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* <sleep name="Ardjuno" alt="" address="Jl Brigjen Slamet Riadi No122, Malang" directions="" phone="+62 341 326929" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="From Rp 45,000-110,000" email="[email protected]">A bit distant from the city center but closer to shopping mall '''Town Square'''. Free WiFi.</sleep>
* <sleep name="Ardjuno" alt="" address="Jl Brigjen Slamet Riadi No122, Malang" directions="" phone="+62 341 326929" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="From Rp 55,000-110,000" lat="" long="" email="[email protected]">A bit distant from the city center but closer to shopping mall '''Town Square'''. Free WiFi.</sleep>
* <sleep name="Bamboe Denn" alt="" address="Jl Arjuna No1, Malang" directions="" phone="+62 341 366256" email="" fax="" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="From Rp 30,000">A bit of legend on the backpacker circuit, this dorm is attached to an English language school and you will be asked to talk to the kids.</sleep>
* <sleep name="Bamboe Denn" alt="" address="Jl Arjuna No1, Malang" directions="" phone="+62 341 366256" email="" fax="" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="From Rp 30,000">A bit of legend on the backpacker circuit, this dorm is attached to an English language school and you will be asked to talk to the kids.</sleep>

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Malang is a city in East Java.


Malang is the second largest city in East Java with a rapidly growing population of about 1.2 million.

This is a city of great historical significance. The oldest existing record of Malang as a regency is from the 8th century when it was the seat of government of the ancient Kanjuruhan and Singhasari kingdoms. The city officially became part of the all encompassing Javanese Mataram kingdom in the 17th century which by that time was controlled by the Dutch colonialists. Unsurprisingly given that history, there are several interesting Hindu relics in this area. The city quickly became very popular with the Dutch due to its cool climate, very attractive rural surrounds and easy reach from the main trading port city of Surabaya.

Modern day Malang, although significantly urbanised, has retained much of its historical character, remains vibrant and is regarded as by far the most attractive large city in the East Java region.

Malang Regency is located between two groups of mountains with Mount Semeru, the highest mountain on Java, and Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park to the east. The biggest attraction here must be the beautiful landscape, in addition to which there are some temples not far away.

Tourist information Centres

  • East Java Tourist Office, Jl Jendral Basuki Rachmat 6. ☎ +62 341 323966.
  • Indonesian Guides Association, Jl Semeru 4. ☎ +62 341 366852.
  • Malang City Tourist Office, Jl Tugu 1. ☎ +62 341 327661.
  • Malang Tourism Center, Jl Jenderal Basuki Rachmad 11 ☎ +62 341 7570999

Get in

By plane

Malang's Abdul Rachman Saleh Airport (MLG) is a small airport with a few flights everyday from Jakarta on Garuda Indonesia [13], Sriwijaya Air [14], and Batavia Air [15]. Regional airline Wings Air [16] have launched a new route, serving Malang, East Java, and Denpasar, Bali

In addition to MLG Airport,Malang can also be reached through Surabaya Juanda Airport (SUB),and take a train or bus service to Malang.

By car

Malang is about 100 km south of Surabaya; 2-3 hr via the Surabaya-Gempol highway.

By bus

There are frequent bus services into Malang's Arjosari bus station from Bungarasih bus terminal in Surabaya. Non AC from Probolinggo 14,000.

By train

Overnight train services link Jakarta and Bandung, to Malang. There are several train services a day from Surabaya. One advantage to arriving in Malang by train is that the station is much more central than the long-distance bus terminals.

Get around

Becaks (pedicabs) are a great way to see the city and are easy to find around the city centre.

While not particularly visible, metered taxis are also available in the city. Unlike many other cities in Indonesia, taxis do not drive around looking for passengers but sit in ranks waiting for phone orders. Unless it is raining heavily or a large number of visitors are in town for university graduation ceremonies, wait times will generally be less than 15 minutes. Malang has four official taxi firms, all offering phone booking:

Citra: ☎ +62 341 490555/☎ +62 341 404040; Argo Perdana: ☎+62 341 488888; Argo Mandala: ☎+62 341 474747; Bima: ☎+62 341 364026.

