashion boutique. Beachwear, bikinis, maxi dress, kimonos and more. Locally designed and tailored in Nha Trang. Ella's Boutique VN
  • Bamboo, 15 Biet Thu St., 058-910-774. Open 8AM-9:30PM. This is a popular T-shirt shop in the area. Lots of tourists visit this shop to get T-shirts. However not cheap.
  • Groove Shack, 101 Nguyen Thien Thuat St., 058-524-738. Open daily 2PM-10PM. This is the place to update your MP3 player. The prices are acceptable. Service excellent. Has now moved into Booze Cruise bar & Grill.
  • Tashunco, 17A Biet Thu St., 058-827-035. Open 7AM-10PM. This is a mini Western market where tourists can buy products like chips, cheese, soda, etc.
  • Skateboarding and surfing – Anchor skateboard have closed up shop.

Surfing lessons can be had at The Shack on Long Beach (bai dai).

  • Maximark Supermarket, 60 Thai Nguyen, 058 3 818 727, [19]. A large five-story western style supermarket that's located near to the train station. The supermarket itself is on the 1st floor. There is a food court on the 4th floor that includes a Jollibee [20] fast food restaurant. There is also an arcade games area on the 4th floor, 2,000 dong per token. On the 5th floor is Lotte Cinema. Tickets are 70,000.
  • A Mart, 27 Biet Thi Street (located on the corner just beyond an A-mart supermarket and Crazy Kim if walking away from the sea.), [21]. There are a couple of well stocked modern mini-supermarkets in the main tourist area called A Mart. These are very much aimed at the tourist market and few locals will be seen shopping here. Cheaper prices for drinks, food and toiletry items will be obtainable from the more traditional family run small stores, especially so if you tell them what the supermarket price is and challenge them to offer you a lower price.
  • Shop Herman, 142 Ngo Gia Tu (Next to small market). Modern Fashion for bargain prices. Clothes from back home at half the cost.
  • Sunsport Sportwear Stores, 97, 56A Nguyen Thien Thuat St, +84 977 221295. The only sport wear shopping place in Nha Trang where you can find all sport wear items and accessories of all brands name such as: Nike, Adidas, the NorthFace, Speedo, Gred Nornand. Well decoration and relax shopping place. Save up to 10-30% off from official website price.
  • TinPhú Computer shop, 03 Lý Tự Trọng - Nha Trang, 058.3524683, [22]. computer shop and designed beautiful website, logo, flash, banner ....
  • Nha Trang Center, 20 Tran Phu, [23]. New shopping and entertainment complex on the main beach road. On the 3rd floor is a 10 pin bowling alley as well as a games arcade and a food court. There is also a 4D cinema - 40,000 dong for a 5 min roller coaster simulator ride outside. Room for up to 4 people. On the 2nd floor there is Citimart supermarket.

Beware the motos who stand outside A-mart,17A Ð Biet Thu. They are pushy, arrogant and corrupt.

  • Samsung Service Center, 138 Hoang Van Thu Street. Samsung have a service center in Nha Trang so if so if your Samsung phone or other device needs fixing then you can take it here.
  • iPhones, [24]. Buying the latest new model iPhone in Vietnam is expensive as they are imported but you can get good deals on second hand iPhones especially the 3GS. You can also get your iPhone or iPod Touch unlocked or jailbroken very cheaply.


As expected from a large resort town, Nha Trang has no shortage of eating options to suit all budgets, from Vietnamese-style informal pavement cafes on plastic chairs to high end restaurants. Nha Trang is famous throughout Vietnam for its seafood but also offers a broad range of Western cuisine.

There are no shortage of pavement cafes for a cheap, satisfying and authentically Vietnamese experience. Offerings range from simple baguettes to banquets, with most of them seeming to have a seafood theme.

