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Massachusetts is one of the oldest states in America. Its historical significance is immeasurable -- and far out of proportion for its size -- but it is also a modern place, with lots to see and do. Boston is one of America's largest (and most congested) metropolises, while the coastal vacation areas of Cape Cod, Martha's Vinyard, and Nantucket provide salty fun. The western state, peppered with small colleges, has a woodsy feel.



Brief Facts

Massachusetts, according to the 2000 United States census, has a population of 6,349,097. It has a gross area of 8,257 square miles and a net land area of 7,838, and ranks 13th in population and 45th in area among the states of the nation. It is divided into 14 counties, varying in size and population from Nantucket (area 50.34 sq. mi., pop. 9,520) to Worcester (area 1575.95 sq. mi., pop. 750, 963) and Middlesex (area 844.21 sq. mi., pop. 1,465,396).

The counties are made up of 49 cities and 302 towns, of which Boston with a population of 589,141 is the largest and Gosnold with a population of 86 is the smallest. More than half of Massachusett's total population lives in the Greater Boston area. Other Massachusetts cities over or approximating 100,000 population are:

  1. Boston: 589,141
  2. Worcester: 172,648
  3. Springfield: 152,082
  4. Lowell: 105,167
  5. Cambridge: 101,355
  6. New Bedford: 93,768
  7. Brockton: 94,304
  8. Fall River: 91,938
  9. Lynn: 89,050
  10. Quincy: 88,025

Get In

By Plane

The easiest way to get into Massachusetts is through Logan Airport in Boston. Other regional airports include Manchester, New Hampshire and Providence, Rhode Island. If you fly Southwest, Providence is pretty much your only bet.

By Train

Boston is part of the Northeast Corridor serviced by Amtrak. You can reach the eastern portion of the state from South Station by taking the MBTA commuter rail.

By Car

Massachusetts has several large interstates that serve it, including:

  • I-90, the Massachusetts Turnpike
  • I-93
  • I-91
  • I-84
  • I-95

Use SmarTraveler to determine traffic conditions in the Metro Boston area.

Get Around


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