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Munich : Neuhausen-Nymphenburg
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  • Schloss Nymphenburg Was a smaller residential palace. It is possible to enter the the palace for a price, however, considering that few rooms open to the public and that there a few furnishings it is not worth the entrance price.
Despite the unimpressive palace the gardens are free and a great place to relax. Benches and paths can be found through out the garden. Several buildings and are scattered through out the palace gardens. Some of these buildings can also be entered for a small fee, but may not be worth it, because these buildings are also not furnished. Also on the grounds is a restaurant.





  • Rick's Cafe is an American-Mexican restaurant ran by Turks. The staff is friendly, however, some do not speak English. Having a little knowledge of German will help, but since the summer of 2004 the management has hired some English speaking staff to communicate with a single American customer. This is a highly recommended place for people staying at the youth hostel on Wendl-Dietrich-Strasse (U-Bahn station Rotkreuzplatz), because it's a minute's walk on the same street.
  • da Enzo is an Italian restaurant located across the street from Rick's Cafe. The owner and some of the employees speak a fair amount of English, but service is sometimes frowned upon.
  • The Big Easy - The Big Easy is an excellent cajun restaurant. It's a great place to eat or to relax with friend while drinking cocktails. The staff speaks excellent English and is very friendly. It's well worth the visit. Frundsbergstraße 46 (On the corner of Ruffinistraße and Frundstraße) Within 5 minutes of the U1/U7 station Rotkreuzplatz Tel: (089) 15 89 02 53 Opens at 5 pm.