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Mexico City : Tlatelolco
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Mexico City/Tlatelolco

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'''Tlatelolco''' is a district of [[Mexico City]], the site of the Aztecs' last resistance against Spanish rule and the site of a massacre of student protestors by police and military on 2 October 1968.
==Get in==
Take the Green line train to Tlatelolco.  There are two exits out of the station, take the one that opens to a Basketball court, not the open that opens to a street.  Continue past the basketball court through a park until you reach a street.  Turn left and continue until you get to a 30ish story white building.  You have arrived.
* '''Plaza de las Tres Culturas''' (Three Cultures Square). Surrounded on three sides by respectively an intact Aztec pyramid, a 16th century palace, and an office building which is an example of modern Mexican architecture.

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