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New Year holidays in Hungary

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New Year holidays in Hungary

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Get In

Consider Malev's Budapest Winter Invasion special offer: see Budapest:GetIn:ByPlane.


  • Fireworks in the midnight seen from the bridges over Danube
  • LightEvolution lightpainting exhibition of Dóra Berkes, in Pest.



  • Danubius Grand Hotel/Thermal Hotel Margitsziget The only baths open on Dec 31 until its usual late hours.
  • Gellért Baths. NY06/07: on Dec 31, open until 1pm only.
  • Széchényi Baths. NY06/07: on Dec 31, open until 1pm only. On Jan 1, open from 8am.


Rule of thumb for dinner on Dec 31 is: either a restaurant is open all night (and is closed for NY program well before it starts), or it doesn't work at all. Therefore, you're very unlikely to find a dinner even for 7pm or 8pm without buying an overnight program.

Dinner prices range from 15000ft (in restaurants at Liszt Ferenc tér) to 25000ft (Rivalda on Castle Hill) and more.

Fast food

For Christmas and New Year days, there're food stalls set up at Vörösmarty tér offering skewer meat, pancakes, sausages and sauerkraut, vegetable mix and hot wine.


Most restaurants/clubs at Liszt Ferenc tér have some programs for New Year night (NY06/07).

Besides, the following restaurants have an overnight program (NY06/07):

  • Cafe Negro in Pest. NY06/07, all seats are booked before evening of Dec 30.
  • Rivalda in Buda. NY06/07: Set menu 26500ft includes welcome cocktail, 8 course dinner, champagne at midnight. Jazz trio all the evening.
  • Avocado Music Cafe & Restaurant in Pest. NY06/07: Starts about 8pm.
Ground floor and gallery: Set menu 19900ft includes a welcome drink, 7 course dinner before midnight (each is small and light enough to not overfull you) plus 3 courses after 1:30am, if you stay so long. Visitors mix: mostly well over 30, majority are locals.
Downstairs: Buffet for 14900ft (13 dishes); place where DJ plays all the time, and most fun can be found. Visitors mix: bit younger crowd.
Before midnight: nothing happens outside people having their meals; surprisingly, Turkish pop music (not lounge easy-listening) is played all the time and is mostly annoying. Short period of belly dance.
After midnight: the dance starts at downstairs about 12:15am, disco music starting with ABBA and not going to anything more advanced.

The following restaurants are closed: Malomto in Buda-Dec 31..Jan 1 (NY06/07).


  • Buda Castle Labyrinth Minimalheadz New Years Apocalypse [1]. NY06/07: Entrance 2500ft in advance, 3500ft upon arrival. Several dance halls right inside the labyrinths, each hall with its own DJs. Starts at 21.


  • Gárdonyi Géza Theater. Jan 1, 7pm (NY06/07): New Year Concert--popular classics; digestible modern dance; some laser show. The conductor jokes and plays with the audience (even makes it sing with the soloist), but all in Hungarian--so better have a friend to help you. Master of ceremonies resembles provincial soviet-time song contest. Performance is introduced by mayor of the town.
The concert attracts the creme of the town--therefore evening dress is strongly recommended. At the entrance, welcome champagne is served.

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