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* '''Fresh grilled fish''' is served every morning in a small warung near the harbour dock to Bunaken. The place is very  basic, but don't mind the look. Just ask around for warung ikan bakar and hope someone helps you.
* '''Fresh grilled fish''' is served every morning in a small warung near the harbour dock to Bunaken. The place is very  basic, but don't mind the look. Just ask around for warung ikan bakar and hope someone helps you.
* '''Kharisma''' good place to eat fish at Tanawangko Kalasei area, serving the unique fish such as Napoleon Wrasse on your dinner plate.
* '''Kharisma''' good place to eat fish at Tanawangko Kalasei, serving the unique fish such as Napoleon Wrasse, and very fresh.

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Manado waterfront

Manado (also Menado) is in the capital of North Sulawesi, Indonesia.


The capital of the province, the former stronghold of the Dutch and the cultural center of the Minahasa people, for a long time Manado prospered through trade with the nearby Philippines and the spice trade with the rest of the world. Alas, the bombings of World War II and the suppression of a local insurgency in the 1950s flattened most of Manado's older buildings. While by Indonesian standards still relatively prosperous, most visitors will be rather less impressed and head straight to the islands and reefs of nearby Bunaken.

Get in

Manado is quite far from the rest of Indonesia and most visitors arrive by plane.

By plane

Manado's Sam Ratulangi Airport (IATA: MDC) An airy, modern facility last expanded in 2001. The airport fields some international flights to Singapore (Silk Air, 4x weekly, 3h) and Davao, Philippines (Merpati, 1x weekly, 1h), with visa on arrival possible. There are also frequent flights to Jakarta (3h) and Makassar (1.5h), as well as some flights to Denpasar (Bali), Ternate (North Maluku) and Sorong (Papua). A taxi from the airport to central Manado takes about 30 minutes and costs Rp. 70,000 (bargaining may be necessary).

Departure tax from Manado is Rp. 75,000 (Rp.100.000 from 1st Nov 2007) for international flights and Rp. 30,000 for domestic flights. The terminal has an Internet cafe in the public area and the standard array of restaurants and gift shops inside, but note that there is nothing once past immigration.

Get around

The main ways of getting around are ojek/ompreng, moped taxis that can be a bit scary, or with Mikrolets (mikros), the blue mini buses that you jump on just standing by the street. They all have a certain route and within a day one should figure out how it works.

By taxi

Dian Taksi has a fleet of white and blue station wagon taxis lounging near major hotels, you can either use the meter or bargain. Figure on Rp. 10,000 for most hops around the city, or Rp. 60,000 from airport to city.

By Angkot

Angkot is the typical Indonesia's cheapest way of transportation inside the city. Most of cities in Indonesia have this Angkot, as well as Manado. Angkot is a minibus of 8-10 passengers. The cost is very cheap, around Rp. 2,000 per trip.

By rental car

Many rental cars are available in Manado. The easiest way to hire a rental car is when you arrive at the Sam Ratulangi airport, Manado. Big rental car companies open some counters at the airport, however, some small or privately owned rental cars are also offering their services in the exit door of the airport. Small rental cars are usually cheaper, around Rp. 400,000 per day, already included driver and gasoline. Big companies will offer at higher rate.

By ojek

Ojek is motorcab taxi, it is also a typical cheap land transportation in Indonesian cities. In Manado, ojek rate is not fixed, depending on the distance and negotiation. For a very short distance (+/- 1 km.), it will be around Rp. 3,000.


  • Ban Hin Kiong. A 19th century Buddhist temple.


Manado is famous throughout the region for its diving areas. Bunaken is one of the finest and maybe the most well-kept national marine park in Indonesia.



