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Wikitravel is a project to create a free, complete, up-to-date, and reliable world-wide travel guide. So far we have 28,307 destination guides and other articles written and edited by Wikitravellers from around the globe. Check out the Help page to see how you can edit any page right now, or the Project page for more information about Wikitravel and getting involved.

Singapore skyline at dusk

Singapore is an island-state in Southeast Asia. Founded as a British trading colony in 1819, since independence it has become one of the world's most prosperous countries. Combining the skyscrapers and subways of a modern, affluent city with a medley of Chinese, Indian and Malay influences and a lush tropical climate, with tasty food, good shopping and a vibrant nightlife, this Garden City makes a great stopover or springboard into the region. (more...)

Vine bridge at West Iya

Iya Valley is one of Japan's three hidden valleys made famous by Alex Kerr's book Lost Japan. Though modernity in the form of multi-lane highways and concrete hotels is invading the valley, it remains an extremely beautiful place, particularly the less-visited eastern part. Visit this place to see precarious looking vine bridges or to trek to the top of the 1955m high Mt. Tsurugi. (more...)

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