  • Hoa Hung bakery, 39 Phan Boi Chau St., 058-382-3141, 058-221-1992. Near the market to the north of the tourist area. Sponge cake < US$1, pate-chaud, chocolate cupcake, sesame toffee. Open daily 7AM-10PM. Founded from 1936 and recommended by the travel guide Le Routard, Hoa Hung is one of the best bakery in the country. Oct 2015: Cake was stale and not very tasty. Maybe just unlucky.
  • Vinh Thanh Bakery - have 5 bakeries spread around the city. 96 Than Quy Cap, 18 Le Thanh Ton, 50 Ly Thanh Ton, 322 Thong Nhat, 108 Duong 2/4. You get a tray a tongs and pick from a huge selection of cheap bakery goods. From 4,000 up. Average price around 7,000 dong a piece.
  • White House, 30B Nguyen Thien Thuat St., 058-524-438. Main courses US$6-8. Open daily 9AM-11PM. This place has a very innocent atmosphere and it is very relaxing while you enjoy your Western food.
  • Truc Linh, 21 Biet Thu St., 058-821-259. Main courses US$1-10. Open daily 7AM-11PM. Both Asian and Western food can be found here.
  • Lac Canh, 11 Hang Ca Street, 058.3.821.391. 7AM-9PM. What’s different about this restaurant is that you get to cook yourself. It seems that both locals as well as tourists love it. Food is excellent at low prices, try their speciality BBQ beef. Large San Miguel bottled beers are served by pretty San Miguel attired waitresses for 18,000 dong. US$1-10.
  • Lac Viet Quan Chay, Vegetarian, Huynh Thuc Khang St. just Southeast of market, 1 1/2 blocks Northwest from To Hienh Thanh St. Plate of mixed vegetable and tofu/veg meat dishes with rice or a bowl of noodle soup, less than US$1. Just a little humble place, but a nice option for vegetarians and it is right next to the market that might be worth having a look.
  • Phuoc Thien Com Chay, Vegetarian, 26 Hai Ba Trung. Close to Dam Market. Plate of mixed vegetable and tofu/veg meat dishes with rice less than US$1. Just point at what you want. Spring rolls were very tasty!
  • Banh Mi Chay, Vegetarian baguettes, street stall on Hung Vuong, close to the Tran Quang Khai end. The famous Vietnam baguettes, finally vegan! (10000 D), cheese available.
  • Restaurant at Long Son Pagoda, (At the entrance to Long Son Pagoda). The restaurant serves vegetarian meals only. Great Vietnamese food.
  • Thien Thanh Restaurant.386 - 388 Le Hong Phong (""address="386), (1km from Nguyen Duc Canh/ Nguyen Tat Thanh streets to the South, or 1.4km from Van Don street to the North), +84 (0)58 3880195 (, fax: +84 (0)58 3880192). Open hours 7AM- 22PM. This modern restaurant not only serves Vietnamese traditional dishes but also provides excellent Western and Asian menu. It ensures the best quality of foods as well as services. Especially you will feast on over 100 delicious fresh seafoods dishes cooked in different ways with the cheapest price. US$1-10.
  • Cyclo Cafe, 130 Nguyen Thien Thuat Street (corner of Tran Quang Khai Street). Open daily 8AM - 10PM. Excellent food at budget prices serving Western and Vietnamese food. Friendly staff. Fruit shakes from 18,000 dong.
  • Lanterns Vietnamese Restaurant, 34/6 Nguyen Thien Thuat Street, 058 2471 674, [25]. Open daily 7AM - 11PM. A great local restaurant, in the heart of the tourist district, where you get to try some real authentic Vietnamese dishes. Great relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff. They prepare some of the best local dishes in Nha Trang and have an offer of Western food for those who miss home. They also work closely with 2 local orphanages, where the children and their carers are invited to regularly dine at the restaurant. From 14:00-16:00 every day, you get 20% off the entire bill. $1 - $7.
  • Guava Sports Bar, Lounge & Restaurant, 34f Nguyen Thien Thuat, [26]. 7am - midnight. Open from 7am for big portion western breakfasts (served all day for those who enjoy later breakfasts too)! Great for big portions and western favorites. Daily specials include English Sunday Roast Dinner, Steak Night, Meat Pies, Chicken Wings, Burgers and Pizzas. The rooftop terrace offers a cook your own Vietnamese style BBQ, open from 5pm everyday, perfect for couples, friends and groups. Aug 2013 not there any more.
  • Le Dragon Rouge, 47 Nguyen Thien Thuat (Tourists district). 8AM -11 PM. Western/French and Vietnamese cuisine.A very lively restaurant with multi lingual staff ( french,english and russian) making it a hot spot for tourists from all around the globe.Run by a crew of French,american and vietnamese owners,who know their food,that oversee everything.The restaurant has Two separates kitchens and an ice cream bar for desert."Le Dragon Rouge"offers an incredible range from a sandwich to a duck with apple and honey sauce.You will find upstairs an air conditioned,no smoking,private area,excellent for parties and functions,serving the finest selection of cuisine and beverages.Do not miss out on the natural ice creams,fresh fruits juices,waffles and french crepes.A great experience and "Bon Appetit". Currently closed for remodeling. $1,50 to $14.
  • Bahn Bao The Best, 2 Bạch Đằng. 18 - 23. At the beggining of Bạch Đằng street, in a corner that is actually a motorbike mechanic during the day, you will find the best cheapest most authentic vietnamese cuisine of all times... Bahn Bao. For 8.000 dong a piece! ladies and skinny guys can be pretty full with one of those babies, big guys can take 2-3. Cheapest option in Nha Trang! ideal for budget travelers
  • Midget Lady Restaurant, 39 Nguyễn Thị Minh Khai. all day. The smallest woman / best cheap rice'n'stuff in Nha Trang! Good rice and pork starting from 20.000 dong. A couple of shops to the right of CACTUS ice cream shop
  • Fusion restaurant & pub, 34/6 nguyễn thiện thuật, Nha Trang, Khánh Hòa, Viet nam, +84 1202400840, [27]. 12. Always taste food! They also can cook something out of menu.seafood/meat/fruit cocktails A lot of draught beer, cider and fun. They have a lot of good friends in Nha Trang: touristic companies,night clubs, restaurants, bars and shops...can share with you important and interesting information. 10$.
  • Habakebe -Kebab & more (fast foods), 13 Biet Thu Street, Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa (Hung Vuong Str. and Biet Thu Str. Junction), 0888199946, [28]. 10:00-24:00. Fresh kebab: Pork, Chichen, Beef, Fish, Lamb and FALAFEL. Take away only. US$3.

  • Aliva restaurant & cafe, 73 hẻm Trần Quang Khải, Lộc Thọ, Nha Trang city, +84 90 126 49 77, [29]. open daily, except Mondays, from 10am-2pm, 4pm - 10pm. ☑ small place, GREAT TASTE ☑ Passionate cooks ☑ Friendly staff ☑ Reasonable prices ☑ Home-made Vietnamese & international dishes plus fast food ☑ Vegan options ☑ No gluten used. No sugar added to salads, meat, fish or soups. No water or sugar added to fruit juices ☑ Home-made sauces for meat, fish and salads ☑ Spring rolls & pancakes etc. are hand-made 2 - 14 US$.


  • Salut, 16 Tran Quang Khai Street, 058.3.526.168. 6AM-11PM. 2 storey corner located restaurant (previously called Hello), serving Western and Vietnamese food. Good food and cheap cocktails.
  • Louisiane Brewhouse, Lot 29, Tran Phu (South along Tran Phu from the Sailing Club), 84 (58) 3 521 948, [30]. 8AM-11PM. Louisiane Brewhouse has it all: tasty locally brewed beers, fresh cakes and tarts (the chocolate and mango tart is a real treat), an in-house sushi restaurant with other Japanese fare, quality pizzas, steaks, Vietnamese food, and you can pick your own fresh seafood. Add to this a nice swimming pool, decent live music, and the fact that it is right on the beach with their own loungers. Only the pool table was a bit of a let-down, with one ball missing and children messing about. They have a sampling tray of beer (200ml each of pilsner, witbier, dark lager, and the seasonal, either a red ale or 'crystal' ale) for 100,000vnd. You can get a 1 liter stein of any for 90,000vnd. Pizzas run around 100,000-200,000vnd, trays of sushi run about 150,000-250,000vnd, and desserts around about 35,000vnd each. This is a true find in Vietnam, with world class microbrewery beer in an idyllic location matched with a wide, very tasty selection of food. Bakery food from 60,000 up. 30,000-600,000.
  • Texas BarBQ and Steaks, 26 Tran Quang Khai Street, 058-224-0979, [31]. 9AM-10PM. A taste of Texas in Vietnam. They import their steak, chicken, and pork from the U.S. The ribs are smoked for 5 hours a day! Charcoal fired burgers and authentic Memphis and Texas BarBQ makes this a favorite for kids and adults alike. The owners, Charlie and Wayne always have great stories to tell. Nice waitress staff who speak English well. 60,000-550,000.
  • Le Petit Bistro, 26D Tran Quang Khai Street, 058.3.527.201. In best tradition of small French Bistro, Le Petit Bistro offers affordable and fast, typical French Cuisine. One of the best selection of wines in Nha Trang makes this restaurant a popular venue to go for animated evening! Don't forget to eat the speciality of the house, Le Magret De Canard.All you can eat BBQ Sundays from 11AM to 4PM free flow wine and beer cost is350,000 vnd 30,000-200,000.
  • Pasta House restaurant, 34 Hung Vuong Street, 058.3.522.206, [32]. Since 1999, Pasta House also offers Indian food. 28,000-67,000.
  • Buffalo Steak House, 1/18 Tran Quang Khai Street. Fantastic food, nice atmosphere, cocktail bar, run by a French couple. The 70,000VND local beef tenderloin is great value for money. 70,000-250,000.
  • Sailing Club, 72 Tran Phu St., [71]. Tel: 058-826-528. Main courses US$3-10. Open 7AM-11PM. This restaurant consists of Japanese, Indian, Vietnamese, and Italian food, giving you many varieties to satisfy your hunger needs. With many types of food offered, this place bound to be crowded and popular especially at night when it turns into bar. Stay sober and hold onto your smart phone or tablet. Better still don't bring it.
  • Good Morning Vietnam, 19B Biet Thu St., [72]. Tel: 058-815-071. Main courses US$4.5-9. Open daily 10AM-11PM. If you want to take a break from the Vietnamese cuisine, and change your appetite to Italian food, this is the place to go. On the menu are pasta dishes as well as other well-known Italian food.
  • Nha Trang Seafood, 46 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai St., 058-822-664. Main courses US$2-14. Open daily 9:30AM-10PM. Who ever would think seafood could be so cheap? Well, this restaurant serves fresh and scrumptious seafood any way you would like it. With an inexpensive price, everyone is here to enjoy their time. The service is also great just like their food.
  • Check-point (restaurant&bar), 27 Nguyen Thien Thuat Street, +84 58.3523806, [33]. Good restaurant, night bar and-military museum with real old black&white photos devoted to Pacific fleet USSR. Old soviet uniform and the weapon for photographing of visitors. The European, Russian, Vietnamese kitchens. The Russian head cook, benevolent Russian staff. Always cold beer and real Russian vodka. Qualitative meal and lethal drinks. Happy hours on beer and alcohol. Four floors and the central air conditioner, four toilet rooms, children's corner. Verandah, banquet room, disco-bar, BBQ.