The above taxi firms are all equipped with working meters (Argo). Fares start at Rp 5000 for the first kilometer and Rp 300 for every subsequent 100 meters. A non-negotiable minimum fare of Rp 20,000 applies. This is written into city laws and hence perfectly legitimate. Amazingly it is possible to get a metered taxi (generally with an unofficial Rp 30,000 minimum fare) from the rank at Arjosari bus terminal, ignore the touts and walk to the parking lot out the front. You should easily spot the taxi rank. Always politely insist on the meter (if it is not turned on as a matter of course).

Local mini van in Malang which is called "mikrolet" by locals tend to be blue and can be hailed at random. Short city journeys priced at Rp 2,500.

With its relatively cool climate and wide colonial streets, Malang is a great walking city.


In a city of such great cultural and historical significance there are lots of cultural attractions and any visitor to Malang should dedicate some time to exploring these.

There are also a number of beautiful sights in the rural areas surrounding the city.

Balekambang Beach, south of Malang
  • Balekambang Beaches, (about 60 km south of Malang). There are actually three beaches here: Balekambang, Ngliyep and Sendang Biru. All three are quite beautiful, are close by to each other and locals most often refer to all 3 as just Balekambang. It is best to visit on weekdays as this is a very popular weekend escape and it can get get crowded. It is not safe to swim here but these are great relaxation beaches which offer some stunning coastal scenery. There is an offshore island called Pulau Sempu which can be visited by chartering a boat from Sedang Biru beach. At Balekambang beach there are three little islets just offshore which are attached to the beach by walkways. Of the three beaches, Balekambang itself is perhaps the most attractive but all three are worth visiting. The beaches are easily day-tripped from Malang in a car but for the adventurous there are basic places to stay at and around all three. Rp 10,000.
  • Ijen Boulevard, Malang. This is a quite beautiful street in the city. It is lined with well tended bougainvillea against a backdrop of old colonial structures. The street houses a number of interesting buildings including the Brawijaya Army Museum, Catholic Church and the city library. You should take in this area as part of a becak or walking tour of the historic downtown area.
  • Padepokan Seni Mangun Dharma (Mangun Dharma Art Center), Desa Tulus Besar Tumpang, (). Arts centre dedicated to the research, promotion and performance of traditional East Javanese artforms including dance, batik, shadow puppetry and carving. Superb place. Dance performances can be arranged on demand and are of excellent quality as the dancers are trained from childhood. Their motto is Rescuing the Arts of East Java.
  • Purwodadi Botanical Gardens (Kebun Raya Purwodadi, Pasuruan), Jl Raya Purwodadi (about 20 km north of Malang), (), [1]. Opened in 1941, This is one of the four official botanical gardens in Indonesia (the others being the headquarters at Bogor, Bedugul in Bali and Cibodas in West Java. The 85 hectares of gardens house an impressive collection and the splendid Baung waterfall.
Singosari Temple near Malang
  • Singosari Temple (Candi Singosari), Singosari, Malang (about 12km north from Malang). This well preserved Hindu temple dates from 1300AD and is a reminder of the great Hindu kingdoms that ruled East Java before the arrival of Islam. A visit to the nearby bathing pools at Ken Dedes combines perfectly with Singosari Temple. Ken Dedes was the wife of the first King of Singhasari (later Singosari) and these bathing pools are believed to have been part of the royal court. There are some quite wonderful statues here. The whole area has some other fine relics from the early Hindu kingdoms including Candi Jago and Candi Kidal. Ask your guide or at Singosari Temple for further directions.
  • Taman Rekreasi Senaputra (Senaputra Park), Jalan Brawijaya, Malang. Traditional East Java dances every Sunday morning at 10AM in the park during the dry season only. Every last Wednesday of the month there is a Wayang Kulit shadow puppet show starting at 10PM.
  • Brawijaya Military Museum, Jalan Ijen. M-Th 08.00-14.30 / F 08.00-11.30 / Sat-Sun 08.00-13.00. Museum of East Java's famous Brawijaya garrison of the Indonesian military. Interesting relics of Indonesia's revolutionary war of the late 1940s, as well as the communist purges of the late 1960s. An insight into the country's turbulent and violent past. Worth at least 45 minutes to an hour when walking through the Jalan Ijen area.


