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* ''' SAMUDRA SAKHI''' Rs 400-COTTAGES 500-600
* ''' SAMUDRA SAKHI''' Rs 400-COTTAGES 500-600
* ROSE VALLEY 033 28400811

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Mandarmani is in Purba Medinipur district of West Bengal, India and it has a beautiful virgin beach, it is almost 180Kms from Kolkata and just 15 Kms from Chaulkhola on the Kolkata-Digha route.

Virgin Beach at Mandarmani

Get in

As you Travel from Kolkata, after crossing the VidyaSagar Setu take the Kona Express Way. After driving a while turn left to get the Mumbai Road. Drive till you reach Kolaghat. From here take left for the Digha Route. 2 Km before reaching Contai Town you get Contai By-Pass road. This road is around 3 Km long and would give you relief from the crowded city drive. It is a short-cut and again falls onto the Kolkata-Digha road. You drive another 10 kms to reach Chawalkhola. If you come by bus get down at Chawalkhola and you can hire private vehicles from here to take you to your destination. Even the resorts have car pick-up facilities from Contai/Chawalkhola. Contact them earlier to avail the same. Take a left turn from Chawalkhola and follow the village road (be ready for a bumpy ride) till it ends. It is around 8 km. This village road ends into a green beautiful sea side village called 'Dadon-Patro-Bar'. Here there are number of resorts newly created and some coming up, providing tourist a warm and fascinating stay within lush green landscape overlooking the sea-shore. This is the first group of resorts of Mandarmani. You can plan staying still further to experience an exciting drive ahead. As this road concludes, you can drive down from the road onto the wet beach and drive forward for 6 kms or so along this lonely stretch to reach another group of resorts of Mandarmani. You can leisure in a comfortable and luxurious stay here. If you choose the second option, donot drive after dark on the beach since it is pitch dark, and there is no one in the vicinity till you reach your resort. So you should start well in time. Enthusiasts please note that Mandarmani boasts of her truely virgin, 16 Km long motorable beach, longest in India. Total drive time from Kolkata to Mandarmani would be 3.5 hours. Also take prior information of high tides (Only in the rainy season), because during high tides water may reach upto the motorable stretch of the beach.

Manadarmani Beach

Get around

Resort to beach and beach to resort. You may drive your car further down the wet, hard beach. Do not stray towards dry sand - you run the risk of getting grounded. If you get grounded, call the local farmers for help. They are very friendly people and they may salvage you with the help of their tractors.


Little waves washing the serene beach with few fishermen doing their daily duty noiselessly. Different kinds of birds dot the sky. An extremely calm, clean beach.

Driving In The Beach


Relax, swim and enjoy the beach. You are not likely to have many visitors around and that's the beauty of this beach.

  • Swimming
  • Sunbathing (Only possible from November to January)
  • Beach Sports (Wide streath of beach is ideal for variety of beach sports)
  • Driving on beach (Though it has adverse effect on beach ecosystem, but it is allowed here, so enjoy the thrill.)


Try buying some fresh fish from the fishermen, if he has any for you.

There's a shop (Bazaa..r)at Sana Beach LEISURE N LUXURY Resort. You may get there various imported items and fantastic locally made handicrafts.


Typical Bengali food and Chinese (authentic Kolkata style) in the resort where you are staying. You will get the tasty Indian, Chinese, Tandoor and Continental food of Chef Anupam at Shrimp Cocktail Restaurant at Sana Beach LEISURE N LUXURY Resort


There are no bar where one can buy drinks. But the following are available.

  • Green Coconut water - Green coconuts are very cheap, local farmers sell them.
  • Alcohol - Whatever you like, since you have to carry it yourself.


  • Samudra-Bilas Resort - rooms and cottages Rs. 300-600-
  • Tarangamala - Rs 500-700
  • Sana Beach Leisure N Luxury Re, - cottages Rs. 700-3,600, Trekker's tent Rs. 300
  • Devraj Beach Resort - Rs 800 on up. credit cards accepted.
  • GARDEN RETREAT Total 8 Cottages @ Rs 450/- each. This resort is in 'Dadon-Patro-Bar'. It is very newly built in a beautiful surrounding.

Stay safe

  • Mosquito repellent. Arrangement will be provided by the Hotels, Lodgs and Resorts.
  • Electric Torches or Emergency Lamps. There is no electricity in Mandarmani (as on December,2006). So electric torches, emergency lamps and candlesticks are necessary for the visitors. Some resorts have their own solution to power problem. Either they have generators or solar cells.
  • Safety at Sea. The beach has a very gentle sloping, so it is very safe for bathing or sunbathing, but the visitors must be aware of quicksands as they can be formed locally.

Get out

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