Nha Trang at night offers plenty of bars, clubs, music, and merry people. Though its wise to leave your valuables in your room, just take enough cash for the night, especially if walking home alone. See "Stay Safe" section below.

  • Altitude, 28th floor Sheraton Hotel. 4PM to 10PM. For a great view of Nha Trang at night, perhaps visit the highest bar in Nha Trang. Heineken costs 70,000 dong.
  • Spicey Fingers (formally Bar Oz), 26b tran quang khai street. Formally known as Bar Oz but now under new management. Small bar and restaurant in the main tourist area. Cheap beer but food not so cheap but extensive menu. So far not proving as popular as the previous Bar Oz.
  • Booze Cruise, 110 Nguyen Thien Thuat St. One of the most popular bars in town. They generally show most major sporting events on their large flatscreen TVs. They make great burgers and pizza as well as a variety of cocktails. They also organize booze cruises. The price of 350,000 dong can get you all you can eat and drink.
  • Crazy Kim Bar,now in Hung Vuong, part of Rainbow Divers premises 058-816-072. Closed at 1AM. If you are young and wild, this is the place to be.
  • Guava, 17 Biet Thu St., Closed at 1 a.m. Music is great here and the scene seems more for the younger crowd. Expat bar with comfortable lounge seating and movies in the daytime. Featuring resident DJs and the only vinyl decks in Nha Trang. The food is also great.
  • Ha Van 'A' Rooftop Lounge & Restaurant, 3/2 Tran Quang Khai, 5th floor, 058.3.525.454. 7AM till late. On the 5th floor of the Flamingo Suites' Ha Van Hotel, offering the coldest beers, drinks and cocktails. Small but very good menu of food. Great city views. One of expats favorite joint. Great fun every night. Internet stations and Wi-fi free (good connection). 50 inch TV for movies and sport events. Live NHL hockey available in the morning (Montreal Canadian mostly but other teams available, ask a day before). Football fans are welcome. Canadian run & managed. Ask for Mike or Nick. Great alchool at budget price but only quality products | no ethanol served here.
  • Patrick Wine, 67/35 Hung Vuong (In the alley behind Nice Hotel), (+84) 0903.102.418, [34]. 2PM - 2AM. Offering a charming blend of romance and revelry, Patrick wine is an insider's gem that is easily found. It offers hundreds of bottles of imported wine for sale. After 6PM, there is a full bar and restaurant, featuring French and Vietnamese food. Crepes, pates, and local specialties at exceptional prices, with the wine shop still open. Check the website for live music dates. $2-6 for food.
  • Red Apple Bar, Nguyen Thien Thuat (South of the intersection with Biet Thu), [35]. Located in front of the Backpacker Hostel, this bar is easily identified by the neon red apple on the wall. Drinks range from cheap and massive to expensive and small, dependent on whether you are happy with no-name local brand spirits or would rather have a well-known brand from home. 45,000 dong will get you a "bucket" (approximately a pint of your chosen cocktail - quite strong), and the backpacker hosts who circulate through the bar will also often be giving away shots or other drinks to keep the mood flowing. Not a bad place to lose a night in Nha Trang.
  • Sailing Club, Nha Trang, 72-74 Tran Phu St. Open till late, and even later on Saturdays. Popular night club with a good mixture of foreigners and locals. The cover charge is reasonable on weekends and includes one drink. Every Saturday, except in low season, they have massive beach parties.
  • SinhTo20, 20 Hoang Hoa Tham St., 058-3525-870. This place has a very good yogurt and many kinds of cocktails. Prices are very reasonable.
  • Why Not Bar, 24 Tran Quang Khai St., 058-811-652.
  • House of Sweets, 22B Hung Vuong, 058.3524008. They sell ice cream, milkshakes, fruit shakes and cocktails as well as desserts like cake.
  • The Wave Bar and Restaurant, 126 Nguyen Thien Thuat, 058.583.523.021, [36]. Formerly known as Club Blue Dragon. This friendly spot has just been renovated and has a pool table (free), dart board and TV! Clients are also encouraged to play DJ from the bar's iTunes selection. The owners are super friendly and you'll never feel lonely here! budget.
  • Red Dragon Lounge/Bar and Restaurant, 47 nguyen thien thuat,1st floor. (Tourists area). 8AM-11PM. Well located you will find the"Red Dragon Lounge" on the first floor of "Le Dragon Rouge" restaurant. Soft lounge music.Big screen TV. Air conditioned. Free Wi-Fi. Selection of French and Vietnamese lounge food. Ice cream waffles and French crepes. Beers, cocktails, soft drinks and fresh fruit juices. English-speaking staff and management. This establishment is run by a crew of French owners overlooking the action.Give it a shot. $ low to $ average high.
  • Rockcity bar and restaurant, 30c nguyễn thiện thuât st,,nha trang( near hotel c30), 0583523277. 7:00 am to 1:00 am. Live music every night, bartender showmen and many games, events
  • Pink, Tran Quang Khai (next to Tropicana Mart). smoothie stall, excellent juices at a reasonable price.
  • Skylight Nha Trang (Chef's Club at Skylight), 43rd floor, Havana Hotel, 38 Tran Phu, Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa, +84 2583 528 988, [37]. 9:00–14:00, 16:30–00:00. 360˚ Skydeck & Rooftop Club. Besides, it also features a Skywalk, Pool Deck and an international restaurant - Chef's Club located on the 43rd floor. Entrance 50,000-250,000 dong depending on time and day of the week, price includes 1 drink.


