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Luggage delivery service

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Luggage delivery service

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Becoming increasingly popular for air travellers. Luggage delivery services provide a door-to-door luggage delivery service, whereby your luggage or sports equipment is picked-up from your home, office or any physical address and delivered to your hotel, resort or any other physical address.

Traveling with checked-in luggage is becomingincreasingly stressfull and frustrating as security is becoming evermore strict, luggage allowances are reducing and excess luggage fees increasing. For some travellers the situation is even worse, especially those travelling with kids and those that cannot physically manage their luggage, in particular some senior travellers and travellers with disabilities.

The advantages of luggage delivery services are numerous:

  • You can travel with just your hand luggage
  • Reduce the queues at check-in. Travelling with hand luggage only means you can check-in at the hand-luggage only counter and avoid the prolonged luggage check-in queues.
  • If you check-in online, it means you can bypass the traditional check-in desk altogether, also meaning that you can arrive at the airport closer to the departure time of your flight.
  • Avoid the queue at the baggage carousel at your destination airport.
  • Eliminate incidents of airline lost, delayed or damaged luggage
  • Minimise the impact of excess luggage costs

Some airlines are also restrict what sports equipment you can check-in. BA for example does not allow surf-boards to be checked-in, whilst any item that is longer than 200cm is restricted by many other airlines. It is essential for passengers to check with their airline on the current luggage allowances and restrictions as they change frequently.

Mishandled luggage is also a primary reason that travellers use luggage delivery services as incidents of mishandled luggage are increasing year on year.

  • 2005 - 30 million luggage mishandlings
  • 2006 - 34.3 million luggage mishandlings (14% increase)
  • 2007 - 42 million luggage mishandlings (27% increase)

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http://www.personalporter/ - Personal Porter provide global door-to-door luggage delivery services. Operations in Australia and the UK. The wesbite provides instant, accurate and all-inclusive pricing.