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Madiun is a city in East Java. The city is located 169 km west of Surabaya, or 114 km east of Surakarta City. In this town there is center of railway industry (INKA). Madiun is known to have Iswahyudi Airbase, which is one of the major Air Force bases, although located in Magetan. Madiun has the nickname City of Gadis (Girl), City of Brem, Student Town, City of railroad, Pecel City, City of Culture, City of Literature, and the City of Industry.

Get in

By Plane

From abroad or from domestic, you can fly to Solo (Adi Sumarmo International Airport/SOC), 10 km north of solo, is a small international airport. There are 8 flights a day to Jakarta. The "international" part of the name comes from the Silk Air direct service to Singapore. Malaysia's low-cost airline, AirAsia, [1] now flies daily to Kuala Lumpur.

You can also fly to Yogyakarta (Adi Sucipto International Airport/JOG). The distance between Yogyakarta and Madiun is about 165 km, about 4-5 hours travel by road.

While Solo to Yogyakarta is about 45-60 minutes by train and about 90 minutes by car/bus.

From Adi Sumarmo airport in Solo, you can take city bus/taxi (buy ticket in taxi counter in the terrace of airport) to train station (Balapan/Jebres/Purwosari) or to bus station (Tirtonadi).

From Adi Sucipto airport in Yogyakarta, you can walk to the small train station (Maguwo) in front of airport. You can buy ticket and jump to MADIUN JAYA train to Madiun. Other options are (1) take city bus (Trans Yogya) which has shelter in the parking lot of airport to the biggest train station in Yogyakarta (TUGU); (2)take taxi/rent car; (3) walk to the main road and stop bus to Solo (and stop in Tirtonadi and change bus to Madiun); (4) go to main bus station in Yogyakarta (GIWANGAN) and take direct bus to Madiun (those buses end in Surabaya).

From Juanda airport in Surabaya (SUB), you can take Damri bus/taxi to Surabaya Bus Station (Purabaya) and choose bus to Madiun (the last stop will be in Yogyakarta) or take taxi to GUBENG train Station (check also PASAR TURI and SEMUT train station). Rent-car and taxi also available for your trip to Madiun.

By bus

The city bus terminal, Terminal Purbaya, services more local destinations such as Surabaya, Solo,Yogyakarta, and Semarang.

From or to Jakarta, it's served by night-bus, such as Lorena, Bogor Indah, Pahala Kencana, Rosalia Indah, Mulyo Indah, etc. The travel (Jakarta - Madiun) will take around 16 hours trip, depart on 1 pm and you will arrive on 4 am in the next morning.

There's taxi and ojek stand in parking lot at the bus station. You may bargain to have good deal price.

By train

Madiun has big train station (Stasiun Kereta Api Madiun). There are many economy, business, and executive trains pass it everyday, 24 hours. The trains come from Jakarta, Surabaya, Malang, Banyuwangi, Purwokerto, Bandung, Banten, Yogyakarta. The name of the trains are Sri Tanjung, Logawa, Sancaka Pagi/Sore, Argo Wilis, Bima, Malioboro Express, Pasundan, Krakatau, and some more.

To buy tickets, you may log in to or you can buy tickets in train stations all over Java or at Indomart (maximum 24 hours before departure). Prepare your ID card, your name must be same between tickets and ID card.

Madiun itself has commuter trains which serve Madiun-Yogyakarta-Madiun (Madiun Jaya) and Madiun-Surabaya-Madiun (Sarangan).

There is train factory (PT. INKA) near Stasiun Madiun.

Some ojek (motor taxi), becak, rent car, and taxi are ready to send you around Madiun. You may bargain.

Get around

By taxi

Taxi is the easiest way to go around. It is cheap, and you can even book it for the whole trip. You can negotiate/bargain for the price or you can ask to use meter/argo. Ask in your hotel reception if they can arrange one for you. Or they may also have a car to rent (mostly including the driver. Possible also including fuel).

By becak

Becak (traditional pedicab) is an entertaining way to see the city (sightseeing). Still easy to find becak all over kota Madiun. It runs slowly as using human energy/power/pedals. You may bargain (if you know your destination) before take ride or pay after you stop in your destination (then sometimes the driver can charge higher than you've expected, mostly if you're tourists).

By public minivans/angkota

Nowadays it is not easy to take Angkota/Angkutan Kota, as people now have own motor/car. But you still can notice, if you find YELLOW minivan with writings in its body (destinations), it maybe Angkota. It passes in many main roads. It is not expensive, but takes time to wait.