There are a number of cafés in Nha Trang. These are generally alcohol-free zones. If you are not into the bar atmosphere, head here for some relaxation and a cup of coffee.

  • Letimo Bakery Restaurant, 25 Nguyen Thiet Thuat, 058-22-22-178 This family-owned restaurant also offers a moderate selection of bakery goods such as cheesecake and other cakes. (Apparently) HAPPY HOUR: After 6PM (or 8 PM for some items): 30% off. From 60,000 up.
  • Mocka Cafe, 74 Hung Vuong St, 0583-526-589 They serve espresso, cappuccino and cafe latte. Happy hour everyday (30% off) from 3PM to 6PM.
  • Nha Trang Bakery and Tearoom, 99B Nguyen Thien Thuat, 058-85-562. Extremely poor range of "bakery" goods.
  • Café Louisiane, This is a microbrewery bar and restaurant with a bakery selection. Tran Phu St., 058-812-948. Decent range of bakery goods from 60,000 up.
  • Banana Split, 58 Quang Trung St., 058-829-115.
  • Rainbow Bar, 90A Hung Vuong St., 058-524-351.
  • HQ Cafe, 55/8 Nguyen Thien Thuat Street.


Staying in Nha Trang can range from luxury suites in five-star hotels and spa resorts to motels. There are quiet numerous options offered for everyone depending on the size of their pockets.


There are plenty of budget hotels in Nha Trang costing less than $20 per night and nearly all are en-suite and have the usual air-con, cable TV, fridge, bedside table, wardrobe and night light. Most also have Wi-Fi, if not in rooms, at least in the reception area. "Mini-hotel alley" at 64 Tran Phu is a good place to head for as it has a dozen or so budget hotels located in a relatively quiet alley near the beach and the main tourist area. Don't be surprised if you are followed by a motorbike rider, sometimes they can be helpful showing you where your hotel is but often they are just annoying but either way if you arrive at a hotel with one they will demand commission from the hotel, even if you have a booking!

