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Mediterranean Europe

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[[Image:SEuropecolour4.png|right|Mediterranean Europe]]
#REDIRECT [[Europe]]
'''Mediterranean Europe''' is the name of the region which encompasses those countries in the South of [[Europe]] that are close to the Mediterranean Sea. They have a common climate, so they are similar in many ways: culture, food, etc.
Historic cities with a clearly Mediterranean culture included many outside the region we describe — [[Sudak]] in [[Ukraine]], [[Akko|Acre]] in [[Israel]], [[Alexandria]] in [[Egypt]], and [[Carthage]] in [[Tunisia]].
== Countries ==
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{| width="100%"
|<u>'''Alphabetic'''</u>||<u>'''West to East'''</u>
| <!--Alphabetic-->
* [[Albania|<font color="darkviolet">'''Albania'''</font>]]
* [[Andorra|<font color="darkviolet">'''Andorra'''</font>]]
* [[Bosnia and Herzegovina|<font color="red">'''Bosnia and Herzegovina'''</font>]]
* [[Croatia|<font color="green">'''Croatia'''</font>]]
* [[Cyprus|<font color="green">'''Cyprus(Greek part)'''</font>]]
* [[Greece|<font color="blue">'''Greece'''</font>]]
* [[Italy|<font color="#ff6b00">'''Italy'''</font>]]
* [[Kosovo|<font color="#ff6b00">'''Kosovo'''</font>]]
* [[Republic of Macedonia|<font color="#d6d600">'''Macedonia'''</font>]]
* [[Malta|<font color="darkviolet">'''Malta'''</font>]]
* [[Monaco|<font color="red">'''Monaco'''</font>]]
* [[Montenegro|<font color="#00ffff">'''Montenegro'''</font>]]
* [[Northern Cyprus|<font color="green">'''Northern Cyprus(Turkish part)'''</font>]]
* [[Portugal|<font color="green">'''Portugal'''</font>]]
* [[San Marino|<font color="blue">'''San Marino'''</font>]]
* [[Serbia|<font color="#ff6b00">'''Serbia'''</font>]]
* [[Slovenia|<font color="#00adef">'''Slovenia'''</font>]]
* [[Spain|<font color="blue">'''Spain'''</font>]]
* [[Turkey|<font color="red">'''Turkey'''</font>]]
* [[Vatican City|<font color="black">'''Vatican City'''</font>]]
|style="border-left: gray solid 1px; padding-left: 4px;"| <!--West to East-->
* [[Portugal|<font color="green">'''Portugal'''</font>]]
* [[Spain|<font color="blue">'''Spain'''</font>]]
* [[Andorra|<font color="darkviolet">'''Andorra'''</font>]] (''between Spain and France'')
* [[Monaco|<font color="red">'''Monaco'''</font>]] (''on seaside, surrounded by France'')
* [[Italy|<font color="#ff6b00">'''Italy'''</font>]]
* [[Vatican City|<font color="black">'''Vatican City'''</font>]] (''district of [[Rome]], Italy'')
* [[San Marino|<font color="blue">'''San Marino'''</font>]] (''near East coast of surrounding Italy'')
* [[Malta|<font color="darkviolet">'''Malta'''</font>]] (''island South of Italy'')
* [[Slovenia|<font color="#00adef">'''Slovenia'''</font>]] (''between Italy and Croatia '')
* [[Croatia|<font color="green">'''Croatia'''</font>]]
* [[Bosnia and Herzegovina|<font color="red">'''Bosnia and Herzegovina'''</font>]]
* [[Montenegro|<font color="#00ffff">'''Montenegro'''</font>]]
* [[Albania|<font color="darkviolet">'''Albania'''</font>]]
* [[Serbia|<font color="#ff6b00">'''Serbia'''</font>]]
* [[Kosovo|<font color="#ff6b00">'''Kosovo'''</font>]]
* [[Republic of Macedonia|<font color="#d6d600">'''Macedonia'''</font>]]
* [[Greece|<font color="blue">'''Greece'''</font>]]
* [[Turkey|<font color="red">'''Turkey'''</font>]]
* [[Cyprus|<font color="green">'''Cyprus (Greek part)'''</font>]]
* [[Northern Cyprus|<font color="green">'''Northern Cyprus (Turkish part)'''</font>]]
== Other territories ==
* [[Gibraltar]] in the strait between Spain and Africa
== Cities ==
