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==[[Northern Ireland]]==
==[[Northern Ireland]]==
* Early May: the '''Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival''' is held in [[Belfast]]
* Early May: the '''Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival''' is held in [[Belfast]]
* 17th: '''Constitution Day'''

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This is a calendar of events and festivals in the month of May.


  • 1st: May Day or Labor Day.
  • 6th: international blood donation and free eye check up day.


Hong Kong

  • 8th day of the fourth lunar month (April/May): Cheung Chau Bun Festival in Hong Kong, [2].


  • First full moon in May: Visakah Puja/Buddha Purnima day.


  • 5th: Children's Day (子供の日 Kodomo no hi), also known as Boys' Day (端午の節句 Tango no Sekku)
  • Until May 5: Golden Week, an extremely popular time to travel; best avoided as transport and accommodations are often booked solid.


  • 4th: Cassinga Day
  • 25th: Africa Day

Northern Ireland


  • 17th: Constitution Day


  • 3rd: Polish Constitution Day. The most important holiday in Poland, and on the weekend following the holiday, there are colorful parades in cities with large populations of people of Polish ancestry (such as Chicago).


  • 2nd: Autonomous Community of Madrid regional day.

Sri Lanka

  • First full moon in May: Vesak Day . Also in Singapore.


United Kingdom

  • 29 May-10 June 2007. The Swansea Bay Film Festival [3], Dylan Thomas Centre, Swansea, UK. . One of the UK's largest international film festivals.

United States of America

  • First weekend after Mothers Day each year: Ninth Avenue International Food Festival in New York City.
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