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park entry fees are;
park entry fees are;
citizen adult ksh 500 child ksh 300,
Citizen adult ksh 430 child ksh 300,
resident adult  ksh 1200 child  ksh 600,
resident adult  ksh 1200 child  ksh 600,
non resident adult USD 50 child  USD 25.
non resident adult USD 43 child  USD 25.
vehicle charges are ;
Vehicle charges are ;
less than 6 seats ksh 350 ,
less than 6 seats ksh 350 ,
6-12 seats  ksh 1200,
6-12 seats  ksh 1200,
Line 45: Line 45:
25-44 seats ksh 4700,
25-44 seats ksh 4700,
45 seats and above 5800,
45 seats and above 5800,
Land Cruiser hire for a game drive is charged at ksh 7000 for about 3hours. It carries a maximum of 6 persons.
Land Cruiser hire for a game drive is charged at ksh USD 150 for about 5hours. It carries a maximum of 6 persons.
==Get around==
==Get around==

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Nairobi National Park is the closest National Park to Nairobi in Kenya. It is located a mere half hour drive from the city, making it a good destination for a day trip.


Nairobi National Park

Nairobi national park was gazetted on 16th of December 1946,It was was the first park to be gazetted not only in Kenya but also in east Africa. it is the only metropolitan national park in the world. it is about 7km south of the center of Nairobi,Kenyans capital city. the park is a rhino sanctuary, home to over over 400 birds species more than 100 mammal species with a spectacular wildebeest and zebra migration.

Flora and fauna

Nairobi national park is a unique ecosystem.the savannah ecosystem comprises of different vegetation types.Open grass plains with scattered acacia bush are predominant. The western side has a highland dry forest and a permanent river with a riverine forest. To the south are the Athi-Kapiti Plains and Kitengela migration corridor which are important wildlife dispersal areas during the rainy season. Man-made dams within the park have added a further habitat, favourable to certain species of birds and other aquatic biome.


January-March is hot and dry, April-June is hot and wet, and July-October is very warm and wet.

Get in

By Road: Distance: 10km South of Nairobi City Center By Air: Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and Wilson Airports

The Park has 7 gates. 2 gates being for KWS service use only. The gates are:-

Main gate: KWS headquarters, Langata road, Langata Gate, Maasai Gate, Mbagathi Gate(service gate),and Banda Gate(service gate)


park entry fees are;

Citizen adult ksh 430 child ksh 300, resident adult ksh 1200 child ksh 600, non resident adult USD 43 child USD 25.

Vehicle charges are ; less than 6 seats ksh 350 , 6-12 seats ksh 1200, 13-24 seats ksh 3000, 25-44 seats ksh 4700, 45 seats and above 5800, Land Cruiser hire for a game drive is charged at ksh USD 150 for about 5hours. It carries a maximum of 6 persons.

Get around

Nairobi National Park boasts to be one of the only natural game reserves in the world,literally inside a city. Located just 10 mins from the city centre off Langata Road, it is ideal to get your first feel of what Kenya has to offer, or for those quick visits without the time to see the Mara, Serengeti, Amboseli, etc., it is the ideal park to visit. You will be most comfortable in a four wheel drive, van, jeep, or truck, as the terrain remains natural and rough. You can use a saloon, though it will most definitely be a rough drive. There are many car hire firms that offer pick ups and drops in vans, costing anything between Kshs 6000 to 15,000 per day.

You will see more animals if you hire a guide from a respectable guiding company. It will be pricier, $150-$200 USD total (not per person) excluding park fees for a vehicle and guide is not uncommon, but it will enhance your visit. The guides communicate via radio, and if you want to see any of the Big Five animals this is for you.


Major wildlife attractions are the Black rhino, lion, leopard, cheetah, hyena, buffaloes, Giraffe, zebra, wildebeest, elands and diverse birdlife with over 400 species recorded. Other attractions include the Ivory burning site Monument, Nairobi Safari Walk, the Orphanage and the walking trails at hippo.

Wild animals
Wild animals


Gifts ,souvenirs and park maps are available at kifaru shop just next to Nairobi national park gate.


Nairobi national park has several picnic sites;

Mokoiyet picnic site, impala picnic site, ivory burning picnic sites, kingfisher picnic site, functions such as luncheons,weddings,beauty pageant,sundowners,end of year parties can be held at the picnic sites


Twiga campise , Located just 500meters off Mombasa Road is the parks Twiga campsite. A camper will find a serene environment with modern facilities including hot water showers and electricity.A modern kitchen area is also provided. Located within the forest area is a special campsite that is fully equipped. for more inquiries

Tell:020-399200 or 020-237947 Email:[email protected]


The Club House

Located only lkm from the main park entrance, the facility offers a visitor a serene and quiet environment to unwind after a game drive. Meals and drinks are also available at reasonable prices. Hire of the grounds can be done for social and corporate functions with a capacity of 350 persons.

Sebastian cafe

A self service café named after the famous Sebastian chimpanzee, this fabulously shaded restaurant lets you enjoy a meal at a reasonable price against the backdrop of Nairobi safari walk.


Nairobi city offers an abundance of accommodation options. For Further information please consult your travel agent.

Stay safe

Some general common-courtesy, safari-etiquette things that will keep you safe and keep you from getting yourself kicked out of the park:

  • Don’t harass the animals
  • Don’t feed the animals
  • Don’t litter
  • Don’t leave your vehicle
  • Never ever drive off of the designated roads - it could get you removed from the park, land you with a fine, and strip your tour driver of his tour license.

If you see something really awesome, pull over to the side of the road, shut off your vehicle, keep quiet and watch. Don’t try to get closer or coax the animal into coming closer to you, and don’t block other people from seeing whatever you’re seeing.

For KWS’s official list of park rules and regulations, click here.

Get out

The park opens at 6:00 am and is closed by 6:00 pm,kindly note visitor are not allowed to stay in the park past this time.