While the best parts of Southern Europe are probably the coast, and the cities can be loud, hot, and noisy, these cities are great to must sees for your vacation:
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* [[Athens]], [[Greece]] - Smoggy and crowed concrete city of famous Greek ruins, especially the Acropolis hill
* [[Barcelona]], Spain - Another historic city with another huge, but newer and unfinished, cathedral
* [[Dubrovnik]], [[Croatia]] - Coastal town full of orange rooftops and back streets
* [[Istanbul]], [[Turkey]] - City on two continents, has two massive mosques and one massive bazaar
* [[Lisbon]], [[Portugal]] - although not geographically on the Mediterranean sea, this city has a Mediterranean culture
* [[Marseilles]], [[France]] - one of the Med's great ports
* [[Naples]], Italy - center of Southern Italy
* [[Rome]]  Italy - Eternal city of Roman ruins and papal headquarters
* [[Venice]], [[Italy]] - World famous city of canals
* [[Nice]], [[France]]
== Itineraries ==
== Understand ==
All countries in Mediterranean Europe share a warm to hot, mostly coastal climate. This very sunny part of Europe doesn't have as much vegetation has the rest of Europe. The culture here is quite informal compared to life in Northern Europe.
== Get in ==
=== By plane ===
Major airports can be found in the following cities:
* [[Lisbon]]
* [[Madrid]]
* [[Barcelona]]
* [[Marseilles]]
* [[Venice]]
* [[Milan]]
* [[Pisa]] (for [[Florence]])
* [[Rome]]
* [[Nice]]
* [[Naples]]
* [[Athens]]
* [[Istanbul]]
* [[Skopje]]
=== By car ===
=== By train ===
=== By bus ===
== Get around ==
===By car===
===By train===
===By bus===
== See ==
== Do ==
* [[Seville|Seville's]] old center, see the massive cathedral
* Relax in [[Madrid|Madrid's]] Plaza Mayor, and see the Prado art museum
* Stroll the Ramblas in [[Barcelona]]
* If you're extremely brave, participate in [[Pamplona|Pamplona's]] Running of the Bulls
* See the windmills of La Mancha, imagine your Don Quixote fighting them
* Take a romantic, but expensive gondola ride in [[Venice]], ride the Traghetto as a cheap, non-romantic alternative
* Get lost in the back streets of Venice
* Visit the balcony of Juliet in [[Verona]], even though there's no proof at all its related to Romeo and Juliet, skip the pricey museum inside the house
* Take a ferry across either Lake [[Lake Como|Como]], [[Lake Maggiore|Maggiore]], or [[Lake Garda|Garda]]
* Hige between towns in the [[Cinque Terre]], and relax in a cafe overlooking the sea in [[Vernazza]]
* Cross the Ponte Vecchio, Go to the top of the Duomo dome, relax in Boboli Gardens, and tour the Uffizi and Accademia art galleries, all in [[Florence]]
* Visit an Italian hill town, like [[San Gimignano]], [[Siena]], [[Civita di Bagnoregio]], or [[Orvieto]]
* See the Forum in [[Rome]]
* Stroll central Rome, including the Piazza Navona, Pantheon, Spanish steps, and memorable coin throwing experience at the Trevi Fountain
* See facist architectire at the EUR outside Rome
* See St. Peter's basilica, including the crypt and top of the dome, in Rome
* Tour the Vatican Museums, including the famous Vatican staircase, Sistine Chapel, and Raphael Rooms, in Rome
* Go to the top of [[Vesuvius|Mt. Vesuvius]], and see the bizarre, lunar-like landscape
* See the destroyed Roman towns of [[Herculaneum]] or [[Pompeii]], both ruined by Vesuvius
* Go to [[Capri]], ride the funicular, and see the Blue Grotto
* Visit [[Lake Bled]] in Slovenia
* Visit historic [[Dubrovnik]]
* Explore the Acropolis hill in [[Athens]]
* Cruise to various Greek Islands, like [[Crete]] and [[Santorini]]
* Browse through the mammoth Grand Bazaar in [[Istanbul]]
== Buy ==
== Sleep ==
== Eat ==
== Drink ==
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