  • Backpack Hostel, 92/12 Hung Vuong Street, +841217727277 ,+841652341459 (), [38]. New hostel located right in the centre. The beds are very comfortable, all new facilities, aircon, fast Wifi, and genuinely friendly staff. US$4 (dorm).
  • An Hoa Hotel, 64B/6 Tran Phu, 058.3524029 (), [39]. Really clean, friendly staff, close to beach and main tourist area in quiet and safe location. Fan only, level 4. Add $2 for A/C. No elevator, en-suite with hot water, cable TV, Wi-Fi and fridge. Hotel has 14 rooms on 4 floors. US$10-14. (12.235320,109.196477)
  • Ha Tram Hotel, 64B/5 Tran Phu, 058.3521819, [40]. Newest hotel in mini hotel alley (opened 2011), close to beach and main tourist area in quiet and safe location. All rooms have air-con, en-suite with hot water, cable TV, Wi-Fi and fridge. Hotel has 15 rooms on 6 floors and has an elevator. US$10-15. (12.235320,109.196477)
  • Thanh Thuy Hotel, 64B/4 Tran Phu. Good location, nice clean rooms, friendly staff. Rooms from $8. Luke-warm water, wifi only in reception, 2 computers to use at reception. Don't expect your room to be cleaned unless you specifically ask, even then it may not be done. WARNING!!! There are reports of people having had money stolen from their room in mid 2012. As a precaution do not leave any money anywhere in your room, even if hidden well or locked up.
  • Pho Bien Hotel, 64/1 Tran Phu, 058.3.524.858, [73]. Newly renovated (2014) hotel, all 19 private rooms have air-con, en suite, cable TV, fridge and Wi-Fi. Its very clean and in great location near to the beach. Room 503 (double) has a big balcony with fabulous sea views. The hotel has an elevator and 2 Internet computers to use. They also have a brand new US$5 dorm room with 2 separate bathrooms and adjacent rooftop terrace with sea views. Buffet breakfast available for 50,000 dong. Price range from US$5-25.
  • Happy House Hotel, 64/13 Tran Phu, 058.3522.175, [41]. Budget mini hotel close to beach and main tourist area in quiet and safe location. All rooms have air-con, en-suite with hot water, cable TV and fridge. Hotel has 15 rooms on 5 floors and has an elevator. In December 2010, Wi-Fi worked only in the lobby, the signal did not reach any of the rooms. In December 2011, Wi-Fi worked perfectly fine on the 4th floor. The hotel staff here are extremely helpful, especially a sweet girl named Phuong. Unless you experience theft that is, then the staff are suddenly as helpful as Basil Fawlty. The male night receptionist is a blatant thief who goes through guest's belongings when they are away from their room. There have been many, many cases where money has been stolen from padlocked bags and cases, and the thief is clearly the male night receptionist. Check out TripAdvisor for the latest on this. The hotel staff just laugh when you report a theft, the Police don't even get called. AVOID this place like the plague unless you want to risk losing a substantial amount of money. US$8-15.
  • Blue Star Hotel, Terrific hotel close to the beach with very helpful friendly staff. Six floors with an elevator and internet computers in the foyer. Wi-Fi for the rooms, some of which have ocean views. Excellent value means book ahead. Rooms $10-15.
  • Double Dragon Hotel, 70A Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, 058 351 5015, [42]. 1-star international standard hotel with 14 spacious rooms with full facilities such as: air conditioning, hot water, cable TV, refrigerator, WiFi, etc. and affordable. The advantage lies near the sea, amusement parks, shopping centers, near the western city and tourist city. Hotel has bunk beds and computers to use in the lobby. $5-$15.
  • Nha Trang Inn & Suites, 15 B Nguyen Chanh, 0084 0915 576211, [43]. Nice and newly renovated hotel with elevator, free Wi-Fi, free HBO in every rooms. It is very convenient close to the bus stations such as Phuong Nam, Phuong Trang so can transit easily to other city. From hotel you can see the beach. So enjoy and have fun. Manager can speak English and Czech $10 - $15.
  • Forget me not Hotel, 2-s Hung Vuong, Nha Trang (near Chanh Quang pagoda on Hung Vuong street), (+84) 058 3526198 (), [44]. checkin: 11:30; checkout: 11:00. Friendly and helpful staffs. 3 mins on foot to the beach. Air conditioner, LCD, cable TVs, cold drinks, free Wifi, a free shared computer. There are many types of room for one, two... up to five people. $ 7-15. (12.234147,109.195275)
  • Hotel Hoa Sen, 5H Quan Tran alley off Hung Vuong Street, 058-3526234 / +840943617129 (), [45]. checkin: 12:00; checkout: 12:00. Average hotel where staff have limited english and reputation for disposing of guest belongings. Far better options available. Owner's wife speaks good english, she is friendly and approachable. Clean, comfortable budget rooms, cheapest in the area close to everything, friendly staff, close to main tourist area and beach 1 block away in quiet and safe location. All rooms have air-con, en-suite with hot water, cable TV, Wi-Fi and fridge. Hotel has 11 rooms on 4 floors. US$7-12. US$7-12.
  • Ngoctram Khachsanngoctram Hotel, 44 biet thu street, 058.3523988. Nice mini hotel, near to the tourist area. 2 min a walk to the beach. Clean, friendly staff, quiet and safe location. All rooms are fully furniture (air-con, hot water, Wi-Fi and so on). free coffee. US$8-12.
  • Aloha Motel, 26A Tran Quang Khai St., 058-224-0979. A quaint hotel near the beach with nice rooms. Plenty of restaurants and bars within minutes of the hotel and a 5 minute walk from the beach. Air conditioning, a small flat screen, and a refrigerator in each room. A small hotel, but nice, clean rooms and a nice staff. Prices from $10-15.
  • Nha Trang Hotel, 127 Thong Nhat St., (058)3.820.476. Fairly regular hotel with rooms from US$10.
  • Ha Thu Hotel, 64/2 Tran Phu Str., 058.3522800; Email: [email protected]; Website: A budget hotel well worth the money, rooms ranging from US$10 to US$12 per night. Rooms are clean, and staff is friendly. There is a nice, new computer with internet in the lobby, free for use, as well as wireless internet in the lobby and in the rooms. The top floor room is huge, with a big, private, covered balcony with an incredible view of the sea as the sun rises. All of the rooms have air conditioning, except for the top floor room, but the windows open and a cool breeze from the sea makes me more than bearable.
  • Viet Hai Hotel, 13B2 Hoang Hoa Tham St, 058.3.523.684, [46]. Mini hotel close to beach, central market, train station and cinema. All rooms have air-con, en-suite, cable TV, fridge and Wi-Fi. US$6-12. (12.2468,109.1940)
  • Thanh Ngoc 2, 14 Tue Tinh (tel : 058-517759). Excellent value for money. Low-season prices starts from US$8 and all room all equipped with TV, hot-water, air-con and spacious beds. New building (2007) and clean rooms.
  • Perfume Grass Inn, 4A Biet Thu St., 058-826-345, [74]. Family-run and flexible to travelers' needs. Within walking distance from all the bars and restaurants, too. Price range from US$15-25.
  • Dream Hotel, 96A/7 Tran Phu (tel: 058-524 247). Located directly across from the water park, away from the central shops, bars, and restaurants. This 2 star hotel is clean, safe, and comfortable. The staff are not particularly helpful with only basic English skills. My stay in January 2009 experienced major problems with the hot water for showers, elevator, and Internet connection. Although they advertise a roof top bar, this has closed. At USD$18-25, it is at the higher end of the budget hotels. The front room on each floor has an excellent balcony view of the water park and ocean, however this is a very noise street. A good choice if you are here to visit the water park, but not a good value for the money. All rooms include A/C, TV, and mini-fridge. WiFi does not actually work in all the rooms. Hourly Internet connections and computers are available in the lobby.
  • Ha Van Hotel, 3/2 Tran Quang Khai St, +84 58 352 5454 (), [47]. Since 2007, Nha Trang's favorite budget hotel,a very popular choice for young travellers wanting to get the services they would have home. MOST BEAUTIFUL ROOFTOP LOUNGE of Nha Trang and the best place to party. 420 Friendly. Recommended in Lonely Planet and Le Guide du Routard. Lift and all other modern amenities...why pay for a dorm when you can stay at the Ha Van Hotel! $12 to $25 (breakfast included).
  • La Suisse Hotel, 34 Tran Quang Khai St, 058-352-4353 (), [48]. This is a quality hotel with budget prices. It has internet access including Wi-Fi in all rooms and three modern computers with slim LCD screens in their large comfortable reception area. They have an elevator. Free breakfast included in their rooftop lounge. Free pick up from train and bus stations with own mini-van. US$20-40.
  • Hông Hà, 28-30 Thai Nguyen St. Right across the street from Nha Trang Railway Station. Six floors with elevator. On check-out they tried to charge us for damages to the room that were already there when we checked in. After looking pissed off we got our passports and checked out. Free and good Wi-Fi for the rooms. Staff sleeping in the lobby for 24/7 access. Rooms $10-15.
  • 53 Yersin Mini Hotel, 53 Yersin (from the bus station, walk to the big intersection and follow Yersin road), (). Neat, clean and nicely furnished, offers good value accommodation if you don't want to stay in the backpacker area. The owner speaks English and is very friendly. US$8.
  • Truong Giang hotel, 3/8 Tran Quang Khai, +84 58 3522125 (). A budget hotel with essential amenities and facilities, near the beach. Quiet and clean. US$8-20.
  • Tuyen Mai Hotel, 05 Hùng Vương, 058 3525 095. Located in the centre, 700m from the beach. USD$12.60 will get you a hotel room with 2 beds, shower with hot water, Air Con, mini fridge, TV, desk. Good wifi in room. heap laundry service. Clean. Friendly staff. Mostly Russian guests. There is an open-air restaurant in the lobby. Russian and Vietnamese food, Vietnamese BBQ. Tall bottle of Beer Saigon for USD$ 0.44. Bonus: It has a giant aquarium in the entrance. ===Mid-range=== *<sleep name="Memento Resort" alt="" address="15 Le Chan St.,Nha Trang" directions="" phone="" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="" lat="" long="">This resort is in the country side around 15 kilomters west of Nha Trang. In the middle of the rice fields you will find this little family owned resort. If you like a traquil place and want to enjoy the country side, then this is the place for you. They also have a swimming pool at the resort. US$12.60 hotel room.
  • Vien Dong Hotel, 1 Tran Hung Dao St., 058-821-606. Price ranges from US$35-45. Well-known and affordable, with all the basic amenities needed plus some live entertainment at night.
  • Que Huong Hotel, 60 Tran Phu Blvd., 058-825-047. Another hotel within the walking distance to the beach. There is a nice restaurant accompanied with a pool hall and some disco. Great amenities offered as well as the services. Price ranges from US$55-105.
  • Nha Trang Lodge Hotel, 40 Tran Phu St., 058-810-500, [75]. For those who love the view of the ocean, this is the hotel to stay at. Most rooms overlook the beach giving you an extraordinary sea views. Rooms are equipped with phones, satellite TV, a minibar, etc. Service is great. Price ranges from US$60-170 per night.
  • Starlet Hotel, 32-34 Tue Tinh (Down Tue Tinh, just before the Hospital on the left), [49]. checkout: 12PM. This place has a bit of a business feel, but its very clean rooms have classy, attractive decor, if lacking a bit in character. Many of the rooms offer balconies with fantastic city and sea views, its location is great, and the included breakfast buffet is nothing to turn your nose up at. There is free Wi-Fi in the rooms, a good selection of reasonably priced room service, and it has a pool and gym. The staff is very friendly, and you can change dollars at the front desk at decent rates. $40-50.
  • HQ Cafe and Apartments, 55/8 Nguyen Thien Thuat street., 058 6252524 . Double rooms, 1 and 2 bedroom apartments in the centre of the nightlife and restaurant area of Nha Trang. Rooms have free use of an inroom computer with internet, fridge with minibar, satellite TV, LCD TV. There is a coffee shop that serves coffee and juices in the foyer. Prices range from $22 to $49 US per apartment a night.
  • Cozy Condos and Apartments, 6C Hem Tue Tinh, 058 3521001, [76]. For those who prefer a cozy home to a hotel room, this is the place to stay at. Close to city center and beach, quiet and safe location (near Military Hospital). Single rooms in new building, completed in February 2012 with large double beds, living room, kitchen and balcony. Fully equipped, including large refrigerator, oven, micro wave oven, kitchenware, safety box, washing machine with separate drying area etc. Wi-fi, domestic phone calls and intl. TV channels free of charge. 24-hour security, guarded parking lot, elevator, café bar on top of building. The owner and staff of Cozy Condos are very accommodating and will make every effort to make your stay comfortable. They will book tours, rent motorcycles, deliver you food to your room or even go get you groceries free of delivery fee. Amazing views of the ocean and city on the top floors. Prices range from US$17.5 to US$25 US per apartment a night.

