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Mecklenburg County (North Carolina)

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[[Charlotte]] and it's bedroom communities.
[[Charlotte]] and it's bedroom communities.
*[[Charlotte]] - 614,000+ (Central)
*[[Charlotte]] - 614,000+ (Central/Southwest/West)
*[[Cornelius, NC|Cornelius]] - 12,000 (+/-) (North)
*[[Cornelius, NC|Cornelius]] - 12,000 (+/-) (North)
*[[Davidson, NC|Davidson]] - 7,000 (+/-) (North)  
*[[Davidson, NC|Davidson]] - 7,000 (+/-) (North)  

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Mecklenburg County is in the piedmont of North Carolina, it's population stands a shade under 700,000. The county seat, and largest city is Charlotte.

It's not uncommon to hear the phrase "Char-Meck" when refering to the area.


Charlotte and it's bedroom communities.

Charlotte has several smaller townships within it's sphere of influence.


The dominate language is English, although some Spanish would not hurt. Charlotte also has a high Vietnamese population.


The area is very green, unlike most cities, and I do stress VERY. Nature lovers will like Charlotte.

Charlotte's central location is nice, you aren't too far from the mountains or beach. The closest (large) bodies of water and waterways are:

James K. Polk birthplace in modernday Pineville, South Mecklenburg.


Charlotte has several places to eat. Charlotte is very much a Carolina city, dispite it's outside influence, so try the barbeque.


A local favorite is Cheerwine soft drink, you should give it a try. As for beer, Char-Meck is nothing out of the ordinary.


Southern Comfort rules apply.

Stay Safe

Charlotte's crime rate is nothing to smile about, but you're unlikely to experience trouble.

Stay Healthy

Allergy sufferers be warned, because of it's nature beauty Charlotte and it's surrounding areas will be hell on you during the spring, you should come another time, or bring meds.

Char-Meck does not have a high HIV rate.