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Mediterranean Morocco

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'''Mediterranean Morocco''' is a region in northern [[Morocco]], home to some important sea ports such as [[Tangier]] and variety of market and beach towns.
* [[Tangier]] &ndash; Tangier is the starting point for most visitors arriving by ferry from Spain. An enigmatic charm which has historically attracted numerous artists (Matisse), musicians (Hendrix), politicians (Churchill), writers (Burroughs) and others (Malcolm Forbes)
* [[Ceuta]] &ndash; A Spanish enclave, ferries connect it with mainland Spain and it can make a less hectic alternative to nearby Tangier
* [[Chefchaouen]] &ndash; A mountain town just inland from Tangier full of white-washed winding alleys, blue doors, and olive trees, Chefchaouen is clean as a postcard and a welcome escape from Tangier, evoking the feeling of a Greek island
* [[Melilla]] &ndash; A Spanish enclave, and possibly entry point from the Spanish mainland
* [[Tetouan]] &ndash; Capital of the North of Morocco, has very beautiful beaches and is the gateway to the Rif Mountains
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