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Adena Indian Mound

Moundsville, West Virginia, is a city in Ohio Valley. It is the county seat of Marshall County. It was originally chartered in 1832. It is the location of Grave Creek Mound and three other Adena Indian Mounds. Moundsville is located in a very historic part of West Virginia and has a beautiful downtown and parks.

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Located on WV Route 2, very close to the Ohio River.

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File:W Virginia Moundsville Grave Creek Mound.jpg
The Mound - by Squier & Davis, 1848
  • Grave Creek Mound, Archeology Complex, Jefferson Ave. One of the largest and most famous burial mounds built by the Adena Indians. Construction took place 250-150BC. It is measured 69 feet high and 295 feet in diameter at its base. Adjacent to the Delf Nora Museum.
  • Delf Nora Museum, Jefferson Av.


  • Tour Moundsville State Penitentiary, 818 Jefferson Ave., tel: 304-845-6200, [1]. Established in 1866, location of an electric chair until banned in 1995.About 998 Death have been taken place in the Mountsville Prison, of which 85 were Executed by Hanging until the law was passed for executing using the Electric Chair, and 9 deaths took place using the Electric chair. Half of rest of the people dead were because they were Killed by their Imates, gruesome deaths took place in that Prison and the prison basement is supposed to be the most Haunted place in the prison, it was also featured in the MTV fear show, and the rest who died in the prison were due to injuries or health or mostly Suside due to very bad living conditions in that prison. It was rated as one of the worst 10 prison and most Notorious Prisons in the history of America.

Palace Of Gold: The Palace of Gold is a beautiful place to go and Visit in this small town, its also called as the TAJ MAHAL of USA, its made out of real Gold and the carving and interior is amazingly beautiful.for more details visit []