Mysore (district)

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Mysore (district)

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Bylakupee Tibetan Setelments

The biggest tibetan settelment outside of Tibet is near Bylakupee villege. There are about 20 villeges around here.

Sera Monestarys

The biggest monastary of Tibetan Budhism out side of Tibet is Sera Jhe (also: Sera Jey) monastary. In Sera you will find a vilege of almost 5,000 monks in Sera Jhe and Sera Mey monastarys.

The villege has 3 geusthouses (A simple double room is 125 Rs. and has an attached bathroom with hot water), which the profits from go into the monastarys, hospitals and school in Sera. the profits from the shops and the internet cafe's also help sponser the monastary.

How to get to Sera Take a bus to Kushal Nagar from Mangalore (about 5 hours, delux bus is advised on this road) or Mysore (about 2.5 hours). From Kushal Nagar take a rikshaw to Sera (6 km. 30 Rs., at the evening it's 50 Rs.).