Mid Range

  • Citadines Bayfront Nha Trang, 62 Tran Phu, Nha Trang, +84 258 351 7222, [50]. Newly opened, 310 stylish studio and one bedroom serviced apartments in Nha Trang overlooking the Nha Trang bay. Facilities include swimming pool, fitness centre, residents’ lounge and meeting rooms (12.238886,109.196573)
  • Christina’s Nha Trang, 64/17B Tran Phu, Nha Trang, (+84)1692331797 (), [51]. You don’t have to pay crazy prices to book a cozy resort, you get the same comfort and cleanliness here for just a fraction of the cost. It’s also right opposite the beach. From US$50..
  • Ariyana Apartments by Vievid, 18 Trần Hưng Đạo, Nha Trang, (+84)932421084 (), [52]. Veivid is a Vietnamese girl who can speak perfect Engish and Chinese. She has a couple of apartments on the higher floors of a 4-star hotel Ariyana Smartcondotel Nha Trang which is next to the beach and some famous hotels such as Havana, InterContinental. I have been her apartments several times as I think her apartments are the most cost-effective place in Nha Trang. It looks like some of the apartments in Ariyana Smartcondotel are privately owned and rented out independently by the owner at a lower price. In my humble opinion, Vievid's apartments are one of the best. In addition to the shared hotel's facilities like the swimming pool, some handy stuff like a washing machine and a fully equipped kitchen are also provided which are rare to be found in a 4-start hotel. Also, I like the decoration which makes it stand out from the rest of the hotel rooms. All of her apartments come with a fantastic sea view balcony and are ideal for those who want to stay in a high-standard hotel, central location, but would not like to be ripped off by the hotel. From US$30-$55. (12.244513,109.194576)


  • Nha Trang Hilton Bed & Breakfast, (+84) 58-3820-476. It's is the only type of its kind, a bed & breakfast in Vietnam. Most lodging are in forms of resort and hotels, but this unique living arrangement; the Hilton Bed & Breakfast (not related to the Hilton Hotel) allows guest to interactive with the local Vietnamese and share in with their daily life & activities. This included the traditional morning walk to the beach (only 4 minutes away) for a morning dive into the warm bay. Then it is to the coffee table (street vendors) for a morning chat and taking in a new day. Back home for a big Vietnamese breakfast before helping one kid get ready for school. Then onto the road to drop off the little Ms. Nhi before exploring Nha Trang in your own personal car or motorbike. Other stay back to learn traditional Vietnamese cooking and prepare lunch for all guests. Yes, free cooking school. This include a trip to the local market for fresh produce, meat & fish. Lunch is a family thing and dinner is usually dinned at one of the many local restaurants or on a boat cruising the bay.
  • Six Senses Hideaway, 058-3728-222. [77] The only way to get to this resort is by speed boat to Ninh Van Bay. Price ranges from $405 to 1,255 per night. This is more of a private resort, suitable for whoever wants to get away from everything to spend time relaxing with love ones. This resort lurks itself between the rocks and mountains and oversees the white sand beach. Dining is fabulous in the open air where the breezes slightly stroke through your hair. While taking your time to have a lovely dinner, the sun will slowly set, giving you a miraculous view of Nha Trang at night. Of course, there are many other amenities that are endless to meet your needs. You would think Six Senses Hideaway secluded enough? To make this resort even more secluded, they have added their own private beach located two bays over. So, if you would want more privacy, this is the beach to rent. The downside is you can only rent this for a day, but it will be worth it.
  • Evason Ana Mandara & Six Senses Spa, Tran Phu Blvd., 058-3522222. [78] if you don’t mind the price, this is the spot to go all out and get the once in a lifetime royal treatment. It has been known to be the finest resorts in the region. Finest in all aspects from the setting of the place to the hospitality to the food and to the people. Available fine-dining restaurants where the food can alter to your own tastes. Of course, there are many other amenities that are endless to meet your needs. Price ranges from US$210-450 per night. The resort also offer great tours. Make sure you take advantage of that to learn more about the area and the culture.
  • Yasaka Saigon-NhaTrang Hotel, 18 Tran Phu St., 058-820-090, [79]. This hotel is a Japanese and Vietnamese joint style. Service here is very friendly, and it has all the amenities you would need. What is good about this hotel is that it is just walking distance to the beach. Price ranges from US$100-355 per night.
  • Sunrise Beach Resort Nha Trang, 12 Tran Phu St, 058-920-999, [80]. This resort is all polished marble and white columns with 10 floors. It has a great view of ocean-side as well as the sky from its glass rooftop. Price ranges from US$140-500 per night.
  • Diamond Bay Resort & Spa Nha Trang Diamond Bay, Song Lo 058-711711 [81] This extremely spaciously laid out resort hosted the 2008 Miss Universe pageant. Hotel rooms, suites and villas. Enormous pool (non chlorinated) spa, fitness, several restaurants & bars, tennis, expatriate exec. chef and expatriate GM. Two private beaches. Prices range from $125-600 per night. Book with for USD57 per night with breakfast for 2 garden view room.
  • Novotel, 50 Tran Phu (in the central tourist location), +84 (0) 58 6 25 69 28, [53]. Four star hotel. Awesome staff, food, room, internet. Smaller pool, but the ocean is less than 100 meters away. $105.
  • Sheraton, 26-28 Tran Phu, [54]. Five star hotel with swimming pool, gym and open air bar on 28th floor with great views across Nha Trang beachfront.
  • Vinpearl resort. Vinpearl resort is on an island in the Nha Trang bay. You can get to and from the island by cable car. It is a 5 star hotel with the biggest pool in Vietnam. If you stay here, you can have unlimited access to the water park etc. It's quite expensive though.
  • Christina’s Nha Trang – The Costa Residences, ", (+84) 90 294 50 77, [55]. For some luxury by the ocean, stay over at The Costa. Here you will get the comfort and the world class Vietnamese hospitality you receive at 5* resorts. All units are fully-furnished. Not only is everything comfortable, and well thought out, but the team is also super friendly and helped us map out our time here. Plus you are so centrally located that everything you need is within walking distance – restaurants, bars, shopping malls, spas and tourist attractions. Runam Bistro is just downstairs. from $85 and up.

