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Munich : Neuhausen-Nymphenburg
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Neuhausen and Nymphenburg is one of the more relaxing districts, where residents and visitors alike forget they are in a city of over a million people. Both of these neighborhoods are virtually undiscovered by tourists even though Neuhausen is home to a popular night club and the world's largest beer garden. What's more astounding is that while millions of tourists flock to Munich in the summer and the fall, few find their way to the tranquil Schloss Nymphenburg gardens.


A view of Schloss Nymphenburg from the palace gardens.
  • Schloss Nymphenburg [3]. Was a smaller residential palace, now is the biggest baroque palace in Germany. It is possible to enter the palace for a price, however, considering that few rooms open to the public and that there a few furnishings it is not worth the entrance price. Despite the unimpressive palace the gardens are free and are an amazing place to relax. Benches and paths can be found throughout the garden. Several buildings and are scattered throughout the palace gardens. Some of these buildings can also be entered for a small fee, but may not be worth it, because these buildings are also not furnished. Also on the grounds is a restaurant. The gardens are recommended. From Hauptbahnhof or Karlsplatz (Stachus) take Tram 17 to Amalienburgstraße. Leave at Schloß Nymphenburg. Currently the tracks are renewed so it may be faster to take bus number 51 from the S-Bahn station Laim (not Berg am Laim!) to Olympiazentrum. Also leave at Schloß Nymphenburg.
The Monopteros monument in the Nymphenburg Palace gardens.
  • Museum Mensch und Natur, located on Schloss Nymphenburg grounds, +49 089/ 179589-0 (email: [email protected]), [4]. Hours: Tu-Su 9AM-5PM, Closed Monday. Admission: Adults €2.50, Children €1.50ö Admission on Sunday € 1.00 for all visitors.
  • Pfarrkirche Herz Jesu. This modern roman-catholic church was erected between 1997 and 2000, after the previous church had been destroyed by a fire in 1994. Right now, this is one of the most frequently visited churches in Munich. The church consists in a large cuboid with a blue, 14 meter high facade. The facade can be opened completely, like a gigantic gate. However, this happens only on high holidays.


  • Skating- In the winter (if it is cold enough) you can go ice-skating on the canals in front of the Nymphenburg palace.
  • Bicycling- Riding a bike in Neuhausen and Nymphenburg is a breeze. The roads have a special area for riders.


  • Nymphenburg Porcelain Manufactory [5], Nördliches Schloßrondell 8; +49 89 179 197 10. Hours: M-F 10AM-5PM. Offers beautifully handcrafted porcelain. The factory was founded in the early 1700s to create porcelain for the royal family and is located on the Nymphenburg palace grounds.
  • Christmas market, during November and December, Neuhausen has a very small (but very friendly and cozy) Christmas market located adjacent to the Kaufhof department store at the Rotkreuzplatz subway station.
  • Galeria-Kaufhof Pötschner Str. 5, +49 089/ 13077-0, [6]. Hours: M-F 9:30AM-8PM, Sa 9AM-8PM, Closed Sunday. department store is located at the Rotkreuzplatz subway station.



  • Fastfood. There is fastfood and Leberkässemmel around Rotkreuzplatz and around Romanplatz.
  • Rick's Cafe Wendl-Dietrich-Str. 5. Rick's Cafe an American-Mexican restaurant ran by Turks. The staff is friendly, however, some do not speak English. Having a little knowledge of German will help, but since the summer of 2004 the management has hired some English speaking staff to communicate with a single American customer. This is a convenient place for people staying at the youth hostel on Wendl-Dietrich-Strasse (U-Bahn station Rotkreuzplatz), because it's a minute's walk on the same street.
  • Da Enzo. An Italian restaurant located across the street from Rick's Cafe. The owner and some of the employees speak a fair amount of English, but service is sometimes frowned upon.
  • Vinh, located at Leonrodstr/Landshuter Allee. Only a short walk from Rotkreuzplatz and serves very good Vietnamese and Asian dishes. It is a very small restaurant, but well worth the visit if you like authentic Asian food.


  • The Big Easy, Frundsbergstraße 46 (On the corner of Ruffinistraße and Frundstraße), (089) 15 89 02 53, [7]. Hours: Opens at 5. The Big Easy is an excellent Cajun restaurant. It's a great place to eat or to relax with friend while drinking cocktails. The staff speaks excellent English and is very friendly. It's well worth the visit.
  • Zum Koreaner, Nymphenburgerstraße 132 (close to Landshuter Allee), (089) 18985993, [8]. A Korean restaurant, if you are interested in Korean food, or if you are Korean and far away from home.


  • Sassi, Volkartstr. 70, +49 (0) 89/ 18954594. Sassi is a place you should only visit if you are willing to spend around €50 per person. But if you do, you will get really excellent Italian cuisine far beyond the usual pizza and pasta. The owner is a very friendly Italian guy with a lot of experience with restaurants. He is usually personally taking orders and very helpful with food and wine. It is unknown he speaks English, but if you speak German or Italian and can afford to spend the money, indulge. This restaurant is a gem!


