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Mocoa is a municipality and capital city of the department of Putumayo in Colombia.

The city is located in the northwest of the Putumayo department. The municipality borders the departments of Nariño to the west and Cauca to the north.

Get around

Taxi: Available all around town but quite expensive compared to other means of transport.

Bus: The Terminal is only about 5 minutes walking from the city center. Here you can get to close-by towns and villages like Sibundoy, Villagarzon, Orito or Puerto Asis (for instance), and of course to bigger towns like Pasto or Pitalito.

Collectivos: Mainly Pick-Ups, sometimes Mini-Vans. Tell the locals where you'd like to go and ask if there are Collectivos to get you there. In the cases of most tourist attractions nearby, like the Waterfall Fin del Mundo, you just have to walk a bit outside of town (in the direction of your destination) and wait for Collectivos to come by. Make a hand-signal or put your thumb out. The usual charge for short distances (couple of km) is about 1000 COP.

Hitchhiking: The area around Mocoa is quite safe and hitchhiking works pretty well.


  • Fin del Mundo (Waterfall): (meaning: End of the World) A natural reserve and extremely beautiful waterfall, just a few kilometer outside of Mocoa. Take a "Collectivo" for 1000 COP to the entrance and cross the bridge to start the trek. The Entrance fee is 2000 COP. After roughly one hour walking (mainly uphill) you'll reach the top and come across several pools (bathing is possible) and many smaller waterfalls. A restaurant, located beautifully in a cave, is along the way too. The actual "Fin del Mundo" is at the very end of the trek and you'll arrive on top of the fall - looking down approximately 70 to 80 meters! Once there you'll find a small path to your right that leads down all the way to the falls bottom (great spot for making pictures) but its not very easy walking and sometimes slippery - so be careful! Once on the bottom you need to follow the same path up again! To return to the bridge you'll have to follow the same way back which you came from. But since it's only going down, it will be quite fast.
  • Hornoyaco (Waterfall & Lagoon): (or: "Cascada del Hornoyaco") is located only a few kilometers outside of Mocoa town (even closer than Fin del Mundo). It's a natural paradise in the mountain range Churumbelo with an amazing lagoon at its bottom. Hiring a Tourguide for this trek is not necessary! There are several options of how to get to the Hornoyaco. The cheapest way is either hitchhiking (which is certainly safe around Mocoa) or you take one of the many "Collectivos" (Pick-Ups) which will charge you 1000 COP from Mocoa to the starting-point of the trek. Of course you could also walk. Ask the people for the direction to Fin del Mundo, which is better known than the Hornoyaco. Along the way from Mocoa to Fin del Mundo is a sign claiming "1 km to Hornoyaco" and indeed, after about one kilometer you'll reach the starting-point of this trek. But from here to the actuall falls it's still a little walking (approximetaley one or two hours). The Trek: Cross the big bridge to the other side of the river and follow the biggest path (a bit to your right). Very short after the bridge you'll encounter multiple paths leading in all kinds of directions - just stay along the biggest (which is also the only one with build-in logs on some parts, to make walking easier). If you come across a little farm to your right with a little fish pond in front of the house you'll know you're on the right way. Further up there are two more smaller bridges to cross. Now the way itself goes mainly uphill and it can be very hot and humid at times. The main path splits almost at the end of the trek into two directions: One leads higher up onto a wide hill-slope without (almost) any trees; the other way goes to your right. Choose the one to your right and soon, at another intersection, you'll see a sign saying "Hornoyaco Falls ->". From here you can't miss it anymore. Follow the arrow on the sign (pointing to your right) and carefully "climb" down this small path. This bit can be extremely slippery (especially during or after rain)! It's a narrow and steep path, there are lots of roots from trees and lose rocks and water going down on the track! After only a few minutes and a couple of hundred meters you'll reach the bottom of the Hornoyaco fall and it's amazing lagoon. Put on your bathing suit and go for swim!! Now you'll know, that this trek was worth it! There are some spots were people made campfires and it also should be possible to camp at this location but please ask locals first and get sure you'll leave the place clean! To go back to the main street and back to Mocoa town, you'll have to follow the same way back were you came from. Since it's from here mainly downhill it will be very fast! Things you ought to take with you: Enough water, some food, bathing cloth and towel, camera.

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