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Monticello (Minnesota)

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Monticello (Minnesota)

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Monticello is a city in Minnesota.

what to beware of

Lots of bloods and crips do not wear red or blue if not a member of the gang or you will problaly be shot, other than that a great vacationing spot.

to do

  • Do not wear a blue hanky out of your left side or a red hanky out your right, most likely be


  • On average 1 murder a month at local McDonalds
  • One of top 10 ten cities for gang and murder activities
  • Highest murder spot in minnesota
  • Lots of 2 star hotels
  • A fun spot for all types of friends & families

Fun Facts

  • McCafe, watch out though local hobby of the youth is to put vodka shots in the coffee.
  • Home of large skateboarding park (don't wear red or blue while skating)
  • McDonalds (don't wear red or blue while ordering or eating)
  • Phenominal 2 star hotels (needle free ball park at Best Western!)
  • Basketball in downtown monticello (don't wear red or blue, will be shot if you do)
  • Volunteer police work, they need as much help as possible, plus fun for kids of all ages