  • Königlicher Hirschgarten, [9]. Hirschgarten the world's largest beer garden can seat upwards of 15,000. It's located in Neuhausen on the Freidenheimer Bridge. After a few beers you may see deer - don't worry they're supposed to be there.
  • Rick's Cafe, Wendl-Dietrich-Str. 5. Rick's Cafe an American-Mexican restaurant ran by Turks. The staff is friendly, however, some do not speak English. Rick's Cafe doubles as a bar and restaurant. The food is more of a Tex-Mex burgers cuisine. This is a highly recommended place for people staying at the youth hostel on Wendl-Dietrich-Strasse (U-Bahn station Rotkreuzplatz), because it's a minute's walk on the same street.
  • Ysenegger, Ysenburgstraße 3 [10]. This bar doubles as a restaurant, however, it's best known for its drinks, which, are varied and fantastic. Try the Bloody Mary, if you want a Bloody Mary the way one is supposed to be made.


  • The Backstage, Friedenheimer Brücke 7, +49 089/ 126610-0, [11]. The typical come-as-you-are alternative-rock-punk-grunge-ska-reggae-and-have-some-drinks location. If you go on Saturdays, that is, because this is the main party, a standard event for over 15 years. (The Backstage people have survived changing physical location within Munich 3 times so far). On the other days of the week, there are various other parties and concerts. Many good bands that are famous and successful in their subculture (Metal, Rock, Goth, Hip-Hop, ect.) but are not mainstream enough to fill big halls can be seen here for little money (for Munich standards, that is). To that end, the Backstage is more a Club, than a Disco. If you are lucky, you can catch the Free and Easy festival, which is usually some days in May and December, and a few weeks in July, featuring free concerts, cabaret and parties every day.
  • The Nachtgalerie, [12]. Located in a former building of the railway cargo terminal, just 200m from the Hackerbrücke S-Bahn station. Formerly worth a visit because after paying 15 DM admission you could get a bottle of the famous Augustiner beer for just 1 DM. Well, prices have gone up and the age of the visitors has gone down.
  • Nachtwerk. The "Nachtwerk" was one of Munich's most famous night clubs. It had had a "turbulent" fifteen year history. The theme nights stretch from "Nachtwerk goes 60's, 70's or 80's" to "Sin and Desire" to "the night comes alive". Usually there are "Limes for free" with or without Nachos. It's guaranteed to put you in the mood to dance and the beautiful, young "Boxengirls" are always worth a look. The prices are low attracting even those with less to spend. Unfortunately the Nachtwerk has closed recently. The websites were taken over by other night clubs, such as "Nachtgalerie", trying to catch some guests.
  • Club 4004, Landbergerstrasse 169, +49 089/ 52 38 880 5, (email: [email protected]), [13]. The 4004 Arena, which opened in December 2003, is one of Munich's "super clubs". With a floor space of 4000 square meters over two stories (4004 sq meters to be exact, hence the name) this is one of the biggest nightclubs in Southern Germany. Some 5,000 guests can be accommodated per night. Entrance is granted to anyone who is well groomed and over 20 years of age. The target age group is somewhat older, 20's and pushing well into the 30's.



  • DJH Neuhausen, Wendl-Dietrich-Strasse 20 (From the main train station, take U1 or U7 in the direction of Westfriedhof and get off at Rotkreuzplatz), +49-89-131156 (, fax: +49-89-1678745), [1]. Closed: 1 Dec 2006 to 31 Dec 2006. Youth hostels in Germany are aimed at youth in the literal sense of the word (unlike other places where they are for the young at heart). Therefore, DJH hostels in Bavaria are not available to guest over 26 years of age. This does not apply to group leaders, or families with at least one child under 26. €21.55 - €30.75 (€3 extra during Oktoberfest).
  • The Tent, 30 In den Kirschen (Take tram number 17 in the direction of 'Amalienburgstrasse' and get off at 'Botanischer Garten'. Then follow the signs -- walking west on Menzingerstraße, then right on Franz-Schrank Straße. There are easily visible signs -- it's one of the only things in the area, so you can't miss it!), +49 (089) 14 14 300 (), [2]. checkin: 16:30-10:30; checkout: noon. Amazing, cheap -- great cheap food in the cafeteria [open 7am to around 1am -- super cheap food, coffee, Kaltenberg Helles for €1.50; also Bionade for very cheap, which it is usually not]cheap laundry, nightly bonfire. There are hundreds of lockers in the tent [locks are €3 at reception] and it is extremely safe. The only real downside to the tent is that your nose may get quite cold in the early/late ends of its season as it is not heated. Otherwise, the beds are very comfy, blankets very warm, food/drinks very good, and staff very chill and friendly. Also, absolutely every member of the staff speaks perfect English. The Tent was a commune for the Munich Olympics. Rates: €5.50 - €30; the standard tent bunk is €10.50 per person per night, with unlimited thermal blankets included..



There are only two internet connections near the Neuhausen neighborhood. One is in the Neuhausen youth hostel. There is an internet connection on the top floor of the Kaufhof department store.

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