Stay safe

Nha Trang generally has a low crime-rate, though there is a risk of petty crime especially late night around the night clubs because of mostly inebriated patrons. The most common crime is pickpocketing after midnight near the Sailing Club.

During the day, it is relatively safe - though bag snatchings on the beach can happen sometimes, so don't take any valuables to the beach. Using common sense at all times is best. Do not wear too much jewellery, and keep an eye on your belongings. It would be smart to travel in groups when you are out roaming the streets at night. Also, people coming home from the clubs should take a taxi and not a motorbike taxi.

Single males walking back to their hotels in the early hours from clubs and bars such as the Sailing Club and Why Not Bar, especially if a little drunk, beware of "ladies of the night" approaching, typically in twos sometimes threes but often with a couple of guys on motorbikes watching closely from a distance ready to be get away drivers or to get involved if things get nasty. They come over all friendly and being all touchy feely, first checking to see what valuables you have and where, then relieve them from you. Often the guy doesn't even know he's been robbed until he gets back to his room or after he wakes up. This happens quite often. This mostly happens in darkened areas and no police are ever seen and bar security ever gets involved either.

Do not keep money in your passport. If you want your hotel to look after your money for you, they will usually be happy to do so in their hotel safe and have procedures on how that is done. Passports are kept separate to other valuables as they need access to these for reporting each day your stay to the government. Therefore never store money in your passport. Keep some money in a different pocket to your wallet/money belt. No point displaying them when paying for small purchases.

Motorcycle mounted snatch and grab crimes happen in all of Vietnam if careless. If hiring a motorbike, check to see what coverage your insurance company give, often none, for riding motorbikes in Asia.

Do not argue with locals who try to hustle money from you. This includes tourist touts, moto taxis, etc. They can become violent and aggressive if threatened. Although they can be a bit harder to get rid of than in other places, it is best to avoid these people altogether. Firmly say no and walk away.

In general, avoid motos [motorbike taxis]. Many are involved in pimping; almost all are corrupt and prone to thieving, robbery and scamming, eg pretending that 7,000 dong was 70,000 dong. If you cannot afford automobile taxis, either get used to walking or do not come to Nha Trang.

Avoid Bien Man: the street market-style seafood restaurant near the junction between Thi Minh Khai and Hung Vuong, with live fish out the front. No prices are given - on exit you will be charged four times the correct price.

Also be wary of eastern European landladies, especially in Hon Chong area. There are complaints of Russian/Ukraine landladies scamming customers - in particular a hotel called Margo's has come under scrutiny.

All Vietnamese establishments close at 22:00 (including the police) and after that is when the bad seeds head to the late night bars where there is a good chance of finding a very drunk person to scam or pickpocket. by travel guides. Men should be wary of the common tactic of beautiful women rubbing up against you relieving you of your possessions. According to many reports, intoxicated tourists are an easy and frequent target as police never shows up after 22:00. Heavy drinkers are warned, Vietnam is not a good place to get wasted.

Fruit Vendors on Motorbikes

Many of the fruit vendors on motorbikes seem to offer great prices on Durians (50k per kilo), mangosteen, etc. However, when they weigh the Durian on their scale, it can be double or more the actual weight of the actual fruit. Hence, you will pay more than 100k per kilo for durian. Still not a bad price, but you got scammed. If you mention that the scale seems a bit off, they will show you with a 500ml water-bottle that it’s working okay. In general try to know the approximate weight of a fruit before you buy it, so you know if their scale is off. (For example, a normal, regular sized durian is around 2-3.5kg). If you want more fair service, go to some of the actual fruit shops / smoothie (some sell Durian for 80k per kilo) or go to VinMart, you choose the fruit there and they cut and bag it for you. (June 2019)


Nha Trang is a good place to get vaccinated against Hepatitis B [82]. This is a common and serious disease in South East Asia and as a result getting vaccinated for it in Vietnam is becoming very popular. You can get Hep B shots here for just $6 each at the Vien Pasteur clinic located on the main beach road, 10 Tran Phu, next to Sunrise Hotel. They can also take blood samples to test for immunity. They do speak some English here but it might be preferable to go accompanied with a Vietnamese speaking friend. They have Engerix B (GlaxoSmithKline) vaccines for 160,000 dong per shot which is probably the most common one available. They also have Heberbiovac HB from Cuba which is cheaper at 110,000 dong per shot. Probably best getting the former if needing additional shots when in another country.


Internet access can be found in many hotels and through cheap internet cafes all over town. There are not that many internet cafes around now as most hotels typically have about 3 internet computers available for free use for their guests. Most hotels and many restaurants and bars also provide free Wi-Fi.

When using the telephone at a hotel be sure to check what service provider they use. A Skype phone will cost a few dollars US for a lengthy phone call whereas a land line charges US$1 per minute, be wary. Mobile SIM cards are readily available, mobifone seems the best option for tourists. Their sim cards cost 50,000 dong or a little more depending where you buy it and come with about 100,000 dong credit for use in the first month. They also provide 3G internet data packages, e.g. 1.5Gb for one month costs 120,000 dong. Cellular Data info: APN: m-wap Username: mms Password: mms

You can pick up a Mobifone Fastconnect Card (SuperSim) at most phone shops / sim stalls, this gives you 1GB 3G for 70,000 VND plus 50,000 VND credit, you can then top up and apply more internet packages easily by texting various codes to a number (use Google Translate as the English version isnt working) details are on the Mobifone3g website: [83]. Great deal for people who are travelling long term in Vietnam!

Contact the NhaTrangLive [84], tourist information center at (84) 90.714.3404. It is a privately own business that provide free information to tourist and travels. They give away free city maps and allow people to use their wireless internet connect. There are many travel agents dotted around the main tourists area, more and more appearing all the time in an already saturated market. A good option is Jungle Travel [85] who can also book tours and hotels prior to your arrival via email. They also write an informative monthly newsletter about what's new and happening in both Nha Trang and Saigon [86]. Most hotels offer some level of booking services for onward travel and local tours.


The best post office is at 48 Nguyen Thien Thuat. Avoid the one at the other end of town, near the Michelia. The staff there invent fantasy taxes for you to pay. In the process, they are extremely rude - especially the female clerk who stands at the front desk. Expect abuse rather than actual service.

