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* [http://www.mairie-marseille.fr/ City's web site] (French)
* [http://www.mairie-marseille.fr/ City's web site] (French)

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Marseille (Latin: Massilia) is the third biggest city of France and the economic center of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region.


Marseille was founded by the Phoenicians, 600 B.C.

Get in

By plane

Marignane airport has flights to many French and European cities.

By train

Marseille has a TGV line to Paris (4 hours).

By car

Marseille is connected to the north with the A6 motorway.

By bus

By boat

Marseille is a big harbour. There are boats to Corsica, Algiers, ... .

Get around

By bus, tramway, subway

There are 2 subway lines (http://www.mairie-marseille.fr/vivre/transpor/metro.htm) and 79 lines of bus and tramway.

No public transport on May 1st.

By boat

A shuttle allows to cross the Old Harbour (Vieux Port).

By car

People are notorious for crazy driving. Avoid taking your car if you can.


  • le Vieux Port (old harbour): watching fishermen selling their stock by auction is a must.
  • Notre Dame de la Garde: the big church which overlooks the city
  • Musée des Docks romains (Archéologie-Graffiti-Lapidaire) (the old harbour from Phoenician and Roman times), Place Vivaux, 13002 Marseille. Tel: 04 91 91 24 62
  • Musée d'Archéologie méditerranéenne (Archéologie-Graffiti-Lapidaire), Centre de la Vieille Charité, 2 Rue de la Charité, 13002 Marseille. Tel: 04 91 14 58 59, Fax : 04 91 14 58 76

See around

  • le Château d'If (If Castle): this small island off the city was a penal colony. It is famous from the novel of Alexandre Dumas, the Comte de Monte-Cristo.
  • les Calanques: wonderful fiords in the south of Marseille



Marseille is an important university center.













Le Vieux Port has free wireless access, available from many of the bars and restaurants, and in some places in the street (although there are not many places to sit). The ESSID to use is "Marseille San Fils" and the network is not encrypted. When you first connect, your browser will take you to a web page about the service in French -- simply click on "Cliquez ici" ("click here") on that page to use the network freely.

Stay safe


Get out

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