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Madona [1] is a city in Latvia.


Madona is a small residential town in the center of eastern Latvia (in eastern part of Vidzeme region), home for approximately 9000 residents, is centre of culture, education, trade, sports, medicine in the Madonas novads region. The name “Madona” , often confused with “Madonna” comes possibly from lake Madona or the way medieval Germans called the palace of Birži - Madohn. Birži was the official name of the inhabited area before. The name of the town has absolutely nothing to do with the famous singer.

Get in

By plane

There are no airports with regular air traffic in vicinity.

  • Nearest international airport is located in Riga, 165km away, and serves almost 200 destinations.
  • Another airport is in Daugavpils, city in south-east Latvia, which does not offer regular air traffic but may do so in nearby future (from 2012), most probably by opening some destinations to Russia or CIS states.
  • The nearest airfield is in Prauliena (7km on the road from town centre), which is a small non-supervised 400x20m strip but in very good conditions, sufficient for small general aviation and ultra light airplanes.

By car

There are two main roads going to Madona from capital Riga - one through Sigulda and Bērzakrogs, other through Pļaviņas. Road through Pļaviņas is slower due to traffic and inhabited areas with speed limitations but the road conditions are slightly better.

By Hitch-Hiking

It is pretty popular to hitch-hike in Latvia and if you can get to Madona as well. If you come via Pļaviņas, make sure you get off on the bypass road at roundabout before crossing the railway bridge in direction of Jēkabpils. From there the branch road P37 to Madona starts.

By bus

Madona is well connected by bus service with Riga and other smaller cities in eastern Latvia. Ticket price from Riga to Madona is abour 5LVL and it takes usually 3 - 3,5 hours to get there. From Madona you may also catch direct buses to Cēsis, Daugavpils, Gulbene, Alūksne, Sigulda, Rēzekne, Aizkraukle, Jēkapils and numerious small villages within Madonas novads. For bus timetables and prices please check

By train

Going by train is a relatively cheap and quick option (3 LVL, <3hrs) Unfortunately train runs only once per day (evenin from Riga and early morning return) and are often crowded with students. No advance booking seats is available. As of summer 2011, there is also a morning train from Riga on Saturdays, leaving at 08:29.

Get around

By car

Town is small and getting around by car is an easy task, without traffic jams and takes minutes. Beware that due to ongoing pipeline replacement works the surface quality on some of the streets may be really bad. Free public parking places are available in many places in the centre.

By public bus

There are 3 public bus lines in the town. Ticket (0,50LVL) can be purchased on board.

By bicycle

In late spring/summer/early autumn probably the best way to get around is bicycle. Do not leave your bike unlocked on the street as bicycle thefts are not uncommon.

On foot

Getting around the center by walking is good option in any season.



In winter

  • Cross country skiing and biathlon
  • Skiing and snowboarding
  • Ice hockey

In summer

  • Beach volleyball
  • Rollerskating
  • BMX track
  • Off-road driving
  • Windsurfing
  • Hunting
  • Fishing
  • Paintball
  • Horse riding
  • Bird wathing
  • Nature trails and hillwalking
  • Orienteering


Madona is a home for 2 high schools and a branch of public university RPIVA. Check the international exchange programs for possibility of studying. Basics of Latvian language are essential to study and live.



  • 4 supermarkets are available in the town – 1 in the centre next to train station, other 3 on northern side of the town; open every day from 8:00 until 22:00 (including Sundays and public holidays). Smaller shops all around the town but opening times may vary.

Credit and debit cards are accepted almost everywhere.

  • Petrol stations are open 24/7, most of them located around the roundabout in northern par of the town.



  • Smeceres krogs


Stay safe

  • Madona is very safe and calm with respect to the western European standards, is extremely unlikely to get into any kind of trouble. Generally avoid confrontation with drunk people regardless of the place or their social status, many people tend to become aggressive when being drunk. Pickpocketing or car break-ins are uncommon. However don't leave the bicycle unlocked in the town. Locked bicycles are rarely stolen.
  • Beware of extreme temperature surprises in winter. Temperatures may drop as low as -35 C occasionally, but are often around -20 in winter. Inappropriate shoes or clothing together with longer outdoor stay can easily end up with frostbites.
  • Driving conditions in winter sometimes may get very bad. Even though the streets are regularly cleaned, they may be covered by ice after a snowfall or when temperatures rapidly get over 0C. Drive and walk with great care. Keep in mind that car's braking distance may increase by factor of 4.


Get out

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