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==Get out==
==Get out==
Miracles DO happen.  If luck is with you -- or you have aprivate ride -- you can hop the border near [[Mchinji]] and get all the way to [[Nkhata Bay]] in a single day.
==External links==
==External links==

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Lundazi is known as a "BOMA" (British Overseas Military Administration) in Zambia. In other words, it was a former colonial headquarters. Today, it is the District Capital -- or "county seat" -- for Lundazi District, which is the central portion of Eastern Province. It has government offices, a bank, a gas station, a few small shops, a market, and a bus station.

Get in

Minibuses bring visitors north from Chipata (for about $5) and south from Chama (for about $5). The road along these routes are VERY bad; expect the 110-mile-trip from Chipata to Lundazi to take between 4 and 5 hours!

It is also possible to travel in from Mchinji, Malawi -- although you are required to change vehicles several times. For the truly independent traveler, this is a great shortcut into Malawi, especially if you are headed to Nkhata Bay.

Get around

Lundazi is small enough that most people walk or bicycle. In fact, you can walk from one end of town to the other in under 10 minutes. Leisurely.





The Castle Hotel features braais (BBQs) on most weekends. They also serve simple meals (e.g., rice and chicken) every night of the week for about $2.

Masopela and Masopela 2 offer traditional meals for about 50 cents.


There are several small bars in town, but The Castle Hotel and Masopela are the most popular.

Interestingly, Mosi, Zambia's national brewer, has a beer vendor in town: a refrigerated cargo container. You can only purchase beers by the crate (30 units) at this location.


The Castle Hotel is one of about three accommodation choices in Lundazi. Nevertheless, it is among the most unique in the country. Shaped like a traditional English Castle, the hotel was originally built for a British officer who administered the BOMA. After independence, it was privatized and turned into a hotel.

Built overlooking a small lagoon (visitors can try to spot the resident hippo), The Castle Hotel offers two dozen simple rooms for guests, at about $25 per night. Guests may choose from among a variety of different rooms, but the most popular is the large room in the turret, overlooking the lagoon and the bar.

Get out

Miracles DO happen. If luck is with you -- or you have aprivate ride -- you can hop the border near Mchinji and get all the way to Nkhata Bay in a single day.

External links

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