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New Fairfield

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New Fairfield

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'''Get in'''

By car:

The main way to travel to New Fairfield is by car. The town is located at a cross off of route 37 and route 39. The center of town is six miles NorthWest of Danbury, CT. The entire town is connected by small roads and streets.

By Train:

Another way to get to New Fairfield you can go to the Southeast Train station in Southeast, New York. From there you can take a shuttle to New Fairfield. The shuttle fee is $1.50 and runs M-F 5:35 AM to 7:43 AM and 5:52 PM to 9:26 PM. This shuttle starts at the Southeast Train Station, then stops at: Company A Fire House, Ball Pond Fire House, and Temple Beth Elohim.

'''Get Around'''

New Fairfield is a small town and it is small enough that everything is just a short car ride away. Walking is quite difficult because that there are no sidewalks. If you don’t own a car and are planning on visiting, look into the application called uber or a shuttle that visits several towns in the surrounding area.


Castle Park: A small park created for younger children. Located on the same road that leads to New Fairfield High School and New Fairfield Middle School

Ball Pond: A medium sized pond, usable by the general public. Has a small strip of land for beach goers and a boat launch for kayaks or canoes.

Little Red Schoolhouse: A historic schoolhouse constructed in the late 1800’s and has been maintained since then. The schoolhouse now holds small events and information sessions about the house and it’s history.

Squantz Pond State Park: Squantz Pond is a smaller pond attached to the giant ecosystem, Candlewood Lake. There are many hiking trails, swimming areas, beaches, and room for sports. 


New Fairfield is a small town in SouthWestern, Connecticut, and tends to get the most attraction during the Summer or Fall, due to the amount of outdoor activities for people to visit. This town is not often visited by tourists and is primarily occupied of commuters that drive to New York City for their employment.


Brunos Pizzeria: A small, unorthodox, family owned, pizzeria located in the center of the town. This pizzeria is known for its specialty pizzas, rather than plain slices. When ordering you will go up to the counter and choose what you want, pay, then sit down at a table of your choosing and the wait staff will bring you your order. When there you can buy by the slice or by the pie. This pizzeria is popular within the younger community of New Fairfield.

New Fairfield Food Center: A small grocery store with an attached Italian deli, this location has gained popularity for its sandwiches. Small amount of seating outside for patrons who want to sit down and eat. Most patrons will order a sandwich and will look through the grocery store in order to find something to eat/drink on the side, this convenience is possible because the patron is able to pay for everything they want to purchase at the same time.

Main Moon Chinese Kitchen: A small Chinese takeout store located in the center of town next to Brunos Pizzeria. The menu has a wide variety of Chinese style foods. The interior is very small, with only two small tables to sit from. One reason people enjoy this restaurant can see into the back and watch as your food is cooked, assuring the patron the food is fresh.

The Goodie Shop: Located next to New Fairfield Food Center, is a small, family owned bakery. The shop is known for their baked goods, but also sells ice cream, coffee, gelato, and more. It has enough room to seat 20 people, so no matter what time of the day a customer wants to go, there will be ample seating.


New Fairfield Motel: A small motel located close to Candlewood Lake, with recent renovations, has rooms to fit 1-5 people. Each room is different within style and the rooms are set up less like an average hotel and more like a bedroom in someones home.