A yummy-looking bowl of tinutuan (it doesn't taste that bad, honest)

Manadonese food is famous throughout Indonesia for two things: the Minahasa eat absolutely anything, and the flavor of choice is very, very spicy. Sugar is used little if at all, with flavor added through lemon and herbs. Being Christian, the Minahasa also often marinate meat in alcohol and favor pork. More exotic protein options include bat, field rat and dog, the last of which is the obligatory centerpiece of any wedding ceremony or Christmas feast. Classic dishes include:

  • ayam rica-rica, grilled chicken topped with a fiery red chili-and-onion paste
  • ikan woku, fish simmered in herbs
  • babi tore, fried pork until crunch with a lot of chilli
  • perkedel milu, corn fritters
  • tinutuan (or bubur manado), a goopy porridge of rice, pumpkin, noodles and random vegetables — doesn't look very attractive, but it can be tasty (and, for once, not spicy)

Dutch settlement here has also brought in a few surprising influences, notably:

  • breneibon, a rich kidney bean soup
  • klappertart, a Western-style coconut cake
  • Kawan Baru Restaurant and Cafe, Mega Mas Boulevard, tel. +62-431-879490 +62-431-879491, [1]. Indonesian food.
  • Raja Sate BBQ & Asian Resto, Jalan Boulevard (near Mega Mall), tel. +62-431-3327380 or +62-431-846679, [2]. Asian cuisine, with an emphasis on satays and barbequed seafood.
  • Warong Rica Rica, tel. +62-431-879490. A seafood restaurant located at Bahu Mall Bay street Cafe. Local seafood with panoramic sea views.
  • Pizza Hut, tel. +62-431-842732, Mega Mall, good pizza.
  • Kafe Excelso, [3]. Conveniently located in Mega Mall. Best place for coffee and light snacks.
  • Fresh grilled fish is served every morning in a small warung near the harbour dock to Bunaken. The place is very basic, but don't mind the look. Just ask around for warung ikan bakar and hope someone helps you.
  • Kharisma good place to eat fish at Tanawangko Kalasei, serving the unique fish such as Napoleon Wrasse, and very fresh.


These two kind of drinks are made from Palm trees:

  • saguer,
  • cap tikus

Please Drink Responsibly, the locals have a bad habit of drinking UNRERPONSIBLY. Probably, the ONLY major crime problem in town is caused by drunkards.



  • Hotel Ahlan, Jl. Sudirman. Stuffy, unappealing, dillapidated. Cheapest option on the menu is a double room w/out air-con and with stuffy shared mandi for 50,000 Rp.


  • Hotel Central, Jl. Sam Ratulangi No. 33, tel. +62-431-851234. Opened in 2004, the sheen of newness is fading fast, but the rooms are clean and functional with air-con and hot water. Single rooms from Rp 150,000, including breakfast.
  • Hotel Minahasa, Jl. Sam Ratulangi. A nice family-run place on Sam Ratulangi. They are used to tourists, as well as being the main place that academics in the area stay in, so you are apt to meet some one who could really fill you in on the local scene. The drawback is the monotonous breakfasts.


  • Hotel Sedona, the Only 5-star resort in Manado. Strategically located within 15 minutes drive to Manado City, with each room features spectacular Sulawesi Sea Views. With its pristine white sand lagoon, the 24-hectare site is an adventure in itself. Here, you can hunker down into luxury, rest in uncompromised tranquility, and weave memories that will be hard to forget. Visit us at [4] Phone: +62-431-825888, Desa Tateli.
  • Hotel Santika Premier Seaside Resort Manado, located in Tongkaina Village just across the Bunaken Sea Garden, +62-431-858222, [5]. Often cited as the only resort facing Bunaken island, offers a wide range of accommodation options ranging from deluxe, bungalow and suite, all over looking the beautiful sea.
  • Hotel Ritzy, Central Manado, [6].
  • Grand Puri, South Manado, [7]. Shabby, tired and out of the way.
  • Quality Hotel, A short walk from the Mega Mall with restaurant and bar services, wonderful staff and rooms starting at USD$40 per night.
  • Gardenia Contry Inn Tomohon, [8]. One of the most comfortable places to stay in Manado area. Located in a small town Tomohon, about 30 minutes from downtown Manado, this inn offers some villas, bungalows and rooms to stay. The rate is various, from US$ 25 to $80, depending on the size of the room.

Get out

  • Island Bunaken a diver's paradise. Many small bungallows are available in this small but beautiful island.
  • Tangkoko National Park Home of The Big-eyed Tarsius Monkey (The Smallest Monkey In The World).
  • Tomohon, a small city, surrounded by 3 active volcanoes: Mount Lokon, Mount Mahawu and Mount Masarang. Located around 25 minutes from Manado, Tomohon is a very nice place to stay for its cold climate (around 20 degree celcius).
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