  • Take a tour of this fine old city by becak.
  • Take a walking tour of the beautiful Dutch colonial-style houses in the neighbourhoods around Jalan Ijen
  • Visit the Alun-Alun - the central town square - to the south of one of the city's main thoroughfares of Jalan Basuki Rahmat. Particularly busy on a Sunday evening.


Malang has some large shopping malls but you are better off in Surabaya for those.

Local textiles and handicrafts can be found at Batik Keris, Jl Merdeka Timur 2d.

  • Fabulous Spa & Salon, Jl Panderman 1A Malang, +62 341 9600080. Offers professional massage and spa treatments in clean and relaxing ambience including body spa, body scrub, balinese touch massage, manicure and pedicure spa. There is also a hair salon which offers haircuts and styling. Supplies are ordered in small and selected batches to ensure freshness when they are used, fresh new towels are provided for each guest.


Eating is a highly rated experience here. Local specialities are best sought out at street stalls and simple warungs and include:

  • Ayam Goreng Kampung (fried village chicken).
  • Tempe
  • Bakso Malang. The city's own unique and delicious take on the Indonesian meat ball soup staple. Try Bakso Bakar, literally means "grilled meat ball". The famous one will be the one in Jl Pahlawan Trip, in the corner of the junction with Jl Ijen
  • Jagung Bakar (grilled young corn on the cob) is everywhere. Best eaten at a streetside stalls fresh from the coals. Some of them congegrate in Pulosari Stalls.
  • Apples (Apel). The highlands around Malang are the apple growing centre of Indonesia and the small green beauties (manalagi) are very highly prized. Eat them here and they are sure to be fresh from the tree.
  • Malang's night market on Jalan Merdeka operates every Saturday. A riot of flavours and smells will assault your senses. A must do for any visitor to Malang.
  • Bakmi Gajah Mada, Jl Pasar Besar 21. East Javanese noodle dishes at their very best.
  • Inggil, Jl Gajah Mada no4, +62 341 332110. Highly rated restaurant specialising in Javanese cuisine.
  • Warung Pojok, Jl Pejajeran 25. Very well known for rujak (salad with spicy sweet peanut sauce).
  • Martabak Cairo. The kopi jahe is infused with cloves for a powerful and simply decadent taste. Serving martabak, sate kambing and nasi goreng cairo.
  • Warung Subuh. Dizzying array of foods, incredibly cheap, fresh and delicious. This place is booming with locals, so you know it's good. A great place to try some new and interesting food and drink.
  • Harmoni Restaurant, Jl. Bromo 44, +62 341 352911, [2].
  • Van Oosten Coffee Shop, Jalan BS Riadi (Oro-Oro Dowo) No. 137, 0341 344 237, [3]. Cool coffee shop frequented by young Malang residents, mainly students studying in the city's universities. High quality coffee, great atmosphere, good food. Highly recommended for a short detour to recharge after a walking tour of the Jalan Ijen area.
  • Bakso President, Behind the Mitra II building (Close to Statsiun Malang). Outdoor cafe serving Malang's famous grilled Bakso meatballs. Highly recommended by several local residents. Situated next to a train track, so watch where you sit-- trains will literally be chugging along several feet from you as you indulge in the bakso!
  • Toko Oen, Jalan Jenderal Basuki Rahmat (Opposite the Catholic Church on Jalan Basuki Rahmat), 0341 364052. "A Colonial Landmark since 1930" so proclaims the sign above Toko Oen's entrance. Very interesting Dutch-styled cafe with throwback furniture and Western food favorites. Ice cream is a highlight. Best when combined with a walking tour of the Alun2 (town square area) off of Jalan Basuki Rahmat.


Malang offers a full range of accommodation through from simple homestays to star-rated hotels.


