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==Specific dates==
==Specific dates==
*May 12, 2006: '''Vesak Day''', [[Singapore]]
*May 12, 2006: '''Vesak Day''', [[Singapore]]
*6th May 2006: '''[ Night of Museums]''' in [[Dusseldorf]], [[Germany]]
*6th May 2006: [ Night of Museums] in [[Dusseldorf]], [[Germany]]
*31st May 2006 '''Dragon Boat Festival''', [[Taiwan]] and [[Hong Kong]]
==Every year==
==Every year==

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This is a calendar of events and festivals in the month of May.

Specific dates

Every year

Fixed dates

  • May 1: May Day or Labor Day, worldwide
  • May 3: Constitution Memorial Day (憲法記念日 Kenpo kinenbi), Japan
  • May 4: Bank Holiday (国民の休日), Japan
  • May 5: Coronation Day is a public holiday in Thailand
  • May 5: Children's Day (子供の日 Kodomo no hi), also known as Boys' Day (端午の節句 Tango no Sekku), Japan
  • Until May 5: Golden Week in Japan, an extremely popular time to travel — best avoided as transport and accommodations are often booked solid
  • May 6: international blood donation and free eye check up day worldwide

Movable dates

Calendar of events and festivals
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