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New England

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New England

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New England is a region of the United States of America. Although it is one of the oldest settled parts of the US, most of the area retains a rural charm and low population. Most of the area is well-travelled and has a thriving and somewhat corny tourist industry. But there are still hidden gems to be found in New England.



There are many cities in New England; these are some of the more major ones.

Climate & Seasons

There's an expression in New England - if you don't like the weather, wait ten minutes, and it's the bloody truth. New England winters are especially harsh - if you plan to visit between November and April, be prepared for subzero temperatures, wicked winds, and chills that take a couple of cups of coffee to dent. Dress warmly is an understatement - prepare for nuclear winter might be more accurate advice for travelers.

New England summers can range from mild to uncomfortably humid.

Where New England shines - and I mean really shines is during autumn. New England foliage is world-renowned for displays that rival pyrotechnics for their intense colors, rapid appearance, and equally rapid disappearance. Peak season ranges from early September at the farthest north points of Maine to early November for Southern Connecticut. Combine that with local festivals, hay rides, fresh-pressed apple cider, and fruit harvesting, and you have the recipe for a wonderful time.

If you want to see nature at its finest and most impressive, New England in the fall is the place to be.

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