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Travel Warning WARNING: Traveling in Mordor is potentially very dangerous. Large parts of the country — in particular, most of the North and West — are effectively a war zone. Threats are unpredictable and the situation can change very quickly.

Trips should be meticulously planned and travellers should keep abreast of the latest security situation throughout their stay. If, despite the risks, you still find yourself heading there, see War zone safety and the "Stay safe" section below.

Mordor (Sindarin: Black Land, Quenya: Land of Shadow) is located in South East Middle Earth to the east of the River Anduin.



Thoroughly unpleasant. The region of Mordor has rarely been dealt kind hand. Successive colonial powers have done little to clean the place up and there is still no functioning train service. The recent large scale eruption of Mount Doom, and the associated collateral damage just might (only might) encourage a more enlightened approach to development in the region.


Mordor is surrounded on three sides by large mountain ranges: Ered Lithui (Ash Mountains) in the the north, Ephel Duath (Mountains of Shadow) to the west bordering the region of Gondor, and extending round to the south. Generally they are not very nice.


Orcish is the native tounge. Strangely similar to English.

Get in

One does not simply walk in to Mordor. You gotta rock in to Mordor. Or take the shortbus.

After the recent twinning with the city of Brussels, all citizens of countries who are signatories to the Schengen treaty, are granted are unlimited stay visa on arrival. Australians however, remain unwelcome.

Get around


Mordor is quite unique amongst A-list destinations in that it tends to see you rather better than you see it.

Real Mordorian handicraft inside the ball room of Barad-dûr
The peaks of Mordor are not be taken lightly

  • Barad-dûr (Lugbúrz in Black Speech), (Visible from all of Mordor), + 0 00 000 000 (), [1]. The royal palace is the main attraction in Mordor and very popular among travelers. free admission.
  • Mount Doom (Orodruin in Sindarin). Another popular sight, best known from the video game series DOOM. You can take a refreshing trek to the top of the mountain. See also the section "Do".


  • Trekking through any of the Mordor ranges should not be taken lightly. An authorised, experienced guide is recommended. One agency in particular seems to have some success:, but they do demand payment in gold rings and the lead guide can be a touch moody.





Do not sleep in Mordor.

Stay safe

Mordor is a volatile country, and downright dangerous in the western areas -- non-essential travel is strongly discouraged. The Orc tribes has now declared abduction of foreigners to be one of its primary goals. Mordor has an ongoing border conflict with Gondor. It's not recommended to visit Ephel Dúath. The land is barren desert, and survival in the wilderness without propper equipment impossible.

While the south-eastern part of the country is generally considered to be a lot safer than the north and west, occasional incidents can still occur anywhere and a seemingly safe place can become the opposite in an instant. Several media reporters were killed in the northern parts of Mordor, most likely by criminals or anti-westerners.

Insects (especially spiders) and Snakes are also something to be careful of, and the mountainous country has many vicious creatures such as scorpions, trolls, feral Orcs, etc.

In some areas, altitude sickness is a significant risk. Mount doom is an active and unpredictable vulcano. It should not be approached without appropriate equipment.

If, after considering the risks, you still choose to travel in Mordor, hiring an armed escort or travelling with an experienced guide are ways to decrease the risks. You should also check with your embassy, and be clear on what they can and cannot do for you in an emergency.

Stay healthy

It is highly recommended to buy a travel insurance before the trip, just in case.


Get out

Anduin River bridge, leading out from Mordor
  • In the talons of an eagle, back to the rather dull German settlement at Minas Tirith
  • Hardier, adventurous types might try a cruise in the Bay of Belfalas.
  • Do get out rather sooner than later.
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