  • Ardjuno, Jl Brigjen Slamet Riadi No122, Malang, +62 341 326929 (). A bit distant from the city center but closer to shopping mall Town Square. Free WiFi. From Rp 55,000-110,000.
  • Bamboe Denn, Jl Arjuna No1, Malang, +62 341 366256. A bit of legend on the backpacker circuit, this dorm is attached to an English language school and you will be asked to talk to the kids. From Rp 30,000.
  • Gress Homestay, Jl Kahayan no.6, Malang, +62 341 491386 (), [4]. A nice budget option. Stay in a family house owned by the charming Mrs Grace Marten who speaks English, Dutch and Indonesian. Rp 100,000-110,000.
  • Hotel Helios, Jl Patimura No37, Malang, +62 341 362741 (), [5]. Great value place aimed at backpackers. Very new and clean rooms, but cheap ones are really small and have a shared (also very clean) bathroom. Free wifi. English, Dutch and Indonesian speaking. Tours can also be booked here which are not overpriced. Rp. 85,000 to 175,000. (-7.9732,112.6348)
  • Hotel Menara, Jl. Pajajaran no.5, Malang, +62 341 362871 (). Same area as Helios, a few minutes walk from the train station. Rooms are slightly worn but large. The restaurant serves cheap and delicious Indonesian food. From Rp 90,000 (incl. breakfast). (-7.9749,112.6349)
  • Citihub Hotel, Jl Jaksa Agung Suprapto No11, Malang, +62 341 369385, [6]. . Rp. 210,000.


  • Amaris Hotel, Jl Letjend Sutoyo No. 39 (Near intersection of Jalan Sarangan and Jalan Letjen Sutoyo), +61 341 419 191 (), [7]. checkin: 12.00 am; checkout: 14.00 pm. Clean and affordable budget hotel owned by the Santika group, and ideal for business and budget travellers. It is also a convenient base for exploring the area's many attractions. Wi-fi access, pool, meeting room facilities all available. From Rp 340,000.
  • Kertanegara Premium Guest House, Jl Semeru 59 (Near intersection of Jalan Ijen and Jalan Semeru), +61 341 368 992 (), [8]. checkin: 11.00 am; checkout: 14.00 pm. Kertanegara Premium Guest House is a new premium accommodation in Malang, Indonesia which was first launched in early October 2012. It offers a range of non-smoking only rooms at competitive prices. Kertanegara Premium Guest House provides direct online-booking system and instant credit-card processing via PayPal. Additionally, the accommodation has 100% smoke free environment both inside the rooms and in the common areas. Kertanegara Premium Guest House also offers the fastest dedicated high-speed broadband connection available in Malang region which makes it suitable for international business travellers. From Rp 330,000.
  • Hotel Pelangi, Jl Merdeka Selatan 3, Malang 65119, +62 341 365156 (, fax: +62 341 365466). Centrally located mid range hotel in the city. From about Rp 400,000. (-7.983689,112.629776)
  • Graha Cakra Hotel, Jl Cerme No16, +62 341 324989 (), [9]. A converted colonial building that dates from 1930s. Designed by Dutch architect Ir Mueller. Has been operating as a hotel since 1994. 52 rooms, large swimming pool and restaurant. From €50.
  • Regent's Park Hotel, Jl Jaksa Agung Suprapto 12-16, Malang 65111, +62 341 363 888 (), [10]. Large 100 room modern hotel which is a little lacking in character but offers good value and service. From Rp 430,000.


  • Tugu Hotel, Jl. Tugu No3, Malang, East Java, Indonesia, +62 341 363891 (), [11]. The sister hotel of the famous Tugu Hotel in Canggu, Bali and a similar type of property. It is fitted and furnished with a range of fine Javanese antiquities. The owners of the Tugu rescued and relocated many splendid old trees here when property developers razed the old Malang botanical gardens. Located in the heart of the old town and looks out on the Tugu Monument which commemorates the independence struggle in Indonesia. A four star property but it feels better than that. Highly recommended From US$105 for a deluxe room up to US$1,000 for the Apsara suite.
  • Villa in Malang (Perfect for Groups), [12]. checkin: flexible; checkout: flexible. Comfortably and peacefully located near Apple garden, surrounded by Arjuna, Kawi and Welirang mountains, the villa offers beautiful scenery for its visitors. At an altitude of 1300m above sea level, the sea views are magnificent and the cool fresh air rejuvenates travelers at the villa. Suitable for groups such as family gatherings, group retreat, and also New year's firework ritual. This 6 bedroom villa has also a kitchen for you to prepare meals. USD 235 per night.

Get out


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