Districts in Kabupaten Madiun

  • Kare, on the slope of Mt. Wilis which has a coffee plantation and a pristine waterfall.
  • Gemarang, which has beautiful scenery of rice/paddy fields and also PEACOCKS Sanctuary (the most successful breed-place in Indonesia).
  • Wungu, which has beautiful landscape and place for eating (fish) in the huts surrounded by river and rice fields

Districts in Kota Madiun110.138.218.218 01:37, 14 August 2014 (EDT)


There are some activities visitors can do in kota/kabupaten Madiun. Visitors can visit places which have relation to :

  • 1. historical sites
  • 2. human interest
  • 3. natures
  • 4. culinary
  • 5. foreigners shelter/information
  • 6. art/culture
  • Water-park also available at Suncity jalan S. Parman.
  • There are some leading-shops like Carrefour, Suncity (, Breadtalk, Luna Maya for Hardware, etc.), Plaza Madiun (Matahri Dept. Store, Hypermart, Gramedia, etc), Sri Ratu, Timbul Jaya Plaza (NSW cinema, etc).
  • Local markets : Pasar Kawak jalan Kutai, Pasar Besar, Pasar Sleko
  • Aloon-aloon (Square) Madiun


Some "oleh-oleh' you may buy during your stay in Madiun are

  • Brem [please see below],
  • Sambel pecel (peanut sauce),
  • Krupuk Puli,
  • Madumangsa,
  • Kripik Tempe,
  • Sale pisang,
  • Walangan,
  • Batik,
  • Gamelan instrument,
  • Leather products (wallet, bag, jacket, shoe, etc)

(Kabupaten) Madiun also has large of Jati woods/forest. You may buy some products made by jati like chairs, tables, tissue box, lamps, newspaper box, and so on


There are so many cafes/waroeng and restaurants in Madiun.

  • Waroeng Beteng Ambruk (WBA)
  • Waroeng Latte
  • Markaz Kopi
  • Bake Shop
  • Dim Sum
  • Cafe Garasi
  • Cafe Rock & Roll
  • I-Club
  • In Lounge
  • Depot Segar
  • Suronatan
  • KFC
  • A&W
  • Es Teler 77
  • Nasi Pecel Pojok
  • Gado-gado Pak Tomo

Madiun has some special foods like :

  • Nasi Pecel - Rice and a "salad"/boiled vegetable with spicy peanut dressing/sauce.
  • Brem [a sweet-and-sour bar/large block] apparently made by fermentation of sticky rice.


Dawet is local beverage in Madiun.

Alcohol beverages only served in big restaurants like I Club and Club Bara/Fire Club.


There are a number of hotels near the city centre. Some include breakfast [fried rice or nasi pecel] as part of their accommodation fees.

  • 1. Hotel Aston
  • 2. Hotel Merdeka
  • 3. Hotel Tulip
  • 4. Hotel Kartika Abadi
  • 5. Hotel Madiun
  • 6. Halsen's Residence
  • 7. Hotel Bali
  • 8. (coming soon others)


To make your visit/stay in Madiun memorable, you may contact some communities below :

  • 1. Historia van Madioen
   a community focus on history of Madiun and surroundings (Ponorogo, Ngawi, Pacitan, Magetan).
   Facebook Historia van Madioen
  • 2. Halsen's Residence
   a shelter for international backpacker/tourists, mixed-marriage, and breastfeeding-mothers.
   It is member of Couch Surfing, Warm Shower, Help X.
   Facebook Halsen's Residence
  • 3. Loh Jinawi
   a community for backpacker, mountains climber, beach, and nature lovers.
   Facebook Loh Jinawi

These three communities link you to at least 20 other communities around Madiun.

Get out

  • Tawangmangu, a hill station located on the slopes of Mount Lawu, a dormant volcano which straddles the border between Central Java and East Java. It is an hour drive from Madiun, and is a popular weekend getaway. Nearby are the ruins of the Sukuh Temple, a Hindu temple built at the end of the period of Hinduism in Java. The temple is famous for its unique shape that resembles Mayan pyramids. Tawangmangu is also famous for its natural scenery, with waterfalls (Grojogan Sewu and Jumog Waterfall) and breathtaking views. For those who are not faint-hearted, it is also possible to climb to the top of Mount Lawu (3,265 m) from Tawangmangu, which is a 7 hours hike to the peak.
  • Yogyakarta is a more tourist city located close to Madiun. The easiest is by car. Taking the train can also be an option, Madiun Jaya leaves frequently during the day (usually catering for the commuter workers) from Madiun Station. Ticket costs Rp 15,000 (US$1.4)0 one way. Train ride is about two hour and the last stop will be Tugu Station in Yogyakarta right in the middle of Malioboro.
  • Borobudur, the largest Buddhist structure in the world located in Magelang, can be reached from Yogyakarta. A particularly scenic route would be to travel through the Selo and Ketep pass in Boyolali, located between Mount Merapi and Merbabu with breathtaking views of both mountains and directly to Magelang, without going through Yogya.
  • Sangiran Early Man Site, is an archeological site located 15 km from Solo. The area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and an archeological treasure trove of fossils and remnants from the prehistoric era. The most important discovery however was the skeleton of the Java Man (Pithecanthropus erectus) an important predecessor of the modern human. The site contains a museum housing the archeological finds as well as an archaeological park.
  • Prambanan temples are a large set of Hindu temples located 50km away. It is easy to stop off at the temples on the way to Yogya.and service to Prambanan if using local bus to Yogyakarta from Terminal Purbaya.
  • Telaga Sarangan, a natural lake near Magetan [see the Magetan page], a half hour trip from Madiun. The nearest popular weekend getaway for Madiun residents with a natural scenery and breathtaking views with Mount Lawu as a background. You can find yourself relaxing in the nearest resort. From Sarangan you can take a short cut to Tawangmangu across the provincial border.
  • Telaga Ngebel, another small lake located south of Madiun [closer to Ponorogo] on the slope of Mt Wilis. Has a stunning mountain backdrop. An occasional traditional festival is held here.

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