Medical services

  • Tam Tri Nha Trang General Hospital, TMMC Healthcare (Tam Tri Nha Trang General Hospital, TMMC Healthcare), 57-59 Cao Thang Street, Phuoc Long Ward, Nha Trang City, Khanh Hoa Province, +84 58 388 2312 (), [56]. Mon-Sun 7:00-19:00. . General hospital, strong at General Surgery, Internal Medicine, vaccine, Orthopedic and Emergency Medicine. Consultation fee is affordable, international/ domestic private insurance coverage. Accept Credit Card. English speaking staff US$8.


Very likely the setup with most of Vietnam, ATMs can be found either individually or in groups. You should ensure that your card is an international one, and call your bank to notify them that you are going to Vietnam.

Both UK MasterCard works, and AU Citibank Visa works. The ATM will charge fees for withdrawal in addition to any that your bank levees for this transaction type. The fee varies between banks, Agribank charges 22'000 dong with others charging 55'000 dong, 66'000 dong or 3% with a minimum fee of 50'000 dong.

Get out

  • Dalat - popular temperate mountain side 'European' escape. There are many companies providing a bus service. Buses leave from the Nha Trang bus station. Journey takes 4 h. costing 130,000d.
  • Dalat -there are another buses of nguyensinhtourist - (VIP limousine luxury bus)at 17 NguyenChanh St - daily depart to Dalat (8h-13h-18h), to Banmethuot (8h-11h-14-17h-19h)contact : call 0982891098(mr Nguyen)or email : [email protected]
  • Saigon - sleeper bus ticket can be bought through your hotel for 200,000 ($10), expect to pay more at a travel agent. Bus takes 8-10 hours.
  • Quy Nhon - 228km north: By bus, 6 hrs, 110k and 160k on the north bus station which is 110k by taxi from the city center. Try to book with your hotel to get pick up instead or go by train. You can also go to dieu tri train station and take a taxi again to QN.

There are several other beaches in the vicinity of Nha Trang. About 30 km north of Nha Trang, just when past the village of Ninh Hoa, a peninsula juts out into the South Chinese Sea, and on its northern coast rides its tinier brother, Hon Khoi. Several resorts are located on the eastern beach of Hon Khoi, where you find palm-trees, white sand and turquoise waters. To get there, follow the highway north past the turnoff to Dac Lac Province/Buon Ma Thuot. Then look out for a sign reading "Doc Let-Resort", close to a filling station. A taxi will take 2 persons for about 200,000 dong, while a Xe Om should not be more expensive than 100,000 dong. Or catch a through-bus plying highway Nr.1 and jump off at the turn off. There will always be some motorbike-drivers waiting to take you. Whatever place you choose to go, be sure to reserve a bungalow in advance.

  • Bai Dai (Long Beach) At 20km south of Nha Trang, this is best keep secret in town. Fantastic blue water and a nicer (less steep and better sand) beach than in town. Come there to find fresh seafood serve at many shacks with deckchairs right on the beach. Best to go by motorcycle or ask your hotel to organise a taxi for you(and don't forget the pickup back). Walk a kilometer or so and you will find yourself alone on that fantastic beach. Do it now, they have begun to build access roads for the soon to come resorts.
  • Ba Ho (3 lakes) About 20km north of Nha Trang are a collection of 3 small lakes and scenic waterfalls. The entry cost is 10,000D and you may want to bring some sturdy shoes to climb across the rocks and swimming gear for a dip when you get there. Hire a taxi or take a motorcycle to get there. It will take about 45 minutes from the entrance of the tourist area to the lakes. There is an orphanage very close to the lakes (take a right turn when you get to a T-junction in the rice fields) that would really benefit from any gifts of vegetarian food (take milk, tofu, yoghurt etc). Call Dieu An, the nun on 0905 823807 - she speaks Vietnamese however.

Resorts (north of Nha Trang)

About 60km north of Nha Trang is a stretch of coastline about 20km long that contains some of the best beaches in Vietnam. Soft powder like white sand beaches with clear blue sea and gentle gradients, these beaches are more beautiful and easier for swimming than in Nha Trang. This is an ideal area to explore by motorbike, perhaps taking a night or two side trip from Nha Trang city. The turn off for Jungle Beach gets you off the busy highway for a more relaxing 20km stretch of road to Jungle Beach resort. Just after this turn off for Jungle Beach is the turn off for Doc Let Beach, which is another 13km away and a similarly more relaxing and scenic road. There is an interconnecting road between Jungle and Doc Let so no need to go all the way back to the highway to get from one to the other.

  • GM Doc Let Beach Resort, (sign-posted), 058.3849.663, [57]. The best known place and closest to the mainland. Though it started out as a traveller's secret, it quickly became a destination for domestic tourists, who basically flood the place during weekends and holidays. There is some socialist charm to the not so "white palm beach turquoise waters"-like architecture of the place, but it's definitely not the old Robinson-feeling you might be craving. If you take a Vietnamese girlfriend, they wont let you stay in the same room unless you can prove you are married. Bungalows priced between 320,000 to 420,000 dong depending on how close to the beach they are.
  • White Sands Resort, 058-3512-9771, [58]. Adjacent to Doc Let Resort is this more upmarket resort with private beach, large swimming pool, gym, spa, restaurant etc. Bungalows and rooms all over $100.
  • Jungle Beach Resort, (15km south of Doc Let Beach), 058.3622.384 (), [59]. 64km north of Nha Trang and run by a Canadian-Vietnamese couple, all meals are included. If you are looking for a beautiful beach in a very remote and quiet location then this could be your paradise. Keep in mind that they don't have hot water here. This resort also charges 20 dollars for car transportation each way. Extra drinks will cost from 15,000 to 20,000 dong. $25 pp inc meals for rooms with shared bathrooms and $35 pp inc meals for rooms with a private bathroom.. (12.431662,109.287186)
  • Paradise Resort, Nha Nhi Thien Duong (heading north, follow the signs from Doc Let Resort through Dong Hai-village), 058-670480 (, fax: 058-670479), [60]. Run by an elderly gentleman and his Vietnamese family. Vladimir is a very interesting, jovial guy and his family cooks up wonderful food. beers are cheap and you just mark a chit on a sheet on the refrigerator to keep track of your total. The beach in front is beautiful and usually deserted except for some village kids. It is very easy to sleep a week away there in a hammock kissed by sea breezes. Usually a wonderful bunch of travellers there to socialize with at meals and in the evenings. You can rent a motorbike in Nha Trang for the easy ride up to Doc Let. Any buses can also drop you on the main road for a 10 minute walk to Paradise. Vladimir will also drop you in Nha Trang on the back of his scooter if he's going into town. He usually drives his car into Nha Trang on Saturdays so could be a good day to arrive or leave and get a free trip in or out. Bungalows are $45 for 2 people, $25 for one, can differ depending on how close they are to the beach. Meals are included, and prices for drinks are reasonable. Water, fruits, coffee and tea are free.. Create category
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