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Southern Greenland : Narsaq
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Narsaq is in Southern Greenland.

Narsaq is centrally located on a plain in the giant fjord system in Greenland. The area is a great place to sightsee, and is full of abundant wildlife including seals, salmon, trout, and whales as well as icebergs from the nearby glacier.

Get in

The best way to get to Narsaq is by connecting through the international airport in Narsarsuaq. There are several connection flights to Narsaq operated out of this airport.

Get around

Narsaq is a small town ideal for walking. The best way to get a feel for the town is to walk, or in the winter by ski or snowmobile.



The Narsaq Museum features exhibitions about the local history of the original Norse settlers as well as exhibitions about local cultural themes such as kayaking.

  • Narsaq Museum, Fiskervej B-98, 3921 Narsaq, Greenland, (+299) 66 16 59 (), [1]. Open: May-Sept 13-16, otherwise on request.. Mainly features exhibits about the region, as well as dedicated kayak and norse exhibits. Free admission.
  • House of Henrik Lund, Kirkevej B84, P.O. Box 177, 3921 Narsaq, Greenland, (+299) 66 16 59 (), [2]. Separate building associated with the Narsaq Museum, home to Henrik Lund. Free admission with museum..
  • Narsaq Tourist Office, Aadaliarsip Aqqutaa B-523, P.O. Box 148, 3921 Narsaq, Greenland, (+299) 66 13 25 (), [3]. Operated by the Blue Ice Explorer, offers maps and travel information for the area. Staff is also very knowledgeable and will give advice. Also has a small cafe on site.



Narsaq is located close to the ice sheet, making the sea in the area full of icebergs. Sailing around these glaciers, getting a closer look is a great tourist activity. There is also a good chance to see whales in the area. Sailing trips can be organized at the local tourist offices, or there are also longer sailing trips between towns on the West coast of Greenland that have a port of call at Narsaq.


Narsaq has a very varied shoreline, creating a lot of inlets perfect for kayaking. It takes a skilled kayaker to kayak in Greenland, and it can be dangerous because the water is so cold.


The local geography of the fjord system where Narsaq is located is perfect for hiking. There are also many rare and unique stones and gems that can be found in this area.

Greenland Adventure Race

The Greenland Adventure Race is the Greenlandic version on an Iron Man. The only difference is in the Greenland Adventure Race you have to kayak instead of swim, which is a good thing because the water is so cold. The race takes five days to complete. Participants alternate between running, kayaking and cycling.

  • Narsaq Sports Center, Ortooqqap Aqqutaa B-1100, 3921 Narsaq, Greenland, (+299) 66 14 70. Local sports center, visitors are welcome.


  • Narsaq Souvenir Shop, Aadaliarsip Aqqutaa B-523, 3921 Narsaq, Greenland, (+299) 66 13 25 (), [4]. Small tourist souvenir shop located in town, connected to the cafe.


  • Klara, Sarqannguaqvej B-819, P.O. Box 189, 3921 Narsaq, Greenland, (+299) 66 17 40 (), [5]. Fine restaurant located in Hotel Narsaq. Food is a combination of traditional European dishes mixed with local ingredients and Greenlandic influence. DKK200.


  • Narsaq Farm House Bed & Breakfast, Dyrnæsvej B645, P.O. Box 161, 3921 Narsaq, Greenland, (+299) 66 10 49 ().
  • Hotel Inuili, P.O. Box 123, 3921 Narsaq, Greenland, (+299) 66 13 13 (), [6]. This is a cooking school during the year, but the apartments can be rented through Hotel Narsaq from June to July. Each apartment has 2 bedrooms and a bathroom. There is a common lounge and kitchen space. Single: 1095DKK Double: 1295DKK.
  • Orlas Youth Hostel, Ortooqap aqquserna B 1433, 3921 Narsaq, Greenland, (+299) 66 16 00/(+299) 53 81 99 ().
  • Hotel Narsaq, Sarqannguaqvej B-819, P.O. Box 189, 3921 Narsaq, Greenland, (+299) 66 12 90/(+299) 49 75 69 (), [7]. The hotel has a restaurant attached. All rooms include a tv and safe. The price of the room also includes breakfast daily. Single w/ Bath: 1095DKK, w/o Bath 885DKK. Double w/ Bath 1295DKK, w/o Bath 1185DKK.
  • Hostel Niviarsiaq, Gl. Sygehusvej B-503, P.O. Box 176, 3921 Narsaq, Greenland, (+299) 66 12 90 (), [8]. The hotel has a terrace that overlooks the fjord, where many icebergs can be spotted from. There are 3 common kitchens available for guest use. There are apartments and hostel style bed available, breakfast can be booked with the room. Single room: 695DKK Double room 795DKK.
  • Silamut House Rental (Monika Brune & Paul Cohen), P.O. Box 3, 3921 Narsaq, Greenland, (+299) 66 20 80 (), [9]. House rental includes utilities, it is smart to book well in advance if visiting during the high-season (summer). 420 Euros/week + 30Euros for each guest after 2 guests..
  • Tasiusaq Hostel, P.O. Box 188, 3921 Narsaq, Greenland, (+299) 66 19 30 ().

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